Indy woke up to the alarm beeping in her audio, rolled over, hit the button, rolled out of bed. It had been the same thing every night. the 'power cord' recharge wasn't as pleasant as drinking energon, but it gave her adequate energy for the day. She mumbled as she headed to her locker across the room. When she opened it, she found a datapad on top of her pile of stuff, like the first one. She turned it on, and a text message appeared on it's screen. Only this one was far different from the first. "We have your teacher. come alone." and a set of coordinates. Indy glanced around. Should she report it to the base authorities? the coordinates were to a nearby lake. She could call for backup once she got there...

She was supposed to work with Klutch, on everything, though. She rolled her optics. He thoguht she was about as useless as a drone. She couldn't leave without signing out, or telling someone, though.

Then again...

"Hmmpf. I'll show him how useless I am." she tossed the datapad on her recharge plate and grabbed her practice rifle from her locker. she glanced back at her door before going out the window, and heading for the lake.

About fifteen minutes later, she reached her destination. She transformed, and snuck around the edge of the lake. Sure enough, there was a tiny island set out in the center. And a yellow object reflecting the light. she un-subspaced her weapon and flew over to it. The island was only about 50 feet or so all around, and had a clump of trees in the middle. And there was ribar. Tied up, and it looked like he had been knocked out. She squatted down, noticing the scrapes and dents in his armor. She glanced around quickly, but didn't see anyone. She gently shook his shoulder, waking him with a start. He struggled for a second before realizing who she was, then calmed down.

She plucked off the vocoder gag, a small box attatched to the front of his neckplating, and glanced around again. They were out in the middle of the lake, and could be an easy target for anyone. "Who did this?" she asked. "You're not Klutch. That's who they're after." he half-whispered. "Who? who's 'they'? she asked. "I can't tell you that..." The sound of distant helicopters echoed around.

Indy glanced up.

"We have to get you out of here." she started to undo the chains holding him in place.

"No, you have to get out of here before..." The yellow Ribar wiggled to try to free himself quicker.


A shot hit the top of the tree they were under. Indy looked over at where it had come from as the chains fell off.

"I'll be right back." she flew into the air. Ribar started to protest "Wait, you can't..." but it was too late.

She landed near where the weaponfire had come from, but there was no sign of anyone having been there. Not even a footprint. She quickly skirted around the edge of the lake, carefully searching the area. The main helicopter landed, the other following after it. The first twelve soldiers gaurded the general area, while the second set went further to search for Decepticons. Klutch squinted at the bright sunlight, and caugh sight of something yellow on the island. "Over there!" he yelled, and ran back to the helicopter, taking six soldiers with him.

The copter flew over to the island, and Klutch jumped out. The six humans threw down lines and came down after him.

The first thing the blue car noticed was the chains had been loosened, and the gag-box laying nearby the facedown mech. He glanced around. She was here. But where? He hoped the Decepticons hadn't gotten her. That meant he'd have to go off and save her.

Klutch knelt next to Ribar, noticing the glowing yellowish liquid. He carefully grasped the Autobot's shoulder and rolled him over. A hole had been torn through his armor, leaking a steady stream of energon. He looked away quickly. Whoever had done this was after him. And they had used Ribar to get to him.

He double-checked to make sure his teacher was still functional. He was, but barely.
Klutch bit his lower lip component and narrowed his optics. He looked over at the rocky, treeless western ridge of the lake. "Let's get him out of here." One soldier yelled to the others. He didn't hear the rest. He walked around to the other side of the island.

Why were the ecepticons after him, though? Maybe it wasn't him. Maybe there was a reason they were after Ribar. Maybe they wanted to shut down the Center by getting rid of it's director. There had to be some logical explanation to all this. He jumped across to the nearby rocky, and made it back to shore. He glanced back at where the soldiers he had brought with him were lifting up the platform with Ribar on it, and headed for home. He pulled out his rifle and started to walk.


The ship had come down over the Australian plains, hit hard, and gone off the radar. Ribar packed his field gear and stowed it safely in subspace. They didn't get many crashed ships anymore. although this one had an all-to familiar energy signature.

The yellow colored dunebuggy carefully made his way up to the smoking craft, eying the purple sigil on it's side... the impact had ripped a huge hole in the side.. Ribar carefull looked inside, shining his gunscope light into the darkened cockpit. Wires sparked smasmatically, giving a hint of light here and there. He heard something move, and took an abrupt step back. "Hello? is... is anyone alive?" he stuck his head inside, aiming his gun at the back of the small area.

