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Yuka groaned. She blinked her eyes, looking at the vast woods with a look of anger.

"This just isn't right…" she whispered. She looked to Mera and Eve. "Is it normal to go through a fo-"spin?" Yuka looked down and saw a ….a…green spider. It had a funny black face on it too…Yuka's eye twitched. "…and WHAT is THAT?!" asked Yuka.

"That would be a Spinarak." Said Mera.

"Well, duh. I got that much down." Said Yuka. "Believe it or not, I do know Pokemon pretty well." Yuka kicked the Spinarak away. "there now lets keep going." Said Yuka, walking foreword.

"…umm…Yuka? Apparently…not…you…should kno-"Ariados are here…" whispered Mera, interrupting Eve. Yuka froze, staring at the tons of Ariados that seemed to glare at her.

"uhhhhhh…..oops?" said Yuka sheepishly. They all turned around and took off in a run. "Are you kidding me?!" shouted Yuka. Yuka pulled the Pokeball from her necklace and turned and tossed it to the Ariados. The Ariados froze, ready to strike the Pokemon that popped out. To her horror, it just bounced off of it and fell in front of her. "Crap." She whispered before picking it up and running again.

"Smart idea there." Said Eve sarcastically.

"Shuddup." Replied Yuka. "MAN! I never knew Huro was this DANGEROUS!" shouted Yuka.

"You're sheltered compared to most trainers. I came from Johto!" said Eve.

"Man this sucks!" shouted Yuka. Mera stopped running and turned around.

"Mera?" asked Eve. Mera pulled a Pokeball out and tossed it in the air. Yuka stared at it then Mera let it hit the ground. To both Eve and Yuka surprise, a majestic Rapidash appeared. Yuka stared at Eve.

"How come she's got some super powerful Pokemon and you got a crappy Pikachu that couldn't hurt a weedle?" asked Yuka. Mera pointed at the 7 or so Ariados.

"Flamethrower." Commanded Mera. The Rapidash reared then hurled flames out, which only 3 or so Ariados actually leaped out of the way for. The Ariados turned away and ran off. Mera returned Rapidash and smiled at the two. "can we go now?" asked Mera.

"…" Both were dumbstruck.


Yuka sighed. "A Poke center!!!" said Yuka happily. She ran toward it and happily entered it. Mera and Eve sighed.

"Why did you want to get to a Pokemon center again?" asked Eve.

"Cause I want to check if this Pokeball of mine is broken." Said Yuka. She walked up to the nurse, who had odd redish pink hair.

"Hi. Umm…I seem to be having a problem with my Pokeball and I heard you were abl-"Oh yes, I can fix it if it broke." Said the nurse. Yuka smiled widely and handed the ball over and the nurse looked it through carefully.

"Hmm, There isn't anything wrong. When did you get the Pokemon?" asked the Nurse.

"Uhh…just recently. My mom picked a random one from the farm." Said Yuka.

"The Pokemon might not want to come out. if that's the case you'll just have to wait." Said the Nurse smiling at them.

"Oh, okay." Said Yuka, getting her Pokeball. "Thanks." She turned and left then sighed. "Now what?!" shouted Yuka, Shaking the Pokeball madly. She hurled it down and it just flopped around. She picks it back up then sighs again. "Well then. I need another new Pokemon." Said Yuka.

"Hmm…well. Do you have any Pokeballs?" asked Eve.

"…ya. I have nine." Said Yuka.

"We'll help you catch one." Said Mera.

"okay! Thanks!" said Yuka. Yuka grinned widely then stopped to look at the sign that had odd stuff on it. "Ah it's that troublesome Jade group." Glared Yuka.

"Jade? As in like...?" asked Eve.

"Well, they call themselves TEAM jade. But I find them stupid. They are a team of people intent of ruling and controlling Legendary Pokemon and those with enough power to fight on equal terms with them. They aren't that bad of people really. Just their screw ups cost cities millions." Said Yuka.

"Ah, so I guess every place has got their problems. Team rocket basically rules over the Kanto region and Johto region. The Hoenn Region is taken by Aqua and Magma. So basically, we're stuck in this bad situation." Said Eve.

"Ah." Said Yuka.

"Ah!! Don't roll that way!" shouted a voice. Yuka turned only to have a large green egg role to her feet.

"huh…" said Yuka. A young girl with black hair in a high ponytail and tan skin stopped and smiled at Yuka.

"Hi. Sorry about the egg." Said the girl, smiling Sheepishly. A Wartortle suddenly ran up beside her. "Oh, I'm Neko." Said the girl, sticking her hand out. Yuka stuck her hand out as well and they shook.

"I'm Yuka. That's Eve and Mera." Said Yuka.

"Your all trainer's right?" asked Neko.

"Ya." Replied Yuka. "well…sorta."

"What do you mean 'sorta'?" asked Neko.

"…my Pokemon won't come out." said Yuka sheepishly.

"I had the same problem using my friends Pokemon. I found out it was a Venusaur." Laughed Neko.

"So…what up with the egg?" asked Mera.

"oh ya, that egg I found in the dirt really far down. I was battling a Dugtrio and it used earthquake. So I ended up with a big hole in the ground." Said Neko. She sighed. "I don't know what to do with it however. I don't want anymore Pokemon. I'm a Ranger so I'm not suppose to have more then one Pokemon. I was lucky they let me have my other one." Said Neko. Yuka looked down. Neko then snapped her fingers.

"You don't have a useable Pokemon right?" asked Neko.

"ya." Said Yuka nodding.

"You can have the egg then." Said Neko.

"WHAT?!" said Eve in surprise. "Do you know what kind of Pokemon that is?!"

"Nope, but Yuka here look's like a good trainer." Grinned Neko.

"…I thought Ranger's had to be older. You look like you the same age as us." Said Yuka.

"I got lucky." Grinned Neko. "I can't do any major missions however. Because I am not experienced enough and I don't know this land well." Said Neko. "I just got off the boat from Kanto a couple of weeks ago." Said Neko. Mera looked at Yuka and they both nodded.

"Why don't you come with us then? We are traveling this whole land." Said Yuka, picking up the large egg. Neko rubbed the back of her neck.

"I don't think I can. I'd need perm-"for what?" asked a masculine voice. Neko turned around and saluted.

"umm! Spenser! I was just…talking…" said Neko. The man with light blue hair waved his hand smiling. He and Neko wore relatively the same clothes, meaning they were part of the same place.

"You can go with them Neko. It's good to know the land and learn about different Pokemon." Said Spenser. "We came here to fix a riot problem in Falldown City." Spenser directed his words to Mera, Eve, and Yuka.

"We are heading there for the Gym aren't we?" asked Mera.

"ya…I guess." Said Yuka. Spenser kept his smile.

"Then we'll all head there." Said Spenser. Yuka smiled.

"more people, the better."


What pokemon's in the egg?

And who's Yuka's real starter?

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