This is the original story. How Klutch and Indy started out. This was written by a friend of mine back in 2004. I've put it off for long enough, so now I'm putting it up. She started the fic, and left the story for me to finish.

I just re-wrote some of the stuff so it sounded a bit more transformerish instead of human-ish.

Later in 2005 she gave me the fancharacters for good. Klutch, Indy, and Ribar originally belonged to her.

Forget the Rp, forget Klutch being a jerk and Indy being a psychic. This is way before then. Happens around late 85 early 1986, right before 3rd War happened, and about a year and a half before either met Jade or any of the Kintari. The only fanchars you will see here are the ones mentioned above.

Indy is just a teenager in this, as is Klutch. Think of her as a kind of female Hot Rod, in a way, but with a smart mouth. LOL (she's matured a bit since this was written. eheh.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

if you've read the RP fics, specifically "the Wrong side of Right", you're gonna be very suprised in a couple chapters.

There's gonna be some stuff in here that will make a lot of sense. I'd suggest reading the Wrong Side of Right, at least the scenes with Indy reading minds and Klutch getting the Decepticons involved (chapter 30, I think)




It was late morning, when the cherry-red 1986 Corvette Indy raced out of the Ark's main entrance. Indy had been discovered in one of the Ark's storage holds in stasis, after secretly stowing away before they left Cybertron. After a stern lecture about the danger of their mission from the Autobot commander, a few of the crew had been assigned to train the youth on how to fight. Unfortunately, she turned out to be willfull, stubborn, and, well, more like a human teenager than a Cybertronian.

Therefore, Optimus Prime, the Autobot commander, had decided to send her to a remote site in Britain, to meet with a transformer by the name of Ribar, who had a sort of training/ research facility there. It was more geared towards the assimilation of Cybertronian technology into human uses currently, because of the lack of students. But Ribar, who had been a teacher at the academy on Cybertron before the war, was more than happy to help. In fact, he had mentioned he had another student allready. A young mech by the name of Klutch.

"The area has a more varied terrain than here in Oregon. I feel it would be more suitable for your..." The Autobot leader chose his words carefully before finishing.

"specific abilities"

The red femme scowled, but suddenly the thought popped into her mind "Hey, a road trip!"

So, she packed the few personal items she would need into her subspace pockets, and met with Skyfire, who would fly her to the meeting place in Britain...



Skyfire landed just west of the area they would meet Ribar, who was returning from a recon mission in Germany. "I can take it from here." she told the giant red-and-white jet.

"But Prime told me to..." but Indy cut him off

"I'm a big girl, okay; I can take care of myself!" she retorted.

Skyfire just sighed and said "Allright, but just call me if you get into any trouble, okay?"

Indy rolled her optics. As if it wasn't bad enough Prime was treating her like a child; Now this big guy was, too. "Don't worry I will." She said as she transformed and zoomed away. About fifty miles away from where Skyfire had dropped her off, she was still thinking to herself about how Skyfire had let her her go off on her own, without giving her the same type of "you're just an inexperienced youngster" routine (thank the stars). It was bad enough several of the Autobots looked down on her for being a female. Sunstreaker had practically laughed at her when she said she wanted to fight with them, and mentioned something about femmes not being as good as the rest of them. At least Ironhide had taken the time to try to teach her a few things.

The red Corvette was suddenly jerked out of her thoughts by the car wreck up ahead. The first car, a gold Ford Taurus had been turned over on it's side, the front windshield smashed into a million bits. The entire front right side had been crushed like an accordion against the railing it had slammed into. The other car, which had most likely been behind it, had turned sideways, as though the driver had tried to swerve to miss it, but slid on the slippery roads.

The Navy Blue Corsica was laying on it's roof, as though it had flipped from the impact, the right side of the car indented from the collision. It didn't look like whoever was involved was in very good condition; And if there was anybody stuck in the car she could earn a few extra points by helping the people or person by saving them. "I'll show them how useless I am!" she scoffed, as she cruised up to investigate.

But when she got there no one was to be found. Thinking maybe the humans involved had allready been rescued, she continued on to the meeting place.

She drove up the winding road that took her out into the foothills, and up around a wooded area. The road turned to the right, and she thought "finally." The large grey-white building stood out against the green hilly landcape, fencing running around it's perimiter, and two human gaurds stood at the front gate. Indy's thoughts wandered as she sped towards the distant building about a mile away.

She had asked about the other student. All she got was that Klutch had been piloting a ship that crashed in the barren outback of Australia, and he had wandered around for days without energy, and finally got his homing beacon to work. That was when Ribar and his team picked up on the locator beacon, and went to find him. The only thing was, they never found his ship...

The red concept car pulled up to the gate, and gave the human her name, who checked it, then pressed the button to roll back the barbed-wire-topped fence. Indy wondered if it was a training center or military installation. Well, she'd heard something about it being a weapon research facility, working with the humans and their weapon designers. She guessed Ribar had taken on a new job description since he left Cybertron and his teaching job.

She was met at the door by a couple humans, who led her down the large transformer-sized halls to her room. "Oh, this is nice." she scowled. She looked around. "Not even a vid screen or a stereo." she frowned. It had a window, a table with two chairs, a recharge plate, and that was about it. She plunked her storage box of stuff onto the recharge berth and glanced around again. They didn't even have energon cubes like the Autobots at the Ark did! She picked up the tiny cord coiled up at one corner of the recharge plat.

"Nah..." her optics widened. "Oh great. just great!" a...power cord?" She tossed it back at the corner of the 'bed'. "Great. I've died and got to prison!"

she looked over her 'schedule'

Up at 6am, asleep at midnight. Training exersises, target practice, hand-to-hand combat training... Indy facepalmed.

how the heck am I supposed to learn to fight when my only opponent is a guy? I'll get my skidplate beat every round!" she thought. She opened the locker to put her stuff in, and noticed the datapad inside. "What's this?" she took it out, turning it on.

"Meet me out at the gravel pit, Dayton, Ohio. In the U.S.

"duh. I know where Ohio is. Dork." Indy snorted and tossed the datapad back in the locker. "Great another human city." she grumbled. She was allready in Euroupe.

Why the SLAG didn't he tell her to meet him in Ohio BEFORE she left the Ark? She looked out the window, and the wall comm came on, a male voice stating. "Indy, Ribar left a message with us to give you. He wants you to fly out to the East coast of the united States. We made arrangements with the Americans that you could use it for a temporary training ground"

"I know, I know, Ohio." Indy cut him off.

There was half a minute of silence, then the voice spoke again. "You'd better get going, then. I'll let him know you're on your way. and make sure you check out." the comm clicked off.

Indy glared at the wall comm. This day was not going well. She sighed. "Screw checking in and checking out. I can leave when I want! Especially when Ribar knows I'm coming!" She went over to the window. Sure enough, it slid open. And no screen or anything. Indy smirked and looked over her shoulder. She stepped out and slid it closed. She ran a few steps and transformed, heading out behind the facility torwards the steeper hills. She accelerated a little, and put out her wings.

She had almost forgot about those. Heh, a flying car. Nobody would have believed that had they seen it. A flying Corvette. She snickered and headed for the cloudline...


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