Title: Filling the Gaps
Fandom: That '70s Show
Pairings: Jackie/Kelso, Jackie/Fez, Jackie/Hyde
Rating: PG
Summary: A post-episodic ficlet.
Author's Notes: A hundred episodes in! I can hardly believe it. Thank you to all who have followed and reviewed this story. I'm so glad people are still enjoying it. For the hundredth episode, I had to do things a little differently. For one, it's the very first ficlet in all one hundred that isn't from Jackie's or Hyde's POV. Also, it is a songfic. I don't really care for songfics, but this episode is basically one giant one, and I was high on Glee at the time, so…here you go.
Disclaimer: If That '70s Show had belonged to me, it would have ended with a J/H wedding, complete with those freakin' doves. If ABBA's "Dancing Queen" belonged to me…I would be very, very rich, and that would just be awesome. Sadly, neither of those things is true.

That '70s Musical

Fez couldn't remember the last time he'd been so happy. His concert had been a success, his friends had come to see him, and they had all treated him to burgers and candy afterward.

As he sat in The Hub with full belly and full heart, life took on the dreaminess of a Technicolor musical. His gaze followed Jackie as she flitted about from table to table, chatting with cheerleader friends, congratulating Fez's fellow Glee Club members, returning to the gang's table to stroke Kelso's hair or steal a fry off Hyde's plate.

Ah, Jackie…she was so beautiful, so dazzling. Even the way she wove through a crowd was like a dance…

She twirled from one table to the next. The lights went down; the disco ball dropped; the music started. The tables vanished in the blink of an eye, and the glee club girls stood in a line of white pantsuits, as they sang out, "You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life! See that girl, watch that scene, digging the dancing queen…"

But it was Jackie who held the floor, clothed in a shimmering, reflective, gold minidress. She undulated her body in time to the music, and Fez could only stare, mesmerized by the scene.

"You come in to look for a king. Anybody could be that guy…"

Kelso joined his girlfriend under the lights. Trying to be smooth, he twirled her towards him, but even Fez's imagination couldn't make Kelso a good dancer. He flopped around ungracefully, all clumsy feet and slumping shoulders.

Jackie, laughing, pushed him back into a chair at the edge of the crowd.

"You're in the mood for a dance, and when you get the chance…"

Alone again, Jackie sauntered back along the line of the enamored crowd. Her eyes hunted after a new partner, while she alone held the onlookers spellbound. Finally, Jackie reached him and crooked a finger in his direction, beckoning him forward. Fez caught his breath, but obediently came to her.

Fez danced with power and grace; he had all the confidence under the pulsing lights that he lacked in any other situation. He took Jackie in his arms, leading her deftly across the stage. She was feather-light, an elfin princess, and he couldn't resist the opportunity to lift her from the floor, high into the air where she belonged. When he pulled her back to earth, Jackie smiled up at him adoringly. Her eyes shone, skin flushed with exertion and exhilaration, and yet…

"You're a teaser, you turn 'em on. Leave them burning, and then you're gone…"

Jackie spun free of his arms, flinging herself fearlessly and unerringly into Hyde's lap. For a moment, she rested there, face so close to Hyde's Fez could almost see them share a breath. Then she rose, pulling an unresisting Hyde to the floor.

What should have been a joyous, crowd-raising finale turned into a steamy slow dance. Hyde wrapped his hands around Jackie's waist and somehow melded with that glowing queen of beauty until they moved as one; the crowd, the singers, even Fez himself disappearing…

A sharp jab to the shoulder pulled Fez from his dream state.

"Ai! What was that for?" He pouted at Hyde, rubbing his sore arm.

"Quit staring at me, man. It's creepy."

Fez turned his eyes away. Jackie had returned to her seat, next to Kelso, his arm about her shoulders.

It was strange. Jackie was Kelso's girlfriend—even if he didn't deserve her perfection—and yet in Fez's imagination, she always ended up, not with boyfriend Kelso, nor with Fez who adored her, but with Hyde, who couldn't stand her.

Maybe his aesthetic mind just enjoyed the look of the two of them together?

"AI!" Fez grabbed his throbbing arm after another undeserved hit. "I was not staring at you, Hyde! I was staring at my goddess, Jackie."

"Still creepy," Hyde muttered.

Jackie smiled, ducked her head, and took the last of Hyde's fries. Hyde let her.