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Shishido wondered where Choutarou was. The silver-haired boy hadn't been near the tennis courts, where he should be. They had agreed to practice with each other after school since there wasn't practice today because something came up and the coach had to take care of it.

"Where can he be...?" he muttered, looking around as he walked down the hallway of the third floor. He'd been searching for five minutes now and was about to give up when he heard something coming from the music room.

Curious, he tried to open the door to the room silently but the click ruined it. Fortunately, the melody didn't waver or stop so he tried to push the door as quietly as he could, mentally thanking for the non-creaking doors Hyoutei had.

In the room, playing the violin, was his doubles partner. His eyes were closed and he had a soft smile on his face which was relaxed and content. The bow moved in a fluid movement on the strings as the silver-haired boy swayed in place, entranced by the music. Shishido gently closed the door behind him as he took a few steps toward the other. He waited until the melody stopped and Choutarou to put away his violin.

"Oi, Choutarou."

The sudden noise caused him to jump slightly and the taller boy turned to see his sempai looking at him. Choutarou blushed at being caught unaware as he zipped up his violin case. He straightened up and said, "Shishido-san, why are you here?"

Shishido raised an eyebrow. "You weren't at the courts so I went to look for you."

Choutarou seemed confused before his eyes widened when he remembered about their promise. "I'm so sorry, Shishido-san! I completely forgot!"

Shishido only shrugged, not caring. At least he heard the other's violin playing. He rarely heard him practice his music since he himself had been too busy practicing tennis. "Doesn't matter. Want to go now?"

Choutarou nodded and picked up his violin case. He walked towards Shishido, only to forget about about the extension cord connected to the metrenome (?) he had been using. Thus, he tripped over it and landed on his sempai.

Which somehow resulted to his lips crashing onto his.

Eyes went wide and they were in that position for quite a while before Choutarou's brain finally registered what had just happened and quickly pulled away, face red. Shishido stared blankly at him, occasionally blinking.

"I'm so sorry, Shishido-san!" the second year managed to get out of his mouth.

Shishido only blinked blankly at him, for his mind still hadn't come back yet. With a shake of his head, he held out his hand to the taller boy. He wasn't going to tell Choutarou he had actually enjoyed it. "Come on. Before it gets dark."

Choutarou blinked at him, confused, before smiling brightly at him and accepted the hand. The two left the music room as both of them began talking about new formations and ideas for the next match.

However, neither of them let go of their hands and neither of them brought the kiss or it up.