On Thursday morning, after Andy and Brian going back home to check in again with the parents, all five members of The Breakfast Club unwillingly went to school.

Even before entering the building, they were well aware of their newfound popularity. On a newspaper rack placed outside the school, the newspaper headline read in bold letters "5 MISSING SHERMER TEENS FOUND: TWO UNREPORTED!" It was true; it had been a hard time getting to school because several reporters were on the Standish front lawn waiting for a first word from the "Lost Five of Shermer" as they were being called. It was embarrassing for everyone, so they'd snuck out through the backyard onto the street behind the house and gone around.

As Bender had remarked: "Damn, Shermer must be fresh out of news if five lost losers are making headlines."

They'd sneaked to Bender's house and gotten his beat up junk bucket of an automobile so they wouldn't have to walk. It felt weird taking a car. Everyone felt a tingling in their legs as they rode…almost like their legs would rather walk than ride. No one looked like they'd wanted to go.

Once inside the school, the group wasn't bombarded, but they could tell people were whispering about them. They all realized that they didn't have any classes with any of each other until after lunch. And only then did Brian and Claire share Human Anatomy class. This was going to be weird. REALLY weird. After being together and relying on each other for a solid week, separating and going about their normal routines would be all BUT normal.

Brian was the first to leave for science by himself (he always liked being in class early). Then Bender and Claire headed down the hall, while Allison and Andy headed upstairs. Claire and Bender, who still felt a little awkward with each other, shared a few brief words.

"Well, see you in lunch," said Claire.

"If I don't get stuck in Dick's office for trying to steal someone's lunch again," Bender said. Claire rolled her eyes.

"John, you were in jail and almost deported. I think Vernon's office isn't so bad anymore," she said.

"Damn straight," he said. They looked at each other. They just…stared. Claire then hopped up on the toes and quickly kissed him goodbye, then turned her back and breezed down the hall. Bender shuddered. After the week he'd just endured, he still hadn't grown any balls in the department of romantic relationships. One step at a time.

Meanwhile, Andy and Allison struggled to separate from each other. They stood outside Allison's psychology classroom.

"It's gonna be weird going through a day without hiding from a police car or fighting for food," remarked Allison.

"I have to make an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow. My knee's pretty banged up from it all. I might need surgery to repair a few tendons," he said. Allison caressed his knee with the tips of her fingers.

"I have a lot to tell my shrink this week," she remarked. "I see him tomorrow at his place on Briar Street."

"My orthopedist's office is on Briar Street!" remarked Andy. "After my appointment, how's about I pick you up from yours, and we'll go stargazing like I promised," he offered. "The forecast says it'll be a clear night. We can get takeout and lie in the park head to head."

Allison grinned her crooked smile. "I'd love that," she said. The 5-minute warning bell rang, and Allison squeaked in surprise. Andy gave her a long, innocent kiss before she went inside. Andy slowly limped down the hall towards his math room.

Andy sat in his 3rd block Global History class rubbing his knee, which was throbbing pretty badly. Three blonde girls with giggly voices kept staring back at him. Andy rolled his eyes. He wanted more than ever to have Allison sitting beside him.

After a moment, the school secretary, a pudgy older woman, called the teacher into the hallway. Andy sat back and sighed. The blonde girls turned back to speak to him. The skinniest blonde spoke first.

"Um, Andy? Is it true you rode along with a traveling circus to get home?"

"Shut up, Summer! Is it true you had to sell crack to pay for a bus ticket, and then lost the ticket?"
"Oh HONESTLY, Andrea! I just wanna know, did you seriously get directions home from a prostitute in exchange for letting her out of prison?"

"No. None of that happened."

"What about the story where you got that mental girl pregnant while hiding under a bush from the SWAT team?"

"Oo! Can I be the godmother?"

Andy quickly drowned out the three girls' blubbering about the crazy rumors they'd heard after that. It was getting ridiculous and fast. Honestly, he'd heard even more extravagant rumors than those three! The most random one had to be the rumor about him meeting President Reagan on the road and stealing his wallet for food money.

"Andrew Clark?" asked the teacher, reappearing with the secretary. "You're wanted in Mr. Vernon's office," he said. Andy shook his head and regretfully stood up. What the hell did Vernon want?

Andy begrudgingly dragged himself down to Vernon's office. Claire, Bender, and Brian were all sitting there, not looking happy. Allison wasn't around.

"I assume you all know why you're here," Vernon said sternly. Everyone looked clueless. That was because everyone WAS clueless. "You're all guilty of skipping classes on Tuesday AND Wednesday this week!"

"WHAT?" asked Brian rather loudly.

"Dick, it's about two months to late for April fools," Bender groaned.

"I'm serious as shit," Vernon said.

"Doesn't say much, does it?" Bender snapped back.

"Sir, we were LEFT BEHIND on the bus trip last Friday and had no choice but to walk 60 miles home!" Claire whined.

"Nonetheless, I am assigning you all detention until the end of the year for your insolence!"

"Sir, if you just watch the news, you'll see we didn't SKIP!" Andy protested.

"Skipping is defined in the student handbook as not coming to school without a medical note or parental consent. That is what you did!" Vernon said, pacing the room authoritively.


"Shut up, Clark! You'll only make it worse for you!"

"You know what? I don't need this! Fuck off, Dick!" Bender stood, grabbed his knapsack, and left the room.

"Get back here!" Vernon warned. Claire and Brian got up and followed Bender down the hall. Andy struggled to his feet (his damn knee!) and followed. Vernon angrily followed the group throughout the hall. "I'll have you sitting in detention during the summer if I have to!"

The group quickened its pace. Where was Bender leading them?

They reached the front of the building and went outside. Bender looked over at the black Chevy in Vernon's marked parking space. The door was open, and a very familiar pair of Chuck Taylors was sticking out of the window. Bender led Brian, Claire, and Andy to the car. Vernon had not yet caught up with them. Andy laughed out loud when he saw Bender tap the sneaker. The Chevy's engine revved up as Allison stuck her head out of the car.

"All aboard!" Allison said, smiling. Bender grinned. Everyone looked at each other and smiled. Andy got in beside Allison, the other three piled in the back as Vernon finally emerged from the school.

"HEY! THAT'S MY DAMN CAR!" he yelled. Allison stepped on the gas and pulled out of the parking space, doing a few laps in Vernon's car around the parking lot.

"Where are we going?" asked Brian. "Won't we get in trouble?"

"I hope so!" Bender said, amused.

"Where are we headed?" asked Andy.

"I don't know!" Allison said. "That's the best part!"

Vernon looking on helplessly, the car pulled out of the Shermer High School parking lot and drove west on the road and out of sight.

Author's Thanks: I know the ending was crappy and unrealistic, but i didn't want a typical boring ending. To everyone for their wicked awesome reviews! I'm debating over what idea to use for my next chapter fic (I have a few small plot bunnies in my head that are semi-developed as of now). Look for whatever fic I have up next! Drop me a final word on what you think, and I hope you enjoyed this and liked the really cheese-o-licious ending! Oh yeah, and I need to thank my BF, Kyle, for his idea for the whole jail and police chase subplot. I was planning to have them meet up with a traveling carnival and have them work their way to Shermer, but then have them find out they'd been traveling the wrong way, then have them stowaway in an RV headed to Wisconsin, and from there have them have a few more misadventures, but then it got a little farfetched and I almost dumped the whole thing, Kyle gave me the police chase plot and it worked out really well, so thanks, bay-bay! wink I hope everyone liked this!