A Little Too Late

Summary: Terra finally remembers the titans and decides to go back to the titans and Beast Boy. When she arrives to find Raven and BB alone in the tower she knows she's too late to win the changeling's heart again.

Terra had finally remembered her past. She remembered the titans, Slade, her betrayal, her powers, and most importantly, Beast Boy. She felt bad for not remembering before and remembered how sad he looked and that she must've broke his heart again. He'll forgive me though because he'll understand how my memories were gone. But what about the others? Will they accept me back after what I did? She used her powers to hop onto a rock and fly toward the giant T-shaped tower. As she got closer, she looked through the main room window to see two figures. Then when she was close enough, she recognized one of them as Beast Boy. A shocked expression was on her face when she saw him laughing and smiling. That's when she looked at the teen who was with him. She couldn't believe her eyes. Raven!? That wasn't the only thing. They were holding hands as they sat on the couch and Raven was smiling. Terra frowned in confusion. I thought she couldn't express any emotions without her powers getting out of control. She couldn't help but watch them instead of going in to greet the changeling. Curious about what they were talking about, she went closer but made sure she couldn't be seen.

"Okay Rae, I have the ultimate joke," BB exclaimed happily.

The dark titan rolled her eyes, still smiling, "You just couldn't last fifth-teen minutes without telling me a joke, could you?"

He grinned, a mischievous look in his eyes. "Well I am the funniest and most handsome dude you know," the green teen got extremely close to her face.

A dark blush spread across her cheeks but then she suddenly frowned, "Beast Boy, no matter what you do I am not giving you one."

His smile only widened his tooth shinning. "Are you sure about that," he whispered in her ear, breathing on her neck.

Terra's eyes widened. What was Beast Boy doing?

Rae's eyes closed as she felt a shiver go up her spine and her blush darkened.

Deciding to take it another step forward, he scooted closer and started to barely nibble on her ear.

Terra couldn't believe her own eyes. She couldn't believe what was happening. She couldn't believe Beast Boy was doing any of this.

The sides of the goth's mouth twitched upward and it was obvious she was trying not to give in.

He stopped and her mouth formed a line, feeling a little disappointed.

The green teen whispered, "You may not be willing to give me one but that doesn't mean I can't give one to you instead."

Her purple eyes widened in realization as she felt his lips kiss her neck, slowing making his way along her jaw and toward her mouth. She couldn't hold back her desire any longer.

Tears leaked from Terra's eyes.

He stopped, an inch away from her mouth and whispered softly as he stared into her eyes, "Can I have one now?"

Raven pressed her lips against his and gave him a very passionate kiss that he happily returned before they broke apart, smiling. "Alright, that was your last one," she told him even though she knew it was far from their last.

"Not really," BB stated confidently, grinning from ear tot ear.

Terra flew back to town in tears. She couldn't blame him for moving on after what she did to him. She also knew, though she didn't know how she knew, that she only had a crush on him and the feeling between Raven and him was everlasting love. She smiled sadly as she took one last glance at the tower and whispered, "I guess I was just a little too late."