Another random thing that came to my head. It won't be as random as my other comedies but there will be unexpected stuff here. I also did this just because I think Vaati is totally awesome.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Legend of Zelda or any of its characters.

"Dammit! Link always ruins my plans! ALWAYS!" Gannon cried out in anger. He was so tired of that hero always butting in! He couldn't beat that little twerp and it angered him so!

"But what if I had help… Sure he's probably a bit angry but… with our powers combined, that green "fairy" won't have a chance!"

And so Gannon then made his way the Palace of the Winds. He knocked on the door. He could hear the echo in the inside of the palace even though he was outside. The door opened and Vaati appeared. He looked up to see who had knocked on his door. A dirty look came across his face.

"What do you want?" The mage asked. "Listen Vaati, I know we haven't exactly gotten along-"

"I was supposed to be the final boss of the Four Swords Adventures! You stole my thunder! Why were you even there?!" Vaati cut in. Gannon cringed. He was hoping Vaati wouldn't bring that up, but the miniature mage just couldn't let that grudge die.

"I told you before, I had no idea I was raining on your evil parade!" Gannon defended himself. "How could you not notice?! The swamp water turned to poison and dark Links were annoying the hell out of people!" Gannon shrugged embarrassedly.

Vaati tried shutting the door, but Ganondorf halted the door with his hand.

"C'mon! I'm going to ask you for help!! Can't by-gones be by-gones?" The Gerudo asked. Vaati halted. An evil grin came upon his face.

"Wait a second… You're asking me for help? Me, who isn't even yet a veteran to the Zelda series?" Vaati asked. Ganondorf nodded, "I'm tired of Link always messing up my plans!"

Vaati still had on his evil smile. "No." He answered.

"But why not?! It'd be in both our interests."

"Well, I have quite a few reasons for not wanting to help you actually. The first, I don't like you. The second, if I did help you, you wouldn't listen to anything I'd say. And the third, if we did by some miracle succeed, you're gonna go back on your word and try to get rid of me. It happens every time villains cooperate with each other."

Gannon had enough of the acting nice. He grabbed the sorcerer by the neck of his cloak and held him up against a wall. "Listen you little albino, wind-loving freak. I am fed up with my plans getting ruined by that kid! I need your help! So you're going to help me or you'll regret it!"

Vaati was unfazed. All of a sudden, a blast of wind threw Gannon to the opposite wall. Vaati floated for a second and then gracefully landed. He brushed himself off.

"You're 7 feet tall and just in general a big guy. Well, here's some news for you: I may be 5'2" and a magician but that doesn't make me weak, Ganon-dork. When compared, we're pretty much equally matched. So once again, I have no intention of helping you."

Vaati then began to make his way back into his palace when Ganondorf shakily got up and said in mock disappointment, "It's too bad you say that…. I guess everyone will know your Japanese name then…"

The sorcerer stopped dead in his tracks. He slowly turned around, a look of utter horror on his face. "You wouldn't dare!" He cried out.

Gannon now put on the evil grin. He shrugged and then turned around, making as if he was leaving. "Well, see you around… Gufuu."

"FINE! I'll help! Just… just don't say it anymore!" Vaati said angrily.

Yes, Vaati's Japanese name is Gufuu. But Vaati is just so much cooler... hehe, I like to say his name... Vaati... Man, that's so cool! Oh yeah, I made him pretty short, too. He was short in the Minish Cap (I've only read the manga BTW, I haven't played the Minish Cap) so I decided to make him short in this fic. Also, because it would lead to some funny situations.

Ideas are always welcome, people. I have a few but those won't make the fic last as long as I'd like. So please, help Rei (me!) on her quest to not stall this fic for weeks (sometimes months or, God forbid, a year)!