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Song: Lost by Gorilla Zoe


Walking around looking for a way
But no one tells me which way to go
I'm caught up in a world
Elaborath a maze
Where yes men could easily be known
I ask them no questions
They give me no answers
Following the wise
But they're walking in pampers
Give me a cigarette
Smoking my cancer
Drink the pain away
But I still have no answers

To love and cherish the one you value the most, you have no choice but to protect that person, no matter what...................

He dressed himself for this special occasion for her. He even hand pick the special red roses that symbolize 'Love'. Of course, Sasuke love his wife and it took him this long to finally realize his true feeling for her, even though he had sex with Karin, Hinata's friend, to make him open his eyes. It wasn't easy, having to let Karin go, but he did it.

Swiping off the orange leave on his shoulder, the sun shined down brightly, which was no surprise since it's always hot on autumn season, but not as hot as the summer. He swallowed than took a deep breath before pressing the circle button that alerted the home owner. He prayed for her presence as he waited anxiously on the front porch. A second flash presented on his eyes when Hinata used to stand outside for some thinking and sat on her outside chair for some peace, 'I like the Spring wind,' she said on a Spring morning. He would always watch her sit down peacefully as the wind passed through her blue and purple mix hair. She was an angel, and loved her her.

A familiar noise cracked him out of his mind and stared at the white door. He heard foot steps approaching really close, 'It must be her,' he thought, 'Of course it's her, idiot. Who else would it be?' hesitated before moving the roses in front of his chest. He was getting nervous. Is he up to the challenge? Or is it guilt that are shaking his legs. He gulped. There were cracking noises from the lock door, realizing that his wife is still secured about being robbed. Hinata was always trying to be safe and protective about the house, so she had him to put about three lock on the front and back door. His heart pounded as time slowly move once the door opened to revealed a very pale and depressed looking woman in front of him.

'Hinata.....' his eyes widen in shock of his dear and sensitive wife. She looked like a ghost, a very scary ghost who was wondering around a hunted mansion. Sasuke couldn't believe it, he just couldn't. The woman before him was his gentle wife........Pain, depression, desperate, intense isolation and deep sorrow. From the look of her own expression, he saw the piece work that he left behind on her. This was his own work and his own mistake.

"S-S-Saskue-Sasuke...... i-is it really you-is it?" Hinata was speechless, than again the woman hardly spoke since Sasuke departure, so it was hard for her to speak any complete words. But her tears were the only thing that still worked, because they slide down her pink cheeks as her eyes puffed up. She cried before him with her hand in desperate attempt to touch him. To hug him. To love him.

He hesitated again, about to take a step back, but his mind force it stay. Could he do it? Could he possibly proceed to her? Or will she deny? No, she must, she love him, just as much he love her. Without another thought, the man quickly dropped the rose, wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.

"I'm sorry Hinata...... I'm so sorry," he apologized. Even though she couldn't see the expression on his face, Hinata knew he was about to cry and begged for her forgiveness. For a slight second, she felt the pain deep in her stomach, something about his presence made her doubt him. Is he ready for the truth?


I think I'm losin it
I might be losin it
I just might lose
Am I losin my mind?
And I'm so confused I don't know what to do
And I need a clue before I run out of time
Am I losin it?
Am I losin it?
I think I'm losin
I'm losin my mind
Am I losin it?
Am I losin it?
I think I'm losin
I'm losin my mind

He has returned into his home. No wait! Their home. Once he stepped inside to get a good sight of the living room, kitchen and angel stairs, he felt relief in solute. It was the same with no alternative misplaces. Everything that he left was still on their place, but there was one thing didn't look the same. That's because it was him who changed her. Hinata stood by herself in the kitchen and made some tea and offer him some. He didn't spoke a word since he got in, but that didn't stop Hinata from starting a conversation.

"H-How was your time?" she barely steady her twitching smile. It shot Sasuke on the heart to see Hinata barely containing her sadness. He could tell she was trying her beat not to cry again and hold him tight again. Instead of answering her, he took a sip of his tea and than sigh in grief.

"Oh-Oh o-okay," her smile widen, trying another attempt to hid her broken soul, "W-What-What a-about y-your day?" she sound very timid than trying to look happy. It hut Sasuke even more. He tighten his hold the cup every time she tries to speak perfectly to please him. After all, it's nature to please, please, please! Sasuke couldn't hold it. It shouldn't be like this. But he likes it when she please him, especially satisfy him. Should it be fine, right? No. He should stop taking advantage of her kindness and courtesy. She deserve better, way better.

