Alcyone's Special Vest
Crossover Maniac

(Scene: Zagato's castle. Zagato stands next to the waterfall where Alcyone is imprisoned. Zagato waves his hand, and the waterfall dries up. Alcyone rushes out and gravels at Zagato's feet begging for another change to prove her worth to him.)

Alcyone: Lord Zagato, I know I can defeat the Magic Knights, I swear to you. I've learned from my past failings.

Zagato (looking straight ahead): I believe every word you say. (A green-glowing sphere envelops them both)

(Scene: A narrow path along the ridge of a mountain. Zagato hands Alcyone a vest with sticks of dynamite lining the outside of it.)

Zagato: See this vest, Alcyone. It is magical by nature. It comes from the world of the Magic Knights. With it, you will strike fear in their hearts and destroy them.

Alcyone (grabbing the vest from Zagato and putting it on): Thank you, Lord Zagato. You know I will anything for you, even die for you.

Zagato: I believe every word you say. I hear the Magic Knights coming around the corner. You know what to do?

Alcyone: Actually, I don't. How do I make this magic vest work?

Zagato: Don't worry. When, the time comes, it will work on its own. Just get within a few feet of the Magic Knights for the vest to work.

Alcyone: As you command, Lord Zagato. (Alcyone disappears around the corner. The camera stays on Zagato. From his view points, Alcyone and the Magic Knights' voices can be heard).

Alcyone: Now Magic Knights! Face the wrath of my enchanted vest.

Umi: The old woman's crazy! Run for it!

Alcyone: HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Run, Magic Knights! Run!

Zagato (Steps out of the corner and watches Alcyone chase down the Magic Knights. He pulls out the remote detonator out of his suit): That's right, Alcyone. Closer...closer... (Zagato presses the red button on the remote. There is an ear-shattering explosions. A few seconds later, chunks of Alcyone, Fuu, Umi, Hikaru, and Mokona lands around Zagato.) So long, Magic Knights and so long Alcyone. (All of a sudden, the storming sky clears up, flowers start to bloom, and the trees and grass became green again). What the ...

Emeraude (voice over): Zagato, what you just did to Alcyone was inexcusable. I can't believe I actually fell in love with a creep like you.

Zagato (shocked): You mean, you don't love me anymore!

Emeraude (voice over): That's right. In fact, I'm so disgusted with you, I'm vanishing you from Cephiro forever and sending you to a place where people as underhanded and ruthless as you live. (Zagato vanishes and reappears in an office building with dozens of cubicles and phones ringing all around him. Zagato grabs on the occupants in cubicle.)

Zagato: Where am I?

Man in cubicle: You're in the Democratic Party Headquarters.

Zagato (screaming): NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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