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Every 75 years, it is said that a portal opens at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry admitting students from 20 years into the future. What happens if the portal just so happened to open during the Marauders' seventh year? Partly AU.

Chapter 8- Redhead In Trouble

After pretty much shoving Harry and James out of the kitchen, Hermione quickly made a proper sandwich the way Ginny had requested.

"Here," Hermione walked into the common room, a plate with the young redhead's sandwich in her hands.

"Thanks," Ginny took the plate out of her hands as Hermione left the room once again, this time coming back with an armful of butterbeers for everyone. Harry accepted his bottle with a nod as thanks before shaking and opening it.

"How much have you covered in your classes?" Hermione asked Lily curiously. The two immediately got caught up in a conversation over the curriculums of both 1997 and 1977. The Potters and Ginny chatted over Quidditch until Harry brought up another issue.

"So…what are we going to do about Ginny, now that she's…well…here?" Harry directed his question casually at Hermione, who choked on her drink and glared at him.

"We? This is all your doing so you will fix it!" She said irritably before turning back to continue chatting with Lily.

"It's alright, really, both of you. I'll just stay in the Heads Quarters for the year; it's quite nice," Ginny said soothingly. Lily looked on disapprovingly at the situation but remained silent.

Hermione, on the other hand, grew angrier at that comment. "That's the problem! You can't do that! Sixth year is an important year leading up to the NEWTS!" She glared at Harry. "Just because your boyfriend doesn't care about your situation doesn't mean you shouldn't! And to think your mother doesn't know you're even in 1977…" She threw one last glare at Harry before leaving the room, most likely headed toward the Head Girls' Dormitory.

"I'm not her boyfriend!" Harry yelled adamantly to her back.

Ginny let out a small chuckle and yawned. "Congratulations on being the first person other than Ron to anger Hermione Jean Granger." She set her half-eaten sandwich on its plate before getting up to leave as well.

Then she realized another issue with her coming here: She had nowhere to sleep.


"This isn't so bad," Harry murmured to himself later in the night. He was lying on the couch, arms crossed behind his head, pondering the day's events. Education, smeducation…okay, perhaps Hermione was right, Ginny does need –


"Ow!" Harry pulled himself up from the floor, as a result of trying to turn on his side on the sofa. The fall had definitely broken him from his thoughts, however. He was now catering to a golf-ball sized lump on his head thanks to the table positioned in front of the couch.

"Ice…I need ice…" he muttered, staggering around aimlessly with a hand covering the bump on his head. I just had to give my bed up to Gin –

His thoughts were broken again by the appearance of Lily.

"Harry?" She asked concernedly from the doorway of her and Hermione's bedroom, taking in the situation as best as she could. "Are you alright?"


"Oh!" Lily ran past him into the kitchen, causing Harry to fall over again dizzily. She came back with an icepack in her hand.

"Here," she said, helping him into a sitting position. She held the icepack to his head steadily. "What happened?"

"Fell off the sofa… the table was there…not worth sleeping on the couch to suffer this much pain…should be Ginny…yes, it should…"

"You poor thing!" Lily sympathized. "You can sleep with me, if you'd like."

If Harry had been drinking something, he would have choked. He quickly stood up and began gathering his blankets strewn on both the sofa and the floor.

"No, it's alright, really," Harry looked anywhere but at his mother while he said this.

"T-that came out wrong," She stammered, a blush beginning to form on her cheeks. "I meant, my bed's big en–"

"The bathtub will be fine for me tonight." Harry said almost coldly. With that, he swiftly walked past a stunned Lily into the bathroom and locked the door.

"What about the icepack?" He heard Lily call behind him, and shook his head in distaste.

Was his own mother crushing on him?

He repressed a shudder at the thought, and began making his bed –er, bathtub– for the night, all the while thinking of the situation he just found himself in.


Harry woke up the next morning to the sound of someone pounding on the door.

"Get OUT!"

Drowsily looking around at his surroundings, he remembered that he had spent the night in the bathroom.

And now it was morning. So everyone else needed to use the bathroom. That person yelling currently was Hermione.

Harry's anger at Hermione hadn't quite evaporated yet, so he decided he might as well take a shower and get ready for classes in there since he was already hogging the bathroom. He magically folded his blankets and set his pillow in the far corner of the bathroom, which, he had to admit, held much more grandeur than the Prefects' bathroom.

Harry debated over whether or not to take more time than necessary to get ready but shot down the idea after realizing that Hermione wouldn't be the only one after him to need the bathroom. He didn't want a dirty father, after all. Or a mother. If said mother didn't fancy him, he mentally added before getting ready for class.