"......T-Than.....about... " she mutter words that couldn't reach to his ears as his knuckle turned white from gripping tight on his cup. The man frowned as his desperate wife continued to talk without a reply from her wrong-doing husband.

"That's it!" he shouted. She gasped once he stood, slamming the tiny cup back down on the table, which result into shatter of many pieces. Hinata startled as Sasuke approached to her than furiously grabbed her arms without any knowledge of knowing that she suddenly became afraid of him. She asked him why he was hurting her, and his only replied was, "You'll see,". He reached to his destination, which was their bedroom. He only took a second glance before kissing his wife. The kiss was deep and passionate. Though it was hard and rough, Hinata didn't resist, she commence him to kiss her where ever he wishes. The woman was lost in his touch and kisses, she prepared herself for this day to come and to make him happy one last time.


The next day, after countless sex time, Sasuke awaken in his bed, alone. He searched on the other side of the bed and found no naked body. He than smelled something delicious and yummy. He predicted it was his wife, preparing his morning like before. It was her usual rooting as his pleasing wife. He loves her for that part, but wonder why she bother waking way too early morning. Could she wait and be with him? He groan after lifting himself from the bed and putting some clothes on. Once he stepped outside, he immediately noticed something missing. 'Naruto'. That's right, the strange boy who ruin everything. Sasuke hated that awful brat. Naruto mostly got in Sasuke's way. The boy practically ruin his relationship with Karin, it was because of him, Sasuke had to feel guilty and despair. But wait a minute. Where is the satin boy?

Sasuke walked down stair and than saw his plate on the decorative table as Hinata continued one for herself. He walked straight behind her and wrapped his arm around her waist, "Good morning," he snuggled her. She replied with a kiss on his lips before he went to his food. He sat down and stared down at his two eye ball eggs, smash eggs underneath the eyes, than at the beacon. The beacon was the one that got him wondering. This was unusual. Deeply unusual. It was a sign.


Ding Dong

"Oh wait, I'll get it," she said cheerful, running to the front door without confirming to Sasuke. He waited in the kitchen, staring down at his sad meal, not eating it. Something was telling him that coming back was a bad idea. Very.


Hinata screamed. Sasuke instantly acted and ran to her. Once he made it to the front entrance, he saw two masked man wearing black every where standing next to his bleeding wife, "What the f-"

"Shut up!" one of the black man attacked Sasuke and hit him with an iron weapon, knocking him on the ground. He wasn't bleed, but the bump on the head made his head throbbed painfully.

"Sasuke!" Hinata yelled for Sasuke safety. She crawled to him, but one of the man grabbed one of her legs and dragged her away from her unsteady conscious husband. The woman had fear in her eyes, but what appeared mostly was her frighten tears. She was screaming for her life as the man placed himself on her center body preventing her from using her legs against him. The man had a lustful stare as the woman tried freeing herself from his weight on her. The man chuckled, enjoying playing with the girl, struggling to hit him, but her hit was useless until finally she slapped him hard. Though he was wearing cotton mask, the hit got him mad, "Oh, now you've done it. I like it when they're rough, that make it even more fun," he said as Hinata shivered from his remark. It frighten the Uchiha instantly. "Get away from her...." he was being to black out. His eyes could barely sustain themselves.

The man ignored Sasuke's plead, and slapped Hinata across her face harshly. She cried from the awful assault, "No, Hinata. You bastard, leave her alo-"

"I told you to shut up," growled the other masked man, hitting Sasuke on the head again. This time, making sure he stay silence. The last thing Sasuke saw was his wife being torture by the masked man abuse. And her last word was his name, 'No..... please stop,'


I'm a need counseling
I lost my mind and still haven't found it
I used to be so well-rounded
But now I tiptoe on hell's boundaries
F. Baby A.K.A. crazy
Trapped in a maze, therefore I am amazing
Block E the doc, I'm just a patient
And even with Navigation
I'm lost on a...

