A Change of Alliances

He loved her; with all his heart and being he loved her. He knew he shouldn't that his people wouldn't approve and neither would hers, but he did, he loved her.

Achilles, leader of the Myrmidons, sat outside his tent in the dark, deep in thought. Over almost two weeks ago his men had captured a priestess from the temple of Apollo. Achilles had claimed her as his prize. During the first few days they spent together, his prize said very little and showed that she did not trust him.

Then, one day, Briseis (his prize) was taken from him by the greedy king, Agamemnon, for his prize was given back to her father who had asked Apollo to curse the Greeks with the plague.

When Achilles returned to his tent and found Briseis missing, he became enraged. He withdrew his sword and headed straight for Agamemnon's tent.

"Where is she?" Achilles demanded. He aimed his sword at every Greek in the room.

"She….she's in there," one of the soldiers stuttered, he pointed towards Agamemnon's personal bedroom.

Without warning, Achilles stormed into the room.

"Get away from her now!" Achilles said. Agamemnon looked up at the enraged warrior and took a step away from the cowering girl.

Achilles followed Agamemnon with his sword as he walked over to Briseis.

"Get out now!" Achilles ordered. The king had never moved so fast in his life. He feared the great Achilles, everyone did. No-one dared anger him, for if they did, he was just as likely to slit their throat or decapitate them as he would an opponent on the battlefield.

"Shhhh! It's ok now," Achilles soothed, he was still on high alert. Briseis looked up at him. Her eyes were filled with tears, tears of fear. She said nothing. Without warning, Achilles bent down and scooped her into his arms, carrying her out and into his own tent.

That night they had made love for the first time.

Achilles stood, shaking himself out of his reverie. The sun had long since set, now the only source of light was the fires scattered about along the beach. Achilles walked back into his tent. He smiled when he saw Briseis curled up on their bed. He went over and lay down beside her, draping his arm over her waist, bringing her close to him.

Briseis moaned a little, but snuggled up close to him. Achilles kissed her hair, then fell into a light sleep.

That night his dreams were plagued with images of war. But, the war was not how he expected it to be. At first he saw the usual, the Trojans fighting against the Greeks, then, he looked closer and saw something different about the scene. Fighting against the Greeks, were the Myrmidons, lead by him. He watched as he himself drove his sword into Diomedes, then pulled it out, watching the former leader fall to the ground, dead.

Achilles woke with a start. His mind kept playing the dream over and over again. It was a message from Zeus, and he knew what it meant. Zeus wanted Achilles and his Myrmidons to join the Trojan army, so that they would have a chance.

"Briseis," Achilles whispered. He nudged the sleeping girl with his elbow.

"What?" she mumbled, still half asleep. She rolled over to face him.

"What would you do to save Troy?" he asked. She looked at him with a puzzled expression upon her attractive features.

"Anything, why?"

"What about Hector? What would he do?" Achilles ignored her question.

"I don't know, probably whatever it took. Why?"

"Even if it meant taking help from the enemy?"

"What do you mean?" Briseis asked, she didn't understand what he was getting at.

"I had a dream. About the war. I know that Zeus himself sent me this dream, I can feel it. I saw the Myrmidons fighting with the Trojans against the Greeks, and the Trojans were winning. I even saw myself kill Diomedes. I know what must happen for Troy to win," Achilles explained.


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