Lazy Days


Rune Wolfe

Disclaimer: I hold no ownership of the marvelous Mark Twain's novels or characters.

Chapter 3: Watcha Call That?

Tom sat himself down slowly on the edge of the mattress. Curiously he dipped his head to one side and then the other, takin' in the sight of Huck's entirety revealed to the night air. He didn't really know the mechanics of what he wanted to do, but like always and in all situations, Tom Sawyer would wing it. And he'd make it look like he was an expert while doin' it.

"Well don' you just look like a darlin' lil' peach," Tom teased, remembering something he had heard the Widow Douglass say to a right-standing well-to-do little girl. Huck just blushed, he knew well enough that that pet name was not meant for boys.

"What we going to be doin' now, Tom?" He was becoming more anxious as he lay there spread out across the bed. "Its gettin' kinda cold."

Tom proceeded to lie down beside him, "you won't be cold pretty soon, Mrs. Sawyer." Huck's face burned crimson with an unknown emotion, however he didn't have time to voice his opinion before Tom's lips had claimed his. The blonde's hands held Huck's head in place, assuring that the kiss was long and tender. "Your lips is soft, Huckleberry."

"I ain't quite sure what I is supposed to say to that…," the brunette hesitated, his heartbeat quickened by the tense air of the room.

Tom just pressed a finger to his lips, "you ain't supposed to say nothin…"

"Then what do we do, Tom Sawyer?" Wide hazel eyes held his.

The blonde shook his head and didn't answer. Timidly he tugged the boy's naked body so that it pressed up against his own. He closed his eyes at the smell of Huck's chocolate hair and the velvety feel of his sun-kissed skin. Not even women 'round the area had such fine features. "Boy, Huck," he sighed, "I think you was meant to be a prince." He stared at him shamelessly, "… or maybe a princess," he added underneath his breath.

His companion grinned, his face so close to Tom's that his eyelashes brushed against the blonde's cheek. "Why is that?"

Again Tom didn't answer, and it was hear that Huck realized that Tom himself wasn't quite sure what in the name of Moses they were doing either. Now shy, Huck placed his tan hands on the blonde's chest, "what d'ya wanna do next…?" His voice was quiet and somewhat distracted as he stared intently into his friend's face.

'Umm…I think I's supposed to get naked too…" Tom murmured distractedly. "Or maybe you is supposed to take my clothes."

Huck straightened a little, a slight streak of naiveté setting in. "Now why would I take you clothes, Tom? I gots my own." With that he was reminded of his nakedness and scuttled closer to his friend for warmth, as well as to hide the fact that his body was doin' things he weren't sure it was supposed to be doin'.

"That's not what I meant, Huck, you're jus' supposed t'take em off is all."

The brunette could only answer with a quiet, "oh." What in his dead mother's name was Tom thinkin? What kind of stuff could two boys be doin that would require them to be all naked and such? "I guess'n I could do that…" however he remained still, starin' dumbly at the buttons of Tom's linen shirt. It was so quiet that the songs of the crickets sure as hell sounded like a symphony. Not that either of 'em really knew what a symphony was, just that it involved lots and lots of people.

Finally, Huck gathered up the strength to move his hands to the fabric and began to do as he was told, freeing each button one by one from its bind. Slowly he could see Tom's chest, darker'n his own, and maybe a tad bit leaner, dependin' on which angle ya looked. Even so, both the boys was thin, Huck was jus'….curvier.

When the shirt was removed, Huckleberry noticed how the two dark spots on Tom's chest had grown hard and slightly pink. It was as if Tom's chest was blushin'. Curious, Huck laid his hands over them, wondering if his palms could flatten them out. But the more he rubbed the more little sounds Tom began to make in his throat, not to mention Huck's own chest began to act just the same, blushin and what not. "Tom…what's goin' on?"

Somewhat preoccupied, Tom groaned, "that feels good, Huck." He rolled his blonde head back a bit and smiled inwardly, "real good."

"Really?" The brunette questioned, removing one of his hands to touch his own nub. The sensation made him jump. How was it he had had these all of his life and he had never felt anythin' like this before? When Tom noticed Huck pleasing himself he blushed and stopped him.

"Wait Huck, we's supposed to do each other. Let me." And he began to reciprocate the pleasing action, whilst Huck set back to workin' on Tom.

The brunette leaned in resting his head on his friend's shoulder and trying to speak in spite of the good feelings gathering in his belly. "Hey, Tom, is this all we is gonna be doin?" He was anxious to learn more tricks and somethin' inside him wanted to get closer to Tom.

"Uhh, no, I don't think so, them books said somethin about," Tom sighed contentedly and didn't finish as a beautiful image came to mind. Lyin' Huck back against the mattress, he grinned. Reluctantly removing Huck's hands from their handiwork, he pinned his arms above the boys head. The brunette eyed him nervously. Testily Tom nipped at Huck's chest, intermittently licking the small tips protruding from his velvety skin.

Huck arched his back and cried out at the strange sensation of wetness of such sensitive areas. "Tom! What are we-Ahh!" He was unable to make decipherable sentences.

The blonde paused, he wasn't so sure when it had happened, but he had lost his feeling of uncertainty, and although he had never done this before, felt as if he knew exactly what to do in such goings on. However, Huck looked frightened. Tom let go of the boy's arms… should he really go through with this if Huck was afraid? It seemed like he would be bullying him. "We don't have to be doin' this, Huck, if you're scared." For once Tom's voice was tender and concerned.

The brunette sat up, breathing rapidly as he tried to regain his balance. However the dusty wooden walls still seemed to be spinning and the room seemed to be far hotter than was possible with the small fire Tom had built in the fireplace. Huck blushed again, "I ain't sayin we has t'stop…."

Tom watched anxiously, and a bit impatiently, however, although it was far from his nature, he restrained himself. "Then… what do you want to do?"

The brunette lay back down on the mattresshis head to the side as he breathed in deeply. "I just ain't sure what it is we is doin'?"

Here, Tom chuckled, "you think I knows anymore than you 'bout this, Huckleberry Finn Sawyer?" He brushed a hair out of Huck's face and sighed, he hated admitting that he didn't know somethin', when knowin' things was sure as hell his claim to fame amongst them town boys. But… it wasn't the first time Huck had made him do somethin different… Huck seemed to have that affect on a lot of people.

"So, Huck, what should we do?"