The next thing he saw was a bright light shinning down straight at his eyes. Sasuke blinked from his tiring eyes than moan from his soaring back. He grinned her teeth from the pain than tried to block the light but something prevented his arm from moving away. He turned to his side and saw handicaps on both hands. He was handicaps. But why? His mind suddenly remembered the two masked man who brutally harm his wife and knocked him down. 'It was them' he concluded, trying his strength to free himself but no budge. He than noticed something. White. The room he just barely recognize looked like a patient room. Everything was white, even his sheet that he just notice was white, "Wait a minute. Is it over? Was I just rescue? If I'm...." he jerked her head, "Hinata," he said, lifting his head and calling for anyone to answer him. Someone entered the room, but not a nurse.

"Sir, I need you to calm yourself," said a police officer, staring at Sasuke seriously.

"Oh thank god. Sorry, but have you-" but something stop him from completing his request. Someone very familiar walked behind the officer that got Sasuke intense, "You," he glared, "What are you doing here, Itachi?" he asked.

"Sasuke....... what did you do?" Itachi said, looking timid as the officer observed him.

"Me? What did I do? Where is Hinata?" Sasuke was confused at his brother's sadden expression. He never saw his brother in a deep sorrow like he is now in front of Sasuke before. In fact, Itachi wasn't the type to be showing any pity emotion, the man had a history of evil pleasure. Wanting things his own way, one way or the other. That's why Sasuke glared at him, because Itachi was one of the many man who wanted Hinata for themselves but didn't achieve. Unfortunately for them, Hinata was too loyal, trustworthy and kind to betray her husband, which got Itachi piss and jealous toward his little brother's wedding.

"You can't see her," spoke the handsome officer, narrowing at Sasuke's shocking eyes.

"What? Why? I want to see my wife. I want to know if she's alright. I demand to see my wife, now!" he exclaimed, mustering his strength to break free from the officer's handicap, "Stop your attempt, now! Or you'll be force to be put down," he warned holding Sasuke's arms down, but the young Uchiha struggled against the strong policeman. Within minute, other officer came in and help the first cop to stop Sasuke's attempt to escape. Eventually they had no choice but to give him a needle on the shoulder and put Sasuke to sleep. During the whole time, Itachi looked emotionless and solemn, he watched in no desire to help the police or help his little brother, instead he stood there silently as the male nurses put Sasuke to sleep, than left out of the room.


I'm lost on a road
I... I... I don't know what's wrong with me

But... but I'm a keep that styrofoam with me

There were eerie voices around him, speaking to each other as his body moved along with the voices. It's seem, two male were dragging Sasuke some where, but where? Sasuke couldn't clear his mind, nor see vividly through his blank eyes. Everything was mysterious and confusing. Seconds later, he was place on a not so kindly sitting position and his head lay flat on a frigid table. He groaned from placement, forcing his body to get up and search for Hinata anyway possible.

"Here," spoke one of the voices, placing a cup of some liquid. Sasuke slowly gain conciseness, his hands were finally free and in his control, but his his head was still throbbing from the metal hit.

"..... What happen?" he said lazy, unaware his current location, and yet he had pretty good hit what's the location is call.

"You're being question," said a suited man, sitting across the table, facing Sasuke's wary expression. There was light above the table enough to see the man's lips, but above that it was all black. The other man stood on the far corner leaning against the wall, waiting paitently for his partner to ask question that Sasuke supposedly had.

"Question? Question for what?" Sasuke slid his hand through his head to feel the wrapped bandages from hospital earlier. Suddenly, it got him thinking about his wife and her condition, "Where is my wife? Is she alright?" his heart pounded, guilt build up for every second for the concern of his unpredictable wife whereabout. He feared for her safety and yet no one around him cares, it agitated him deeply.

"What did she do to get you so angry?" asked the mystery man, ignoring Sasuke's worries.

"What?- What am I here for?-"

"I said it before, you're here for questioning-"

"For what? What did I do?"

"You answer us,"

"Answer what!?"

The man sigh, "Fine, calm. You tell me, what happen between you and your wife's relationship? Did she made you upset in anyway?"

"Upset- What? I don't understand? What really is going in here? Why isn't anyone answering me?!" he stomp on top of the metal table and instantly stood glaring at both calm inspectors. For a second, the far corner man chuckled, than walked toward his partner.

"Alright, we'll corroborate with you unless you corroborate with us. Is that fair enough?" he replied, standing next to his sitting partner.

