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Story: Some of this story is written as letters or journal entries. I will italicize those parts. And I kinda get some of my wording from different books and even song lyrics so if you notice a similarity I'm not trying to steal it. Review and tell me what you think!

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By: CrimsonScarz

The accepted theory is that once something gets sucked into a black hole, it can't escape. Well I know something that did. Me.

Her name is Maximum Ride. She likes to think I saved her one too many times, but really she saved me.

My life was one deep, dark hole and she pulled me out. You already know the story about the school. This goes beyond that.

Max is everything to me now and me to her. She saved me, and I chose her. We're the only ones left now that the flock found their families. I found mine, but I went with Max. How could I really leave her?

Max saved me. And I have the scars to prove it. Let me tell you this is not a pretty story, but it is true. This is MY story.


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