When he was finished, wearing the school robes he had summoned from his trunk since the bathroom didn't have a very nice closet, he was promptly shoved out of the way by Hermione as soon as he opened the door to leave. Sending a dirty look at her, Harry headed toward what would have been the Head Boys' dormitory (it couldn't very well be called that if a girl was sleeping there) to see if Ginny had woken up.

As much as he hated to admit it, Hermione had been right last night. He hadn't put any thought into Ginny's sixth year when agreeing, albeit grudgingly, to bring her into the past. It seemed as though he had no choice but to tell Dumbledore of her presence.

What bothered him, however, was that Ginny didn't seem to care about her sixth year, while he would have to sacrifice many nights in detention by telling Dumbledore when he could have been with another girl –

No, no girls. I am not going to be a player…

He still fancied Ginny, and he was going to stick with her. He wasn't sure if she liked him too much after the past summer, however…

Shaking his head to get rid of his straying thoughts, he proceeded to wake Ginny up.


No one noticed when Ginny entered the Great Hall along with Harry, James, Lily, and a still fuming Hermione until they sat down at the Gryffindor table. That was when all of the 1997 Gryffindor students began whispering amongst themselves and pointing the redhead out to other friends who hadn't noticed yet. The 1977 students of Gryffindor house had gone silent in confusion or were muttering to future students as well. Ron's eyes had narrowed in unmasked confusion and resentment as he watched his sister sit down diagonally from him.

The sudden decline in volume from the generally loud table attracted attention from the other houses. The reason for the murmurs was explained as soon as Seamus Finnigan spoke.

"Hiya, Ginny."

The Hall was quiet enough that everyone heard his words. All of a sudden, the chatter began again, louder in volume than general this time. The central topic of conversation was about Ginny's appearance this time without a doubt.

"Ginny? As in one of Harry Potter's ex-girlfriends?"

"Isn't she a sixth year?"

"Fred and George probably helped her through the portal."

"No…they couldn't get past the age line surrounding the Goblet in fourth year, could they?"

"Fred and George? Oh my god, I LOVE THEM!"

"Their Patented Daydream Charms really work…Harry was in my dream…"

"What is this talk about a certain Ginny Weasley?" Dumbledore's eyes twinkled as he stood behind Ginny's bench. The redhead girl blushed.

"I c-can explain," she stammered, the color of her cheeks clashing horribly with her hair.

"Perhaps we should take this up to my office?"


Ginny was currently sitting in the Headmaster's office, looking at her shoes guiltily and avoiding Dumbledore's scrutinizing gaze.

"Miss Weasley?" She looked up when being addressed, "May I care to ask how you managed to find a way through the portal? I was under the impression only those in seventh year could go through."

He didn't seem mad, she thought hopefully before answering. "I'm not quite sure how actually…but I came through a trunk, if that helps."

"A trunk? And just whom did this trunk belong to?" he peered at her through his half-moon spectacles, causing a feeling of incertitude to wash through her.


"Miss Weasley?"

"Harry. I asked him to bring me, please don't blame him."

"Ah…it seems as though the Potter penchant of mischief has been passed through the generations." Ginny stifled a giggle at his comment, before the Headmaster continued. "Unfortunately, I must assign detention to the both of you, Mr. Potter included. I believe a week with Filch ought to be sufficient…"

Ginny just nodded, accepting her punishment. Harry would murder her alive though.

"If you wouldn't mind staying for a while, perhaps the two of us could create a schedule for you this year? The portal has closed off for the year, and I'm almost positive that your parents are concerned enough over your disappearance in 1997 as it is."

Merlin, Ginny thought, is this man trying to make me feel guilty?


"How much trouble did you get in, Gin?" Harry asked teasingly as she sat down next to the trio (minus Hermione) and the Marauders at lunch. Hermione was at another section of the Gryffindor table with Lily, who, along with Padma at her own respective table, kept shooting Harry glances. Lily's looks held a bit of shame in them as well as a liking toward him.

"A week's worth of detention with Filch, which you have to do serve as well," Ginny answered back, taking delight in the outraged expression that appeared on his face as she said it.

"Wait – what happened?" Sirius interrupted eagerly, leaning across the table toward Harry and Ginny; he looked like a girl about ready to hear good gossip.

"Ginny here," Harry jabbed his thumb in the redhead's direction, "is not a seventh year. No seventh year, no go through portal; that's the rule…" He continued to tell Sirius about Ginny's arrival, his voice mixing in with the rest of the chatter in the Great Hall.

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