"Fair? What's fair when no one around didn't seem to care about what happen to my wife. Since I woke up in that hospital no one told me what happen to her-"

"Your wife is being watch and is in safe care," he assured him with smile on his lips. Sasuke heart calmed, in relief to hear that his wife was in good care and wasn't in harm way. But why is he with her?

"So now, would you mind answering us a few questions?" the standing man interrupted Sasuke's relief.

"For what? I didn't do anything. I don't know why I'm even here for. Shouldn't those two crook be in jail after what they did in my house?"

"Okay, and what did those crook do in your house anyway?" asked the sitting man.

"What did they do? They hit me on the head with some pipe metal, one of them slapped my wife and-and....... and I-I...."

"You what?"

"I don't know. I blacked out after the second hit on the head...... but I-I remember seeing one of them abusing my wife. She was..... she was screaming for help and than...... and than..."

"Than what? What happen?"

"I-I don't know. I blacked out after that," Sasuke's heart pounded, relieving himself on that awful and petrifying morning that scared his heart out, and two male weren't helping him, they were making things worse. The male glanced at each other, having doubt about what Sasuke just said to them, "W-Why are you doing that? You don't believe. Are you serious? How could I make this whole thing up?"

"I believe we should end this right here. It seem he won't corroborate," said the man, getting up from his seat and walking with his partner out of the room. Sasuke eye widen once they vanish behind the door and make a locking noise.


I'm makin this money
Just to go spend it
Livin the good life
Hope nobody ends it
But who are you kidding?
Ay who are you lying to?
You know if they want you
Best believe they will find you

It has been two week since his time with the inspectors. Sasuke was place in some felicity for criminals, but he was alone in this prison with no real crooks, which wasn't bad because he needed some alone time to ponder what happen to his wife and why isn't anyone answering his questions. He was hurting inside, and desperate need to see Hinata. He doesn't know how long he has to be in this jail cell. During his time in the jail cell, he wondered about what would his life be if he and Hinata were still home. Probably feeling happy, spending their time in paid trip vocation. Loving her, kissing her, telling her how much he love her and that he was foolish for having an affair with one of her friends. He was a fool.


His mind suddenly was interrupted by some cracking noises that got him alarm. His stomach tight from the lack of grub, the food in here wasn't that helpful in his system. Within second, one of the two guards unlocked his ceil, "Your lawyer is here," he said, stepping aside so the a main in a fine suit stepped in Sasuke ceil, than the guard closed the door.

"My lawyer? Why do I need my lawyer for?" Sasuke looked puzzled.

"You're being charge for abuse and assault on your wife," the man in black answered him.

Sasuke's eyes wide in shock, "Assault? But I did no such thing to her. It was those crooks, I'm the victim here. My wife and I were attack in out house two weeks ago-"

"Three weeks actually," he interrupted him.


"The action took place three weeks ago. You were on watch in the hospital for a week. Apparently the hit on your head was bad, unfortunately your wife will get away with her assault for defending herself,"

"Defen- What are you talking about?"

"Listen, there's no time to explain. All you have to do is plead guilty and confess your action on what you did to her. And maybe the court will give you something less punishment on you. Okay," he slightly answered Sasuke's question that he's been asking, He was piecing the puzzle together and only discovered that the two crook did something to convince everyone that Sasuke was the criminal. They probably set everything up so they could get away with the sin they set on him and Hinata. Those bastard! In the end, Sasuke only nodded, "Good, now follow me so we could finally get this trial over with," he said, walking out of the ceil with a confuse yet frighten Uchiha behind him.


I'm lost on a road
And there's no one to talk to
There's nowhere to run to
I'm goin in circles
I'm talkin to myself
Got me blazin this purple

In the trial room, there were only seven jury, a judge, a cop, type-writer, the defense and offense. Once Sasuke was placed on his offense side, the defense people arrived from the entrance door. There he saw the lawyer who was the representative for his wife. Than after he came in, Itachi appearance surprise him. Why is he here?

"The court can commence. Is everyone present?" spoke the female judge, staring seriously at everyone.

"Your honor, my client decided to present herself once she needed," spoke the defense representative.

"The court accept," the judge spoke, "Now with no further notice, let the trial begin,"

Here where the fun part begin. Apparently what happen three weeks ago, Sasuke was claim attempt murder upon his helpless wife. That it was him who abuse his wife and raped her when she didn't obey his words. Thus resulting him beating her into a pulse than raping her. Not only this occur, it seem this event has been happening for awhile now and that Hinata was too scare to call for help. That Sasuke had threaten her if she ever told anyone about what really went in their house. This could also explain why Sasuke have those bandage on his head because Hinata used a weapon to defend herself, to run away from the problem that has been torturing her for a long time.

