Title: Roses for Requiem
Fandom: Marchen Awakens Romance
Pairings: Rolan x Alviss, Rolan + Phantom, Phantom + Alviss, Nanashi x Alviss
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG for shounen-ai theme
Word count: 424
Warning: mild spoiler of anime eps 70 - 91
MAR does not belong to me.
An introspection of Rolan, who seems to be neglected all the time by many.


Never let it be said that Rolan did not know how it felt to be the third wheel. While he always tried to be the best in Phantom's eyes, he knew it was highly unlikely, if not completely impossible. The way Phantom's lips would curve up into a private smile however wicked it was told Rolan of the harshness of reality – he would never be number one in Phantom's eyes. The fearless man had eyes only for someone who boldly resisted him, unlike Rolan whose desire was to follow the man until the end of time. He wondered if things would have been different had he resisted Phantom much like Alviss did, but he guessed he had no ways of knowing about it anymore.

As the rain raged on outside, Rolan watched the occasional flashes of lightning lit up the otherwise dark room. The adrenaline rush he felt from the fierce battle with Alviss rumbled still in the pits of his stomach like a fluttering butterfly that refused to retreat. It was particularly hard to keep his brain from going overload with thoughts of Alviss whenever their eyes met. He did not realize when annoyance at forever being Phantom's number two turned into adoration and admiration towards the one who had all the attention Rolan sought. Maybe it was Alviss eyes, or maybe it was just Alviss. The other boy's fiery determination never failed to fascinate Rolan. Before he knew it, he was horrified by the unsettling self-revelation that he was helplessly in love with Alviss.

Slowly, he tilted his head to look at the lone black rose resting in a small vase on his nightstand. The rose looked so sad and forlorn; it was like the rose represented Rolan's thoughts. He closed his eyes and let himself fall into memory. Phantom's defeat at young Ginta's hands seemed just like yesterday. While he grieved the fall of the man he respected with every fiber of his soul, he too, grieved at the closeness of the eccentric Nanashi and Rolan's newfound love. His heart restricted painfully in his chest at the delight in Alviss' eyes as he talked to Nanashi. Rolan wished so much to be the one Alviss would smile at.

If only things had been different, maybe then he would have a chance. But as the rose swayed forlornly in its place, blown by the grievous cold wind, Rolan knew he would never be the first in anyone's eyes just like the lonely rose. Not Phantom's, and certainly never Alviss'.

And Rolan grieved.

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