A soft whimper sounded.

He crouched under the broken hull, and into the small ship. At the back, he could make out some bits of metal, and an open hatch. "The pilot must have bailed out in an escape pod." he thought. The whimper sounded louder. More sparks sprayed from an overhead access panel, briefly illuminating th area, then throwing it into darkness again. But it was enough to make out a small blue dot. He shined his flashlight on it, and caught a glimpse of blue metal, and glowing liquid. "energon?" he thought.

"Someone's still in here!" he shouted to the rescue party. He lifted the metal where part of the back hull had collapsed,, and hauled up a heavy peice of material, tipping it the other direction to reveal a small blue figure. The sparkling was huddled against the corner, trapped under a mess of wires and sparking cicuitry, along with whatever other guts the ship had that had been ripped open by the crash. The one optic that was still lit flickered momentarily, and faded as the sparkling went into stasis lock. Ribar hurriedly batted away more wires and metal, revealing a badly damaged blue mech, with what seemed to be no visible alt. mode.

His arm had been ripped off by a peice of metal that had imbedded itself in the wall behind him, a couple of the wires in his arm pulled taught and pinned along with the peice of plating. His chest looked like it had been crushed, and there was a huge dent in the side of his helmet. His lower half was still buried, most likely also crushed under the weight of the metal pinning him. He hurriedly dug him out, and as much as he hated to do it, had to cut the wires of the trapped arm to get him free. "Hey, stay alive, okay?" he pulled out a tarp and wrapped it around the bleeding sparkling, gathering up the severed limb and bits of armor, and ran back outside where the covered transport truck and rescue team was waiting...

In the hangar bay, the general circled the peices of the ruined craft. They'd had to carefully cut the thing into peices to get it back to the center, but it had a lot of technology they could possibly use in the future. "Good work, Ribar." the general praised, looking up at the yellow Autobot. "Thank you sir, but what about the child?"

"What about him?" the general shrugged. "We've done everything we can for him. Now it's up to him whether he survives or not." he said impassively, eyes greedily roaming the alien design before him. "Besides." the grey-haired mand turned to face Ribar.

"You said he was a Decepticon, did you not"
Ribar nodded. "I did."

"Then, what does it matter if he survives or not? It'll just be one more Decepticon to give us hell. If i'd had my way, he'd have allready been deactivated." he shrugged again. "but sir, he's just a child." Ribar protested.

"Just a Decepticon child, you mean. " the General replied gruffly. He turned to fully face the Autobot. "look, son, I'm not gonna go blowin smoke up your tailpipe, but if there's one less Decepticon in this world, child or not, it's better to the entire human race. The only reason why I kept that... thing around, was because you insisted on keeping it. So what more do you want from me?" when no anwer came, he finished with "If it dies, let it!" And with that, the general walked out, leaving the yellow dunebuggy to himself, and his thoughts. "Not if he doesn't know he's a Decepticon, sir." Ribar replied quietly.


About 24 hours later, the short mech crept into the modified medical ward, where rescued Cybertronians or refugees were repaired. One of the humans looked up, and scurried over. "How is he? Ribar asked quietly.

"well, the scientists are doing eveything they can for him. But we don't know everything we could about your kind." The man walked over to his desk, and looked over his notes. "The damage was pretty bad, and considering his age..." he looked up. "I'm sorry, I can't tell you anything more." he turned back to looking over the pages half-reading them. "Some of his systems are malfunctioning, and there's parts needing repaired or replaced that we just don't know how to do." the human finally turned and looked at the Autobot, blue eyes softening slightly. "I'm afraid there's nothing more we can do." he finally stated.

"Yes there is." the dunebuggy walked over to the child, who's sleeping face was as peacefull as any Autobot sparkling's. "Maybe..." he turned to look down at the human. "Maybe we could use some of my technology. I mean, I know how to fabricate parts for a grown mechanoid, but we could possibly use some of my smaller components. It could be done"
"but." the human just didn't want to argue with him. He still knew this child, standing barely above Ribar's knee, would still be too small. He just nodded. "Maybe. But we're going to need a major miracle if we're going to make this happen."

