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Summary: Very very violent Kigo..maybe 18+ material..mostly the first chapter though if you can get past it then the rest should be okay. So if you don't like torture scenes then just skip this first one. Well you've been warned so read at your own risk.

Angela was a woman 23 years of age. She was very successful in her work and led a decent life. She was also a fairly attractive woman. She stood 5 feet 5 inches tall possessed flowing shoulder length black hair, fair skin and cat like eyes. Her body wasn't especially voluptuous but anyone in the right mind would of thought she was attractive nevertheless.

One day she decided to go out at night to take a walk. It was a peaceful night. The night was silent, dark there was not a soul in the streets. She was currently stressed in her work and wanted to take her mind of things. After wandering around for about 15 minutes she felt something strange as if her body was trying to give her a warning.

However, she told her self that it was nothing and ignored it. After another few minutes another creepy feeling washed over her. Now she felt slightly worried and decided to head back home. She was about to turn a corner then the sight that was reflected in her eyes after she had turned terrified her.

No that wouldn't be the right word every alarm in her body started ringing as she tried to comprehend the terror that she was feeling. Her body was also paralyzed and frozen…too shocked to move. The creature in front of her was truly a sight to behold. It was the definition of grotesque. It stood roughly around 5 feet 6. He was inhumanly disfigured in every way possible. The skin that it possessed looked like burnt leather. He had no nose and his eyes were unporportional and scars took over his face. He had no lips and inside his mouth you could see black teeth lined around in bizarre places. He also had ears that looked like it was stiched together and attached to the side of his head.

Furthermore, he had a huge lump of rotting flesh on the right side of his face that just hung there. It looked like it was bubbling and had bumps and clumps ofblack hair growing around it. It was like a blob mixed with organs, feces, vomit and fur. She was about to scream when he suddenly bit off her finger with a speed that wasn't even registered in her mind and the next thing she knew every thing was black.

When she finally came to conciousness the terror and pain that was imminent for her would transcend the cruelest tortures that had to be endured in hell.

She was chained to a table that was covered with blood, vomit, feces, and many other different forms of human fluid. She was so completely terrified that she felt that her hear would burst out of her chest. It looked like she was in some kind of chamber or morgue. She could see amputated and dismembered body parts everywhere. There was not a single clean place in the room. It was completely filled with organs blood and strange devices and tools.

The room was also pitch black if it were not for a couple candles that lit the place only enough for the naked eye to make out most of the things that were there. Then suddenly lights lit up for her to be able to make out every thing that was in the room but still giving a dark creepy feeling.

Unfortunatley once that happened she suddenly found her face to face with the monster that had captured her earlier. It studied her and gave a cackle that sent shivers throughout your whole body. Even its voice sounded disgusting, like it was coated with slime and vomit. He suddenly took a hand full of needles and inserted all into her womanhood. She let out a scream completely filled with pain and agony as streams of tears started to pour out of her eyes as he punctured her clit in various places. The amount of pain that was inflicted on her was immeasurable.

He slowly inserted a dagger into her asshole and twisted it around causing searing pain to rack her body. Next he proceeded in to feasting on her rose colored nipple. He slowly bit the areola off and then suddenly abruptly tore the nipple off of her breasts. After he finished eating her torn off piece of flesh he took a thin rusty nail and pushed it into her eyeball. At this point she was bordering on insanity, her throat was getting corase form screaming in pain. She tried to close her eyes but her eyelids would know be stopped from the rusty nail that he inserted. However, the creature was not finished yet, he started then to make lazy cuts all over her body with a dirty looking butcher knife, soon her body was drenched in red liquid. He then poured a bucket of boiling water that was equivalent to around a few hundred degress Fahrenheit all over her skin.

The water cooked her alive as her skin started to deform. Fortunatley for her, her body had long since blocked out the pain that she was receiving for it could only handle so much.. After a couple of minutes she was unaware of her surroundings and her mind went blank. Seeing that he wasn't able to enjoy his victims pain any long he decided to finish things up.

He made an incision below the second rib. The flesh underneath is cold and he removed her warm organs. The smell was like perfume to him. As he inhaled the fragrance his dick turned as hard as rock until the point where it was in pain. He began thrusting his penis into her lubricated by her own cold blood.

He looks at her face…it was frozen in a mask of eternal bleak terror. Soon the stink of her body filled the room. He couldn't even explain the elation and excitement that he felt as he fucked this dead piece of rotting meat. He climaxed time and time again completely ignoring his refractory period and elated by the pain that it gave him….

To be continued….

How's that? Don't worry there'll be a huge break after this chapter on the violence anyways. I'm pretty sure the next chapters wont get any worse than this and will mostly be focused on kigo. I just had to use this chapter to introduce their antagonist.