Summary: "I will, if you will." "What kind of response is that? I dared you. This doesn't involve me." John and Rodney in a classic argument.

Rating: Teen

Genre: General/Drama

A/N: Written from Theme #106 in the Theme Challenge at the WPBA forum.

-I kept this as dialogue, it seemed better that way.

I Will If You Will

By NenyaVilyaNenya

J: "I will, if you will."

R: "What kind of response is that? I dared you. This doesn't involve me."

J: "You climbed up here with me."

R: "To give you a push if necessary."

J: "It's no fun jumping by yourself."

R: "Speaking from experience, Colonel?"

J: "Yeah. It was junior year and a bunch of us were-"

R: "As much as I'd love to hear antics of a pre-flyboy Sheppard, quit stalling and jump."

J: "I will if you will."

R: "What are we, seven?"

J: "Why don't you want to?"

R: "I have no desire to fall fifty feet and slam into freezing cold water, thank you very much."

J: "It's not freezing cold. Look, Ronon and Teyla are already in."

R: "They could run around Antarctica and not freeze."

J: "Come on, it'll be fun."

R: "Fun? Do you know the forces the body is under when falling?"

J: "Yeah. No worse than anything I've flown."

R: "You had inertial dampeners."

J: "Now you're stalling."

R: "I am not."

J: "We'll do it together."

R: "Is that supposed to comfort me?"

J: "We're on vacation, live a little."

R: "I do enough living when we're running around getting shot at."

J: "This is different."

R: "Is not."

J: "You're scared!"

R: "I. Am. Not."

J: "Big, bad, superman genius is scared of a little jump."

R: "Little? Do you see how high we are?"

J: "It's not that bad… Look Rodney, if it's the water…"

R: "I'm not scared of water."

J: "It's okay. You can climb down."

R: "Don't placate me, Colonel."

J: "I didn't think about it…"

R: "What are you… … … oh for… I've never drowned in the Gateroom. You never drowned in a crashed jumper. That wasn't us."

J: "A different us."

R: "You're the one who's scared!"

J: "I'm not!"

R: "The other you drowned in the Jumper with Radek, and I did almost drown in the other Jumper with Sam… huh."

J: "It feels like testing fate."

R: "That's ridiculous. There's no such thing as fate."

J: "Then why don't you jump?"

R: "I will if you will."

J: "Look who's twisting this now."

R: "We jump, we don't drown, we prove there's no such thing as fate and you can stop worrying about it."

J: "That's twisted logic."

R: "I didn't drag my ass up here for nothing to happen."

J: "No one made you. You trotted happily after me, man's best friend."

R: "I will not be compared to a canine."

J: "You seem like a… poodle. They have those funny haircuts."

R: "A poodle! I refuse to be compared to an animal, Sheppard. If anyone's the loyal dog it's you. You're nickname should be 'German.' "

J: "Whatever, Meredith."

R: "Oh god… Stop calling me that unless you want every native of this galaxy to call you Johnny."

J: "Johnny's a good name."

R: "Alright Johnny, have it your way Johnny. You should jump now Johnny."

J: "Fine. No more Meredith. Did you strike that from your records? Because I'm sure it doesn't say Meredith Rodney McKay on your files."

R: "It says Rodney M. McKay, PhD. I switched them."

J: "Very Harry S. Truman."

R: "Not in the least."

RD: "Sheppard! McKay!"

R: "What!"

RD: "You're chicken!"

R: "Where'd he learn that?"

J: "Us."

R: "Oh, right."

T: "Jinto and his friends jump off there frequently!"

R: "They're taunting us…"

J: "We were talking!"

T: "There are other times for talking!"

R: "Fine!" "Come on, Colonel."

J: "We are never playing Truth or Dare again."

R: "It got Teyla to skinny dip."

J: "She dared Ronon to dance."

R: "We're never playing again."