Ribar went to the computer to pull up his own schematics, and the two got to work.


the blue sportscar crept almost stealthily along the treeling. Ribar had been not just his teacher, but also his mentor, his friend.

His creator.

Klutch gritted his teethplates and kept walking. He had to find whoever did this. He just hoped Ribar would be okay.

He silently swore. Why didn't Indy tell him about the note? Did she think she could do everything by herself? If she hadn't come out here alone, Ribar might not have been shot. He was allready in stasis lock when they found him. He was badly damage. He bit back another curse. If she had told them, they could have brought out some soldiers, scouted the area first.
Caught whoever did it first!!!

He heard a tree rustle, and ducked down into a squatting position, bringing up his rifle to bear on whoever had made the sound.


A full day had gone by, and Ribar and his human assistant realised that this sparkling didn't even have a transformation sequence installed yet. So they figured out a way to redesign his systems, and upgrade the yet nameless sparkling, into a slightly larger body shell and give him an alt. mode.

"Now what can I use?" Ribar leaned over, optics scanning an array of vehicles on the computer screen. The sounds of the television behind it at one of the far tables caught his attention. a race was on. Not fancy cars or anything, just some of the better racecars. A Ferarri, a Porsche, a Corvette, a Lancia and... In last place was a little blue car. "Hey." he called to the group of technicians avidly watching the race. "What kind of car is that? There, in the last place?" he called.

"It's a Lotus." One of them called back.

"No." another corrected. "It's a Lotus Elise Sport."

"That's what I said." the first quipped in reply.

Ribar grinned. "I like it."

The general of the base paced in his office. He didn't like this. That scientist was going to try to save a Decepticon! Sure, it was a child. But even though a baby lion or tiger may be cute, it would still grow up to be a killer. He knew he should have had that... thin destroyed when they first found it! He frowned, and turned on his heel, brisquely walking out.

Ribar hovered over the monitors like a mother hen. They had come this far, now hopefully nothing would go wrong. The human looked up at him, and noticed his paternal expression. "It's almost time." he smiled.

Ribar glanced down, returning the expression. "I know." He looked over his shoulder at the now slightly-larger youth. It would be a couple more exostructural upgrades until the youngster would be full size, but they had to start somewhere. and that somewhere was here. His eyes fell on the youth's chest, where the Decepticon insignia had once lay.

He turned back to the computer and started typing furiously.

"what... What are you doing!?" the human man demanded, almost afraid he would do something wrong and deactivate the spark that lay withing the near-comatose mech's lasercore.

"I forgot something." Ribar gave the human beside him a quick glance of reassurance. "We have to wipe his memory banks, or he'll remember being a Decepticon." his typing halted abruptly as the door opened, and the general came stalking through, and bellowed. "I want that travesty terminated, Ribar!"

The dunebuggy calmly looked over (and down) at the general, and finished typing in the programming. "It's too late. He's allready activated. and I've permanently deleted his memory bank. He won't even remember who he is... was."

The General's face tinged slightly pink with anger, but only gave the now-blue-colored youth a glance of annoyance.

"Are you positive!?"


"Well if he isn't... I'm having him deactivated on the spot." the grey-haired general barked. Ribar only nodded. The general walked over to where they were.

"Turn him on." he commanded.

Ribar swallowed his reply about Cybertronians not being simple machines that one could turn on and off, and the crudeness of such a statement. But then again, he was talking to the general, and not only was he in charge of this military base, but he also hated the life that this yellow Autobot had fought so hard to save.

He typed a few keys more, and hit the enter button. The computer beeped, and the other systems started powering up. Ribar turned his back to the computer, letting his human associate do the final monitoring, and waited.

"Systems... malfunction...memory circuits offline... "


"rebooting cancelled..."

"activating systems..."

"fuel pumps...callibration... optical and audio functions..."

The symbols rolled past his offlined optics so fast he could barely make out what they were. Then he decided to avoid it, and online his optics, bringing the ceiling of the room into sharp focus.

his first thoughts were "Where am I?...Who am I?"

Ribar's grin almost split his features. "We did it!" he whooped. He went over to gently take the youth's hand in his own.

The voice came out with a perfect Australian-english accent. " I?... and who'ere eu?"

Ribar just smiled. "I'm your creator, my name's Ribar."