Sasuke was in shock, no wait! More in shock. The man was in outrage, the statement they made was totally faults. It was not true. It was those man who attack him were the one who beaten his wife and hit his head. How could they not understand it? Or see the evidences? Why is everyone against him all of sudden? The trial took over half an hour until finally it was Sasuke turn to speak, he was set on the confession stand and said what really happen. It worked a little, but the juries eyes turned into when the defended lawyer came in with a question that got him stun.

"Did you or did you not had an affair with someone other than you're wife?" the dashing lawyer narrowed his stared at the skeptical Uchiha. Sasuke was caught off guard, he glanced at everyone in the court, including his emotionless brother who didn't bother to help him. Sasuke could tell that Itachi mean business once he stepped in the court room.


"May I reminder you sir, you are under oath!" he reminded Sasuke strictly for the people to remember that this was for justice for innocence.

"...Yes, I did," he said softly. The juries spoke quietly amongst themselves while the honor slammed her tiny hammer on the wooden round wood, silencing the juries. Now things got very uncomfortable for Sasuke when the question became serious. Itachi looked displease on every unbelievable answer that Sasuke gave to the lawyer. It the moment that Sasuke was shatter into pieces while Itachi was dissatisfy toward his brother.

After he was done, there was one more piece left to fulfill. The lawyer finally called upon his client to the stand. It was Hinata's turn to speak, so when the revealed herself from a mysterious door that Sasuke didn't noticed before he became overwhelm in fear. He froze in shock at her new appearances, no, on her face. She didn't look like the woman he last saw in the house. Her face was covered in buries, red and purple marks were all over his hands, she even wore sunglasses to cover the black eyes. Sasuke wanted to run to his wife and hugged her for not protecting her when she needed protection. This is the lovely piece that he left on her and did nothing to prevent it. It was a horrible sight and everyone blamed Sasuke for it. For a second there, he even agreed to them that it was his fault. But he knew it wasn't his fault physically, maybe mentally but not like this. It didn't do it!

"It was him," she said, which got Sasuke speechless. Did she just confessed that it was her husband who beaten and raped her? Did she? But what about the crooks? The juries again mumbled amongst themselves. Itachi shook his head in a 'no' form and in disappointment. Sasuke gulped at Hinata's words. It was like stab on the back, and shot on his heart, and a shocking betrayal that he never saw coming. Her words about that event three weeks was all lies. He never abuse her. He never insulted her or cursed her. He never threaten her. But the one thing he agreed too and it was the only thing he couldn't deny was the fact he did cheated on her.

"Thank you, Mrs. Uchiha, you may be excuse," her lawyer helped up and guided her out of the room. Sasuke followed her every move and was hurt. There, he wouldn't swore he saw her made a secretive smirk from her lips before the door shut.

"Mr. Uchiha," Sasuke mind was interrupted and stared at the judge, "How do you plead?"

Sasuke glanced at his lawyer and remembered what he told him earlier to plead guilty, but Sasuke had another thing mind, "No guilty your honor. Let me explain, please. I never did anyth-"


"Mr. Uchiha, the court is finish. You had your chance on the stand and there's no explaining. Now please sit back down so the jury could reach to a decision," she said strictly at him.

Suddenly one of the juries got up and spoke, "Uh your honor, the juries had made their decision,"

"And what is it?"

"We, the juries, find the offended Sasuke Uchiha, guilty, for the horror he set on his wife. No further discussion your honor,"

"Than it's decided," she said, slamming her hammer for confirm. Just like that it was over and decided by the justice court with no black mailing or threats. It was settle in a court. His sin was justify. It was actually justify in a normal court, and his beaten wife testify against him. That was it.


I think I'm losin it
I might be losin it
I just might lose
Am I losin my mind?
And I'm so confused I don't know what to do
And I need a clue before I run out of time

In a lifeless room with no warm just cold surrounding his air, the place felt hell. The light above him was the only light in this ceil. He wanted to weep, to cry for the pain that his heart was giving in. He had no one, and hear no voices to comfort him. Everything was beginning to fall and die. Was destiny actually working against him and make him pay for his sin. It felt like he was actually losing it. Losing everything, but why. Why?


