Author's Note: This is quite possibly the fluffiest thing I've ever written in my life. Seriously. I'm don't even really like it. Its almost saccharine its so sweet. There is no angst, there's not even sex or swearing. Although there is Marti, who always makes everything a bit more fun.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck by me during this fic. I love you all, honestly. I'd list, but there is an overwhelming number of you. Again, the response this story has gotten has been amazing, I never expected, and I'm still a little shocked by it honestly. Its just stunning really. Overwhelming. Thank you again. I'm sad to see this story go. I've really loved writing it, and I'll miss it.

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Oh-in case anyone wonders, the teams/company in the engagement announcement are real. Google is amazing, you can find out so much.

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November 28th 2017

Dennis Macdonald of Toronto, is pleased to announce the engagement of his daughter(with the late Nora Macdonald), Lizzie Macdonald to Edwin Venturi, son of George Venturi and Abby Monroe, step son of Gretchen Venturi and the late Nora Macdonald all of London, ON. The Bride is a 2017 graduate or the University of Toronto with a degree in sports medicine. She was recently hired by the Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club. The Groom is also a 2017 graduate of the University of Toronto. He graduate with a degree in economics and was recently hired by Crescan Consulting. The couple resides in Toronto and are the proud parents of two-month-old Nora Rose Macdonald-Venturi. A December wedding is planned.

December 27th 2017.

Derek smiled to himself as he glanced around the room. It was a small wedding but the room still seemed full and lively. Edwin and Lizzie had laid down several rules for their big day, a main one being that no one was to ignore or try and avoid the step-sibling factor. Edwin told Derek it had taken them days to settle on the wording of their engagement announcement before deciding it was useless to try and cover anything up. They'd kept their relationship hidden for years, and now that it was their day, they wanted to celebrate it. Edwin had seemed confident telling Derek this, but Derek was sure that up until last night there had been one thing still making Edwin nervous. It was the same thing that had been eating at Derek despite how happy he'd been with Casey the past ten months- their father.

The four of them had decided to go together to break the news to George. He hadn't been angry; he hadn't screamed or yelled he'd just been quiet. It was almost like he had no reaction at all. His silence on the subject lasted for months. Even after little Nora was born in September, he didn't say a word about his sons' relationships. It was obvious he loved his granddaughter, and Derek was pretty sure that there had been tears in his eyes when he learned her name, but still he gave no comment. Then last night at Lizzie and Edwin's rehearsal dinner, he stood up to make a toast that put Derek and Edwin's fears to rest.


"I'd like to make a toast to both my boys for showing excellent taste and having two amazing women in their lives. The pairs may be unconventional, and I admit I was shocked at first, although I can't say I didn't have my suspicions all along. When I look at the four of you tonight, all I can see is happy you make each other, and I couldn't be prouder of the choices you've made. I love all four of you very much. Congratulations Lizzie and Edwin."

Both Lizzie and Casey were crying when George say back down. Derek felt like a huge weight had been lifted. As soon as the meal ended, he and Casey cornered George.

"Thanks Dad," Derek said, wrapping his dad in a huge hug. Casey did the same.

"Did you really have suspicions all along?" Casey asked pulling back from the hug.

"Actually, your mother did." George said smiling at Casey.

"Really?" Casey asked.

"She always said her girls were a perfect match for my boys. I'd tell her she was crazy, and I'd list all sorts of logical reasons it wouldn't work. She'd laugh at me, and tell me love didn't follow logic. She would have loved to see this." He said smiling sadly. Derek reached out and squeezed Casey's hand.

"I'm going to see my granddaughter one more time before I leave, I'll see you two in the morning," George said, pulling them both into a hug.

"I told you she always suspected us." Derek whispered to Casey after George walked away.

"This is one of the rare times I'm really glad you were right." she said, tears forming in her eyes.

"Love doesn't follow logic," Derek repeated thoughtfully, "I like that."

"My mom was smart that way." Casey said.

"Yes. She was," Derek said, before pulling her into a long tight hug and just letting her cry for awhile.


Derek grinned down at his father from the wedding party table. George was rocking little Nora, while Gretchen sipped her wine and looked a little confused. Derek had to admit he felt a little sorry for Gretchen; they weren't exactly a normal family. The music stopped suddenly, and the DJ announced it was time for speeches. Derek turned his attention to the microphone Marti was making her way towards. She looked beautiful in her soft green bridesmaid dress. Her hair was all up in curls, and was for once a semi-normal color, red, not a red that was found in nature, but for Marti, it was as close to natural as it got. She reached the microphone and gave the crowd a huge smile before beginning her speech.