He helped the child sit up, and the General straightened his posture, clearing his throat. Both mechs looked over.

"I am General Mcentrey, in charge of this base. Are you an autobot?"

Ribar gave him a half-warning look, but the general ignored it. "A-a-autobot?" the youth stammered." He looked to Ribar for an answer. "It's a faction. We're friends of the humans." he replied.

"Oh, then yes, of course!" the blue mech nodded enthusiasctically. "I'm..." he glanced around the room, looking for something to help him figure out a name. His optics fell on an auto-magazine.

"Klutch...I'm Klutch." He looked down at the human, then at Ribar, who smiled and nodded in approval.

The general simply nodded and headed for the door. "I want to be updated on his progress." He said.

He reached the door, and gave the pair a retreating glance. Then was gone.

"Don't worry about him. "he'll get used to you." Ribar helped the blue colored car stand. He nodded in reply.

"So... Klutch. Welcome to your new home." Ribar smiled at the now teenage-looking (after being rebuilt) mech.

Klutch smiled and nodded back.



A squirrel chittered angrily from above him. He felt like shooting it for startling him so badly, but just swallowed it.

No, Indy didn't know Ribar was his creator. She thought he was just his teacher, nothing more.

and if he did show her any weakness, she would only use it against him later on. He had to be valiant, let nothing show, as he had been taught to do in a rough situation.

He had to keep his head about him.

He had to...

a twig snapped.

klutch turned and snapped off a shot.

a scream sounded.

Klutch rolled his optics and walked over to where Indy was squatting down trying to hide.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing out here? I could have shot you!"

the red corvette femme just looked up back at him with a deer-in-the-headlights look.

So they had found the note. Something told her she was in trouble.

"Wel.. I.. uh... thought I'd go for a walk?" she tried.

Klutch snorted.

"Really. I don't suppose this had anything to do with it, does it?" he threw the datapad at her feet.

indy looked at it and gulped. "I...uh.. I though I would try and save him. You know, prove how much good I can do." she looked up at him. "I mean, I did save our trainer. I untied him and everything." she folded her arms. "I was even hot on the trail of whoever kidnapped him." she stated."

"Don't you mean your trainer." he replied, trying to sound like he didn't care.He started to walk away.

Klutch frowned. "He didn't get away. After you untied him, whoever else is out here shot him."

Indy got a suprised look on her face.

"They did?"

Klutch hoped his look didn't give him away. He nodded, trying to look like he didn't care.

He walked around towards where the troups were regathering near the helicopter. Indy re-folded her arms. "You're just gonna give up and go home?" she asked.

He cast a glance back at her over his shoulder.


"Well it sure seems like you don't care about finding whoever did this. But I'm going to go find out." she turned away. Klutch grabbed her arm and swung her around to face him. "It's obvious whoever did this is allready gone. The troups have scoured the area and found nothing. So you can quit pretending to be such a little heroine and come back to the base before the General boots you out on your ass." He snapped.

"Then you can go back to the Ark and tell all your little friends how you're such a failure"
Indy snarled and pulled away. "I don't have to take orders from you." She poked one finger in the middle of his chest to get her point across. "For all I know, you havwe something to do with this and we would never know it."

Klutch glared daggers back at her. "How dare you say that!" he hissed.

"Yeah, well you sure don't seem to care about our trainer. Funny how the note showed up in my locker." she turned and stalked away. "Oh, and by the way, they were after YOU!" She yelled. Klutch clenched his fists angrily, optics flaring How DARE she call him a Decepticon. "I couldn't be a Decepticon because I care more about getting rid of them than dealing with spoiled brats like you!!!"

Indy stomped away and screamed back "Yeah! all you care about is yourself! You'd make a perfect Decepticon!!!"

The helicopter landed and Indy stomped over, plopping herself down in it's cargo bay, glaring at Klutch.

Klutch stomped over and sat down in the other helicopter, glaring back as the two took off. "That's what you think." he mumbled.


I'm sorry, that got just a little out of hand. I was trying to go with the original dialogue of where Indy says he would make a better Decepticon, but the original didn't have him get mad over it, and considering the circumstances, he would be mad at her for it.

And I was trying to add a little humor to it. I know Klutch as a cold, emotionless Decepticon hunter, and seeing him get his feathers all ruffled over a femme who's just as immature is hilarious to me. :-)