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Goku blinked sleepily against the bright light that was shining in his eyes. Why was it so bright? Irritated, he shifted and tried to go back to sleep. That didn't work either. He could hear high-pitched voices squeaking all around him, and it was really bothering him. His eyes slowly opened, squinting in the bright light of the afternoon sun. It was really bright outside! He didn't understand why it was so bright! He thought it had been raining…

"Goku." A voice broke into his thoughts. Goku turned his head to see Sanzo sitting next to him on the ground in the middle of…a stone courtyard? Startled, Goku sat up and looked around. He was in the temple….and there were holes in the buildings? Goku blinked. There was a really big hole in the main building! It looked as if something had bombed it or something! There was rubble everywhere! And the roofs of the buildings had holes in them! And there were…bodies?! His eyes widened. That was really scary! Why were there bodies? Goku saw the monks…scary monks…picking the bodies up and dragging them away. Some of them were mopping up blood. All of them were looking at him as if he wouldn't notice. But he did notice! Why were they looking at him? It was really weird!

Had youkai attacked? He looked up at Sanzo. Sanzo was calmly smoking a cigarette next to him, his robes rolled down so that his leather undershirt was showing. Goku opened his mouth to ask Sanzo what had gone on when he saw dark stains on Sanzo's white robes. He smelled blood on Sanzo, just like the blood in the courtyard! Goku was frightened. Had Sanzo been hurt?

"Sanzo!" Goku cried. "You're bloody! What happened!"

Sanzo snorted, the cigarette still in his teeth. "I'm fine."

Okay. But what about the monks? "But what happened? Everything's all weird! Did youkai attack?"


This was weird. Sanzo wasn't talking to him like normal. He was just giving him short answers. He didn't even beat him with the fan, and Goku had the feeling that he had probably done something that would make Sanzo want to beat him with the fan. And Sanzo looked tired. Really tired. And almost old. Sanzo wasn't old! Why did he look old? There were dark circles under his eyes and his lips were chapped and dry, like he hadn't drunk anything. And he smelled funny.

"What happened?"

Sanzo looked around the courtyard and blew out smoke, glaring at a monk who was heading in their direction. The monk quickly retreated.

"I took your limiter off."

Time stopped. Goku looked at the scene around him again, slowly this time, noticing every detail. There was a lot of blood. And a lot of broken things. And broken monks. His eyes began to tear up. He had broken everything. He had hurt the monks, even. A tear rolled down his cheek. He hadn't wanted to hurt the monks, even if they had been mean to him. He hadn't wanted to kill the monks! Why had Sanzo let him do that? Why had Sanzo let him hurt the monks?

Goku turned to Sanzo, his eyes wet and angry. "Why did you do that? Everything is broken now. And the monks are dead!"

"They aren't dead."

They weren't? Goku looked back at the bodies. No, they weren't. Some of them were still moving. But there was blood everywhere. It was really, really scary.

"But I hurt them!"

"Yes." Sanzo took another drag from the cigarette. Goku stared up at him.

"I hurt them real bad!"

"Yes." Sanzo wouldn't look at him. Goku's face began to crumple. Sanzo had taken the limiter off and it had made Goku do a lot of bad things. And now Sanzo wouldn't even talk to him. He began to cry.

A hand landed on his head, strong, lean fingers tangling themselves in his hair.


Goku continued to cry uncomforted by Sanzo's rare touch. He felt horrible. All the monks were hurt. They had been mean to him, but he still felt horrible. He didn't want them to die! He didn't want anybody to die!

"Hey." Sanzo repeated, his voice low. "Stop crying."

"I…I…c-can't." Goku sobbed, blubbering into his hands. "I-I feel bad!"

"Why?" Sanzo asked, his voice still strangely gentle.

"B-because the monks were h-hurt…and I-I did it…I-I didn't want to…I d-didn't mean to d-do it…"

"It wasn't your fault." The same gentle voice. Goku was leaning into the voice, taking subtle comfort in its unusually kind tone.

"But i-it was!"

"It was my fault."

Goku looked up then, staring into Sanzo's droopy purple eyes with his own wide, teary gold ones. "I did it."

"I took the limiter off."

"B-but why?" Goku tried to remember, but he couldn't remember anything. He remembered the monks being mean…he shivered. They had been really mean. He had been scared of them. Involuntarily he looked out at the monks gathering their wounded brethren and clearing away the rubble. He wasn't scared anymore, only sad. And upset.

There was a long pause, then Sanzo spoke softly, so softly that Goku almost couldn't hear him. "Because you were going to die, Goku."

Goku stared up at him, eyes wide. "Die…" He…he had been going to die. He remembered now. He had been really sick. He had asked Sanzo…if he was going to die…and Sanzo had said no…and then he had taken the limiter…Goku's eyes widened further. It had been really strange. Everything had gone black at that point, and he couldn't remember anything else. Tears trickled down his face and he clutched Sanzo's arm, not caring if the monk hit him with the fan or not.

The fan never came down. Instead, the hand tightened in his hair, its fingers wrapping themselves through the strands and touching the skin. Goku relaxed under the touch, his crying dying into a quiet sobbing, his fingers still clutching Sanzo's arm.

"Don't feel guilty." Sanzo spoke again. "It was my fault. It wasn't your fault, you stupid monkey."

"B-but…I feel bad."

Sanzo forced Goku's head up to look him in the face. His eyes were hard. "There's no point in feeling bad if you didn't have any control over the situation." His glare softened. "Goku…none of them died. Maybe they'll learn not to be so cruel."

"But…" Goku was starting to feel the burden lift, but still wanted reassurance. If Sanzo said it was okay, it had to be okay. Sanzo knew.

"Not more buts, you baka." Sanzo glared at him, then stood, dusting himself off. "Come on, let's get the stuff and get the hell out of here."

Goku sat on the ground for a moment longer, staring up at Sanzo. "They'll really be okay?"

"Yeah." Sanzo almost smiled then, a golden warmth that didn't quite touch his mouth but crept in to light his eyes. "They'll be fine." Damn them, they would be fine, the fuckers. Not that they deserved to live, after what they had done to the monkey. Sanzo was just glad that he had seen that bastard of a head priest have his arm almost ripped off. The son of a bitch had been lucky that Goku hadn't killed him. As far as Sanzo was concerned, death was too good for the bastard. He looked down at the monkey. "Let's go."