Summary: Booth blames himself… post Aliens oneshot

Spoiler alert: Aliens in a Spaceship

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Bright sunlight filtered through the room, illuminating the heavy oak furniture and jarring him awake. Booth opened his eyes and instantly regretted it; bright lights were not the best cure for a hangover. His headache was enough to make him wish he were dead, and as he lay in bed with no intentions of getting up though it was well past noon, he thought back to that night in the diner when his waking nightmare began.

When he got the call telling him that Brennan and Hodgins had been taken, he felt like his whole world had been ripped from beneath him. And he felt guilty for being with Cam when Bones had needed him, and for hiding his relationship from her. Every minute she and Hodgins were trapped in that car, he promised himself that if he ever got her back he would tell her how much she meant to him, and that he loved her. When the time came and he pulled her up from the dirt and sand, he couldn't do it. He knew as soon as he saw Cam approached the group that couldn't tell her he loved her, not like this in front of Cam. So that was how he ended up at the bar on K Street, drowning his sorrows of lost opportunity in several glasses of scotch.

He realized now, lying prone on his bed, that it was entirely his fault. Even before his fling with Cam, he and Bones had been partners for 2 years and he had been in love with her for almost as long. He'd loved her for more than 700 days; 700 days of flirting, bickering, knowing smiles, and small gestures. 700 days, and he had let them all slip by without a word.

As the shock from his newfound awareness subsided, Booth rolled over and drifted back into a fitful sleep.

Pale moonlight filtered through the open window, gently illuminating the heavy oak furniture, and throwing shadows in the corners. Booth opened his eyes and found that his head still ached, this time from a lack of her. It was enough to make him wish he were dead, and as he lay in bed, his thoughts drifted to the forensic anthropologist.


A/N: I got the inspiration for this story from "World Spins Madly On" by The Weepies

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