"When I was thinking of what to say to Lizzie and Edwin and all of you today, I went and I sat in that old games closet. I figured if I was going to think about you two, there was no better place to be. That room still feels like you guys. I could almost see you in there, conferring, plotting, and giggling. You two have always been a team, almost from the day you met. You guys made a great team, the best really. So it seems fitting, prefect even that you've chosen to team up for the rest of your lives, for better, for worse, forever." She paused and smiled at Lizzie and Edwin before continuing. "When Nora died, I remember being afraid that Lizzie and Casey would go away forever too. I'm glad I was wrong, and I want to thank you, Edwin and Lizzie, for making me feel like I have a whole family again. Don't get me wrong, I've always had the best brothers and father a girl could ask for, but I'm sure Gretchen would agree, that's a lot of testosterone. It was always missing something, and now? I've got a niece, and a sister. I love you Lizzie and Edwin. Congratulations guys!" she said, smiling again and returning to her seat.

Derek noticed most of the crowd was in tears. Marti was good. He smiled as Casey made her way up to the microphone. As always, he was struck with how gorgeous she was. The green dress made her dark hair and eyes shine, and that tear shaped pendant he'd given her all those years ago, sparkled under the lights. She looked a little shaky as she reached the microphone, but she recovered quickly.

"Well," she began, "I'm not sure it's fair that I have to follow Marti, but I'll try. When I first found out about Lizzie and Edwin, I was surprised, but looking back, I can see that was foolish of me. You two complement each other amazingly well. Some of my coworkers have asked me if it bothers me that my little sister is getting married before me, and the honest answer is no, not at all. Not just because I'm so happy for her, but because it makes sense. Lizzie has always been more level headed than I was, more logical and reasonable. Sometimes when we talk I feel like she is older than me. People have mentioned how young they are, but they're both mature beyond their years. Lizzie is smart, beautiful and one hundred percent ready to be an amazing wife and mother. Edwin is her perfect match in every way, smart, handsome and mature, and I am certain they will have a wonderful life together, filled with laughter and happiness. I love you both. Congratulations." Casey finished, wiping a stray tear from her cheek as she returned to her sear.

Derek smiled to himself; thinking of the day Casey had found out Lizzie was pregnant. There had been a lot of girly shriek and squeals and planning and talking of pink and blue. He and Edwin hid in the other room while Casey and Lizzie had a long sisterly talk. After Casey asked a few concerned questions about Lizzie's age and finishing school and if Lizzie was sure she was ready and received satisfactory answers from Lizzie, they moved to happy conversation of baby and wedding plans. A conversation that had seemed endless until a few days ago when all the wedding details fell into place.

The four of them had been almost inseparable in the months leading up to the birth and wedding, and Derek ad was thrilled at how close he and Edwin had become. It was amazing how much could change in less than a year. He had Casey, he had a renewed bond with Edwin and Lizzie, he saw Marti more often, and he had the most beautiful baby niece in the world. Really, life had been good to Derek Venturi lately. The best it had been since Nora died. Today was just making it even better.

He stood up to give his speech, and he noticed Lizzie and Edwin grinning like kids at Christmas. They were practically bouncing in their seats. He shook his head at them; they could have tried better to hide it. They knew what he was planning, he'd had to get their permission after all, it was their wedding. He grinned at the crowd as he stood at the microphone, then he gave a deep breath and began his speech.

"Lizzie and Edwin are amazing. They've filled this room with some of the greatest people I've ever known. They've brought people together, they've given this family a new life, and seeing her makes it a little easier on all of us that we're missing someone very special today. Nora would have loved this, I can just see her, running around making sure every last flower was perfectly arranged and making sure everyone was having a good time. She'd be telling everyone all about where Lizzie's dress came from, and she'd be showing off the baby any chance she got. Last night my father passed on something that Nora said, and I'd like to share it with all of you," Derek paused and looked out at the crowd, "Love doesn't follow logic. I like that, and I think that it's fitting today. Edwin and Lizzie may not be logical, but they are perfect for each other. My brother has certainly met his match in Lizzie, she keeps him in line. They fit together, and since we were kids, it was rare to see one of them without the other. Now they have a wedding and baby, tangible signs of the unity that's always been there, and I'm thrilled for them." He paused again and cast a glace at Edwin, who shot him a thumbs up, before continuing.

"I'm also indebted to them, because they've agreed to let me take up their time and some of their spotlight tonight. In fact, as soon as I suggested it as a possibility, they informed they weren't going to let me speak at all unless I did what I'm about to do. Casey," he said, turning to look at her, "it's been less than a year since I got you back, but those months have been the best months of my life. I've gained so much, and I can only think of one thing that could possibly make it any better. Will you marry me?" he asked, dropping on one knee in front of the entire reception hall, and producing an engagement ring from his pocket. She nodded rapidly.

"Of course." she said, standing up and walking over to him. He slipped the ring on her finger, then stood up and kissed her. Now, everything was perfect.

The end.

See? I told you it was sappy.