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"Kimmie…please wake up.." thought Shego.

It had been nearly a month and Kim still hadn't waken up from her coma. Shego brought Kim to her house…well more like…mansion and hired all of the most well respected doctors around the world to heal Kim. Her current mansion right now would put any hospital to shame.

However, even with all the doctors Kim still haven't shown any signs of conciousness. Ever since that incident her body had shut down. Besides that many of her internal organs were severely damaged, it was a miracle that she was still alive.

As with Shego, she had plenty of time to think things out. She was now sure that she had some sort of attraction towards the fiery redhead. How far this attraction lead however, she was unsure of. Well maybe it went farther than just slight attraction. She would constantly think of Kim, even dreaming of her almost everyday.

Shego sighed while she looked at her rival's angelic sleeping face.

"I wonder if she knows how adorable she looks when she's sleeping." thought Shego. " But as adorable as she looks, I'd really wish that she'd show that energetic part of her again."

She couldn't resist the urge to caress Kim's soft cheek.

"Ok she definitely liked Kim" thought Shego.

" But what good with her attraction towards Kim do? It's not like they'd ever work out…hell she was quite certain Kim had not even the slightest bit of attraction towards her, she was most likely conservative to the bone. The other problem was that, none of that would even matter as of right now because Kim wouldn't even wake up."

Just then an idea hit Shego. Since Kim wasn't awake there would be a lot of things that she could do that Kim wouldn't notice. "Like running her fingers though that soft silky hair…holding those cute feminine hands….feeling that toned stomach….squeezing those beautiful…perfectly shaped breasts…."

" WHOA WHOA WHOA…stop right there." thought Shego. "Even I wouldn't go that low…and now's not even the time for this…I'm supposed to be helping her get better first…"

Shego of course was no prude. She slept with anyone, regardless of gender that she desired. However, even she would get guilty commiting such a low act. But the question was, would that guilt overcome her overwhelming desire?

"….but would I really get a chance like this again..?"

"Fuck…those beautiful breasts would feel so perfect on my hands…maybe just one squeeze.."

Just thinking about the soft feeling of those mounds on her hands made Shego's stomach light up a fire. She could feel a light blush forming on her face as she reached out to do what she dreamt of for so many nights.

But then she stopped herself at the last second. She just couldn't bring herself to do it. She couldn't take advantage to Kim like this…especially in their current situation. She respected Kim too much. Nevertheless, Shego was still overwhelmed with desire. Instead of squeezing Kim's breasts she decided to fondle her own.

Shego closed her eyes and imagined Kim doing all the things she was doing to herself. She began to slowly massage her ample breasts and let out a small moan when her finger brushed across her nipples. She could feel heat radiating from between her legs as she let her imagination and desire get the better of her.

She put her left hand under her shirt and started to massage her unclothed breasts. She played with her nipples with her thumb and lightly pinched it.

"Kim…god this feels so good…"thought Shego. "Please…touch me more.."

Kim smirked. "As you wish master."

Shego couldn't take it anymore and put her right hand down her pants. She could feel that her center was already soaking wet. She then began to rub her clit in a circular motion.

" Oh god…Kim…faster…faster!….don't stop..." Shego moaned as she continued to masturbate.

Her eyes were closed in ecstasy and her mind was getting foggy, the only thing that occupied her thoughts as the moment was Kim.

"Does this feel good Shego? Do you want to cum?" Kim whispered in a seductive tone.

"God…YES…make me cum…I want you to make me scream your name…please."

Shego now inserted 2 fingers into her vagina and was thrusting them in and out while her thumb continued to rub her clit in a circular motion.

After a few moments Shego climaxed with an explosive orgasm while screaming Kim's name and liquid spilled all over her surprisingly innocent light green panties.

Soon enough Shego came back to reality and realized what she had just done….in front of Kim.

Although Kim was still in her coma, Shego felt incredibly embarrassed and blushed the color of Kim's hair.

"Oh fuck…I just fucking masturbated in front of my enemy…well a really cute enemy." Thought Shego. " What the hell is wrong with me?"

She began to shed her clothes and threw them into the dirty laundry basket of her house. She then went to take a cold cold shower before settling in to her immense, steaming Jacuzzi.

"Ahh…god this feels good." Thought Shego as she relaxed in her luxurious Jacuzzi.

"I really have to relax with Kimmie in here once she wakes up. She really is the only thing I think about now."

With that thought she drifted away into a warm peaceful slumber.