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Heart Broken and Shatter

Walking down the street, upon a certain street, there was a lonely young-looking lady, with her wet umbrella. Darkness approached faster than she imagine. Even she didn't notice the hollow cloud that sucked up the clear dark blue sky that was suppose to be her guide of hope. They were her stars. Her 'role-playing' children she likes to call them. Every night she would walk out from her house and enjoy her 'children' dance for her as flashing image of her cruel past covers up. No one knows of her night walk, but it doesn't really matter nor is it concern to anyone. This is her garden or nursing room, she loves her children.

But this time, they did not show up. She should have know.

Whenever rough rain seal itself on the sky without permission, bad news strikes her, just like lightning. This wouldn't be her first bad-news, a lot have strike her aching heart and everything that she loves.

'I don't want to go home,' she told herself after she immediately cease her legs, 'I'm scare,' again she force her legs to stop, but the cold wind blew hard on her body, forcing her to continue her walk back home.

"P-Please don't make me," her heart was pounding, legs shivers, lips shaking uncontrollably, and her mind thinking of her devastating past, "P-Please....." but instead of obeying her mouth, she obey nature and proceed her walk back home.

There she walked alone, but not quit as alone. There he was. Watching her as she quietly walk.

The boy saw her and wondered as she silently passed her by. He was about to ignore her but once again, the wind blew another creature from his place. The boy was force to show his face on this frighten lady.

"Oh, hello there. Are you alone?" she asked him softly, giving him comfort with her umbrella, "Why are you alone?" she slowly kneel to his level before his solemn expression was turn again.

The boy saw something from this strange lady's face that his heart pounded. It wasn't love, but more like 'want' and 'fear'. The boy kept his eye away from the lady and took a step back, which made the lady a bit sad for scaring the small thing.

"I'm sorry if I scare you," her voice had sorrow and weakness. Before she could stand, she quickly notice his clothes, "Why are you wearing these clothes? Their too big for you," than she glanced every direction around her and saw no one in sight. Than she began to notice that the lonely boy is truly alone.

At that second, she thought of an old child's saying 'Finds 'a' keeper, lose 'a' wepper', it's an old saying but the lady want to use it. She feel drawn to this unfortunate child. For once, do one bad thing, not bad but something good as well.

"Come with me, and I'll give you some dissent clothes," she smile and reach her hand to the boy.

The young fellow hesitated, but once he saw that bright smile, he took her hand and follow wherever she go.

XXXXXXXX Six blocks laterXXXXXX

They arrive home, but after taking the first step on the front porch, the boy halt, "What's wrong?" the young woman asked in pity yet worry that the boy might change his mind that he doesn't want to come home with her.

"Do you live alone?" the boy finally spoke for the first time.

The lady stare at him confuse, "No I don't. It's only me and my husband, no one else," she was about to question him but she drop that out of her mind.

"Okay," the boy directly gaze strongly at the door and held the lady's hand tightly that she turn to stare at him.

"Is something wrong?" she kneel down to his level and try to wake him from his hypnosis, "Are you okay?" she began to feel fear at the boy's expression.

More wind blew rough with no care of living being or care at all of mankind. Everyone are suppose to be inside for a reason. The young felt the wind and suddenly remember the rain that was suppose to bring bad news. She quickly dig inside her pocket and scramble the key. Her hands were shaking as darkness grew anger with less patient of it's victim. She found the right key and press it on top of the lock, she miss, than drop it accidently. For a second on the ground, the boy open the door with ease. The lady became impress yet shock. The door was suppose to be lock. Why was it open?

The two walked in with and felt the warm fire near by. The boy walked near the fire as the young lady took off her coat and gaze around her living room feeling a bit not in place, "Strange, I could've swear I had everything off....."

"Even the fire?" the boy said suddenly, placing his hands near to the fire to get warmness from it's presences.

"Yes. Why are-" before she could finish her suspiciousness toward the living, a dark yet handsome young man walked out of a certain room. He surprised the lady with a loving hug.

"Honey! I miss you," the young raven hair man lift her and kiss her.

"Sasuke....... you're home..... I thought you were-" she blushed from his welcoming hugs and kisses.

"Work ended soon than I expected, so I'm here," he gently drop her down and headed to the kitchen quickly.

"Oh, really...... w-well that's great. Um..." for some reason she had a slight of doubt in her heart about him.

"So, where were you? I came home and couldn't find you. Are you doing something suspicious like leaving me or something," he laughed at his joke even though it didn't sound like it to Hinata. She stared down for a second before the heavy rain brought her back and notice the child that she bought.

"Um...... Sasuke,"

"Yes," he grabbed a beverage from the refrigerator and began to drink it like he had never drank it before, but he still had his hear to her.

"I like to introduce you to someone," she said shyly as the boy turn around and walked toward her and stare at the man that brought anger in his heart just by staring at his appearance, "This is umm....... Naruto," she made up the name on the top of her head.

For a second, Sasuke was about to splatter his beverage but hold it in. He drank the whole liquid and than stare at the blond hair, blue eyes boy with no emotional expression to say he is a good boy, just a serious yet dull child that he had ever seen. Something about the child gave Sasuke a bad feeling.

"I found him and I w-"


"But Sasuke!"

"No Hinata,"

"Why?" her heart was cracking slowly from her husband's objection. Sasuke saw the tears and he so wish to deminish them from his life, he hated when these type of discussion were brought up. He had dealt with it before and thought it was resolve but apparently his wife couldn't let it go.

Naruto was carelessly as the two argue about his belonging. He didn't enjoy the discussion let alone witness it. He had a choice to walk away from the shy lady but had a reason to stay, and it wasn't because of her pleasant smile or her warm fire-place. It was none of those. It was because of her husband. Naruto maybe a eight-years-old boy, but he is no normal boy. He saw what he saw, and felt the grieve of Hinata's heart. She has every right to yell at her husband and hate him, but she doesn't know yet. The reason why he asked how many person lived in this house because he saw more than one person inside, and that person disappear after Hinata dropped the key. But that person forgot one thing that Sasuke has in his pocket.

"Am I leaving?" Naruto finally said. He stare at them as they cease their argument and stare him, "Should I close the window before I leave because I don't want this place to be cold,"

"Window? Our window is open?" Hinata glanced at the window and noticed the curtain being blown, "Why is that windo-"

"Uh... I needed a bit of fresh air, so I open the window for some," Sasuke rush to the open glass and close it, "Nothing to worry about," he said. Hinata looked at her husband oddly, uncertain of his change behavior tonight, he was acting as if he was hiding from her. Sasuke caught a quick glimpse from the boy and than suspected something but use him to change the subject before his wife question more, "Doesn't he need clothes," he stare at her.

"Yes I know, but we don't have anything his size," she mention as she stare at the solemn boy in despair.

"How about we get him some dry clothes instead," he suggested with a weak smile that fooled the wife, but not the boy.

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