Two days later, he finally got a visitor. A stupid visitor. Who would want to visit a convict? In fact, who even cares for a convict anyways?

"Hello, Sasuke," said the same annoying voice from before. Sasuke didn't bother turning to stare at his cocky brother.

"Why are you even here, Itachi? Go away," he said in a further distance in the ceil. Sounding like a lost soul wandering within a hollow cage that he'll forever be.

"I'm not here alone. Someone here's who want to talk to you," he said, walking away and than another presences enter the hallway. Sasuke didn't care who it was, but when that voice echo through his ears, he jerked to stare at his formally dressed wife.

"Hinata?" he rushed to the bars, and than began breathing heavily, "H-Hinata, oh dear god it's you..." he wanted to cry, pleading to touch her. It seem what happen in court didn't effect his feeling toward her, he still love her, but does she? Let's see......

"It hurt doesn't it. To be trap. Alone in a prison that you can not escape," she had her sunglasses, preventing Sasuke from staring at her black eyes that those two crooks did to her.

"W-W-What-What a-are you talking about?" he was close into tears, staring at his emotionless wife, suffering by her words that he never thought that would escape from her mouth.

She chuckled, "Did you honestly believe that I was happy for your return," he froze, "Your so pathetic. You've stay away, and maybe I could gone away with my own life,"


"You see Sasuke, everything was planned. My crying, scream, assault and the two masked man,"

"You mean....."


"But your bruises, the marks-"

"Make-up. It's surprising how product these day could do," she smirked.

"But I saw blood coming out of your mouth,"

"Fake blood. He handed me fake blood once I opened the door, and did my role after that,"

"So you mean to tell me it was a set up. To get me here,"

"Everything, yes. It deserve you right for the pain you put on me. Did you have any idea how it was like to be alone? To be questioning your own faithful trust to the man you love. I was alone! I cried for you every night and it was killing me. I prayed for you to return to me, but each day I waited, it killed him also," she sounded desperate yet hateful toward her worthless husband.


"Oh that's right, Naruto invited Itachi over to help me. Itachi was the one who helped me over come my despair and sorrow. He is a true gentleman, but it was my son who loved me. Naruto wanted justice. From there he told me his plan to get you here, but in order for you to be in this prsion, I have to accept the fact that you'll never love the way you used to. It took me days, but I accepted. I accepted that you're not the husband that I married. You, Sasuke Uchiha, is no longer my Husband. I've officially made it clear after I sign the paper,"

"No! I won't sign anything!" Sasuke glared at the smirking woman.

"It doesn't matter because the court agreed to every term that I requested, that including an official divorce document," she chuckled.

"Why Hinata? Why?..." he looked depress, the expression that she was in after he left.

"You wouldn't know how it feel like to be depress and cage. I loved so much Sasuke, so very, but you destroy it. This is your lost, not mind. Enjoy your ten years in prison," she waved.

"What?" he was taking in even more shock. Ten years! "Wait Hinata! Come back-"

"Oh and one more thing," she stopped and spoke from the distance hallway, "Congratulation, your finally going to be a dad, but this time, you won't stop me," she said stepping out of Sasuke's life for the next ten years.

Am I losin it?
Am I losin it?
I think I'm losin
I'm losin my mind
Am I losin it?
Am I losin it?
I think I'm losin
I'm losin my mind


Outside, Itachi waited peacefully with his limo for the smiling Ms, Hyuuga. She hugged him than helped her in the car, where a familiar grinning blond kissed her on the cheek, "Oh thanks Naruto, love you too," she kissed him on his adorable cheeks. He giggled from her kiss.

"Don't I get one. After all without me, you've not done this on your own," he smirked.

"Right," she teased him, "And what do you want?" she smiled.

"I don't know, something little on the lips," he stated. Hinata than kissed him without any hesitated movement which got Itachi off guard. Naruto gave a blank stare, "Thank you for be there for me," she breath between their faces.

"Anything for you," he softly said, kissing her once again but this time deeper and passionately. Naruto pouted, before staring at the window and sigh, "I think I'm losing it," he stated, wondering if what he did was a good idea. But hey! He got rid of the younger Uchiha, now, is it possible to get rid the next one. Perhaps. Until than, will see how this goes.

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