"Home By Dark"

A/N: Another fic from me. Enjoy, and lotsa reviews please?

General Summary: This is what I call a "SEMI-AU" The detention DID happen and everyone in TBC knows each other…but The romantic pairings that occurred in the movie did NOT happen, to give it a little twister! The Fab 5 are dragged on a field trip out of town, then accidentally left behind as the bus departs for home! How can they travel the 60 miles to home with their limited funds, no connections, and bizarre minds? All while four of the five strive to tell each other how they feel?

Rating: T for swearing and possible violence…although compared to my others this one will be a bit more light-hearted and humor-ish!

"That one looks like a clown with a hernia…"

It was Friday, May 19th, 1984. The seniors of Shermer High School were dragged for the day to an art gallery isolated somewhere 60 miles southwest of the high school, then let loose in the museum for the day to do a report for classes. Not exactly a fun day, but the five members of the newly formed Breakfast Club were finding ways to manage. Bender, for instance, was taking it upon himself to give genuine artistic commentary as they cruised through the abstract wing of the museum. Andy, Claire, and Brian were trying to drown it out. Allison was trying not to laugh.

"This one looks more like a chipmunk getting high," Bender said about the next one. Andy was getting pretty fed up about this. He was being distracted from getting his report done. Bender was getting annoying quickly.

"Common, Bender, some of us don't wanna fail this!" Andy snapped.

"Quit whining, I'm just appreciating the art we see before us!" Bender said back.

"Seeing porno in a Rembrandt isn't appreciating anything!" snapped Andy. Andy felt a hand on his shoulder. He whipped his head around to see Allison giving him a look that read 'please keep the peace, we were doing so well!' Andy smiled tenderly at her and nodded, crossing to the other side of the room. Andy continued studying Allison from the other side of the wing.

Andy studied the subtle rocking of her hips back and forth as she studied a Munsch-like piece and the way she flicked her hair over her shoulder casually. Andy bit his lip. Ever since they met during detention, Andy felt himself going soft around her. That day, once they'd gotten over their differences, he'd seen her for her humor and passionate heart, as well as her beauty (which he knew was behind that bush of hair somewhere). But he'd never gotten the chance to tell her how he felt. When the detention ended, his father immediately whisked him away for a training session at the weight gym to make up for the day of sitting around. Allison had been left standing the exhaust trail of his dad's Bronco as he was driven away. Andy kinda lost his nerve since then. He knew he needed the perfect moment to tell her, but it just hadn't come up yet.

"This one looks like an elephant crossdresser doing a pole dance at Pee Wee's Playhouse," said Bender, pointing to a third abstract creation. Claire groaned beside him. Claire wanted to kick herself for her secret feeling towards John Bender. He was everything she hated in a person. He was an obnoxious, self-absorbed egomaniac! But he was also honest and protective, and VERY rugged and handsome. During the detention, she'd decided to let him out of his 'solitary confinement' in Vernon's closet. She had wanted so much to kiss him, and almost looked like he was expecting her to, but she turned away and smirked at him playfully. She'd missed her chance to be with the one she secretly admired for nearly two months. Until she got some balls, Claire decided to keep the teaser relationship going.

"John, must you really say those things out loud? It's repulsive!" Claire responded.

"Imagine what Hashimoto said when he called me in to do ink blots! He didn't have that heart attack reading Playboy, let me tell you!" Bender said back, chuckling at Claire's naïve nature. He didn't know what the hell he saw in Her Royal Highness Princess Royal Claire Standish, but she was wise and passive, VERY nuturing. Bender couldn't believe he was falling for someone so Cherry-minded. Maybe it was just him being sober.

"John, have you even started your report?" asked Brian, holding a 70-page spiral notebook (34 of which were now filled with art noted and essay ideas).

"Yeah, I finished it off in the bathroom on the way here!" Bender replied. Allison squeaked in laughter.

She noticed Andy smirking. She knew he was trying to hide his amusement. Andy always tried to be mature and adult-like. She knew Andy had a goofy teenager inside waiting to get out. She wanted to be the one to get it out of him, but she never got the chance. Andy was so wonderful. He'd probably have nothing to do with a lowly maverick like herself. Not many people DID want something to do with her…or so she thought. Detention one Saturday had shown her otherwise.

"Who considers this artwork anyway? It's more like fartwork!" Bender said, scoffing the pieces. "I could make better paintings on speed!"

"John, this is art because the people who created them put their feelings into every ounce of paint on that canvas. Some of these 'ink blots' took years to make!" Allison intervened. Andy smiled.

"Who cares? I just came today to get the free lunch," said Bender, sticking his pencil behind his ear. Everyone rolled their eyes.

"Wasn't lunch…like, four hours ago?" asked Claire. Brian looked at his watch.

"Oh no! It's 4:30!" Brian said. "The bus was supposed to leave at 4:15!"

"Come on, maybe they're late!" Andy said, bidding everyone to hurry up and dash out to the bus. Why were there so many freaking rooms and hallways? It was like navigating through a garden maze! The five weaved in and out of the hallways and galleries and found the main lobby and the front door. Once outside, it was clear as day the bus wasn't there. Bender, the fastest runner in the group, made a dash down the driveway and disappeared down the road to see how far the bus went. The remaining for only walked down the driveway. By the time they made their way out onto the road, Bender met them again. He pointed and panted.

"Couldn't see the bus. They're a good five to six miles away by now!" he said.

Brian gulped. "Let's go inside and call our parents," he suggested. Andy walked back up to the museum. He yanked on the door. Bender shook his head.

"No…fucking…way…" he muttered. Andy came back slowly.

"The museum closes at 4:30 and the doors automatically lock," Andy said. Bender, grunting, ran full-speed up to the door, fists flying at the glass. As the fist hit the glass, Bender flew back with a yell and a thud. The glass was unbroken, but Bender's fist was beet red. Bender, nursing his hand, kicked the door in a rage before going to rejoin the others. Brian bit his lip in nervousness. Allison's foot began shaking, and Andy twiddled his thumbs. This scenario wasn't looking too good.

"Stranded," Claire muttered.

"Anyone know any nearby places?" asked Allison.

"No. I'm not familiar with this area," said Claire, observing the surroundings. Outside of the museum, the entire land was field and trees. It was all country.

"Who the hell puts an art gallery in the middle of a farmland?" Andy swore under his breath.

"Any cash?" asked Brian. Everyone looked at Claire. Claire shook her head.

Bender interrupted, "I think I have three tens…" Bender sifted through his pocket and pulled out a few bills. "That and a few ones," he confirmed.

"I think we're royally fucked over," Andy said. Allison squeaked in fear.

"No, they'll realize we're missing and turn the bus around, no doubt," analyzed Brian. Claire nodded.

"I think we could wait for them for a little while," she said. "It's better than walking the 60 some-odd miles back to town in the dark."

"They won't abandon us on the stoop of a randomly-placed art gallery. We'll be fine," Andy assured everyone, sitting down on the curb. Allison sat next to him, Bender next to her, Claire next to him, and Brian on the other end. They waited in silence a moment.

"It's all we can do," muttered Allison, who then began to bite her nails.

"What'll we do until then?" asked Brian, scratching his nose.

Bender searched in his pocket and extracted a pack of cards. "Anyone for a game of seven-card stud?" Everyone nodded. Bender began dealing out the cards. Brian frowned.

"May I deal?" he asked.

"It isn't called 'seven-card cherry'!" Bender said, smirking. Claire groaned and playfully punched his side. Allison laughed and picked up her cards.

She had her doubts at first, but maybe now things would turn out all right…