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Of Operation Prima and Chips

Prima, act 1

This is it.

Breathe… In… Out… In… Out…

Mikan Sakura, you are not going to chicken out of this. You are not! You're to strong, brave and gutsy to flee now… right? RIGHT?! SOMEONE ANSWER ME, DAMMIT!


Rolling his eyes for the umpteenth time, Natsume Hyuuga stared at Mikan Sakura who was, once again, screaming at air to answer a non-existent question.

"If you're nervous, stop screaming. You'll only increase the noise pollution in this place. Oh, and do everyone a favor and give yourself up to the asylum," Natsume said, his hands tucked in his pockets, and dangling from his right hand was a manga.

Glaring at her companion, Mikan desperately tried to calm herself… only to fail miserably. Her glare quickly changed to that of fear: "Natsume! The play's only hours away! HOURS!"

"Stop screaming, you annoying git and walk faster. That gym isn't getting anywhere near us if I have to stop every second and hear you yell about idiotic things."

Natsume walked, and from the corner of his eyes he saw her flush deeply.

Feh. Figures.

"You're a nervous wreck," Natsume threw another sidelong glance at the squirming bomb-maker.

Mikan winced at this. "I've never been on a play before…"

"Kinda obvious, isn't it?" Natsume asked, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"You're not helping!" Mikan said, hurt evident in her tone… Natsume merely walked faster, Mikan jogging a little to keep up.

"Compose yourself, idiot," he said "the play's still hours away. And what we're heading to now is going to be even tougher."

Finally arriving at their destination, Natsume pushed the door open, and stepped inside. There, sitting comfortably on a bleacher was Reo Mouri.

Both of them felt something stick at the back of their heads, and everything went black.

The manga he was holding fell to the ground.

- - - - - -

Prima, act 2

"Do it now, Otanashi. Or this knife will pass through your throat!"

She whimpered. How on earth did she get herself in this position?

Otanashi looked at the knife, pressed lightly on her throat as Ruka Nogi glared at her. His once kind eyes were slits, sweat rolling down from his forehead… to his cheek, and then dropping from his chin, as it landed soundlessly on his silver knife.

"DO IT!"

Otanashi grabbed the bag near her, trying her best not to move her neck. Once she had it, she opened its contents, all the while trying to stop the tears from falling.

She was scared. God, she was so scared.

Grabbing a tube from the bag she just opened, Otanashi twisted the cap open with trembling hands and applied it on Ruka's face. She shaped his nose, cheeks and chin, the knife still millimeters away from stealing her life.

After a few minutes, she finally finished. Otanashi was staring at a Natsume Hyuuga with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"What about the hair? The eyes? Do you expect me to do what I'm supposed to with these!?" Ruka yelled, and he pressed the knife harder on her neck.

Otanashi tried to move away. But she her legs were tied together and her mouth was gagged.

Her arms weren't helping much, either. Ruka seemed to have placed two chips on either side of them, so that every time she tries to hurt him, pain would shoot up. But when she did what he told her to do, the pain would go away.

Otanashi grabbed the bag once more and rummaged through it, all the while thinking frantically how to get away.

When she finally felt what she was looking for, she aimed it at Ruka…

…Only to feel searing pain from all-over her body.

Otanashi's scream was muffled by the rag, the device Hotaru gave her rolled to the ground.

"See? Didn't I tell you it was useless?" She could feel the knife against her skin: cold and painful.

"Now do what I SAY!"

After a few more scurrying, blue eyes turned red, blonde hair turned brown.

Meet Natsume Hyuuga: Alice Academy traitor… and the person who just placed a chip on Otanashi Yura's neck.


Her unconscious body fell to the ground.

- - - - - -

"Ah! Mikan, Natsume!"

Mr. Narumi ran towards the two figures who were arguing, with Natsume winning the one–sided battle.

"How did it go?" Narumi asked, walking towards the two who quieted down immediately.

Natsume coughed.

"Fine… if it wasn't for the baka," Mikan said, her cheeks flushed, glare pointed scathingly at Natsume Hyuuga…

… Who seemed to have a coughing fit.

"Are you okay Natsume," Narumi sent a worried glance at him. "Are you sure your voice will be fine for the play?"

Natsume looked uncomfortable.

Mikan, who seemed to sense his distress, quickly put a finger on the side of his neck.

"Uh, yeah fine," Natsume quickly said. "Anyway, we need to go… Reo-sama told us to come back. The interview isn't finished yet you know, don't get too excited, Naru."

After that said, both of them walked away.

- - - - - -

Prima, act 3

"What the heck are you doing, Ruka? The chip works fine." hissed Mikan, her chocolate eyes turning into slits. "Do you want to get caught? Do you want everything we've done so far go down the drain?"

"You're being dramatic, Hotaru! I was merely coughing! He'll think I just caught something in the air or… whatever," Natsume hissed back.

Mikan seemed to calm down at this. "Sorry… guess I'm just nervous."

"More importantly… did you get them? The memory for the play, I mean," said Natsume, scratching the side of his neck.

"Yes. Everything's going according to plan. Now, all we have to do is wait…"

"NATSUME! I've been waiting for ten whole minutes! What took you so long?"

Both of them turned their heads in the direction of the voice, only to see Gutnie Chabi stomping towards them.

"Geez! And in such a secluded area, too! What are we doing in this place anyway? Are we having a meeting?"

Mikan had walked behind Gutnie.

"Yeah, you could say that," said Natsume, his eyes were behind Gutnie's back, where Mikan was standing…

… she was holding a barely visible chip.

"If that's the case, where are – Hey! What are you doing?!"


"Hey guys! Am I – What the!?"

As Yuu Tobita saw Gutnie's unconscious body on the ground, Mikan ran, and in the blink of an eye, was in front of Yuu.

"Sakura-san? Nani!?"

Mikan flicked his glasses, implanted the chip on the bridge of his nose, as the electric circuit surged through Yuu's body.

Yuu fell, on the same time his glasses touched the ground.



- - - - - -

"Students… Honorable guests… Ladies and gentlemen… welcome to the Annual Alice Academy Play!"

Resounding cheers came from the audience inside the gymnasium. All the students of Alice Academy, including some important guests were invited to see the play.

"I would like to thank you all for coming," yelled the MC for the night, Mr. Narumi, seeing as he was the director. "It is in my highest honor to open this play by a doxology from our own students. Everyone please rise and remain standing for the National Anthem, Kimigayo"

- - - - - -

"Is everything ready?"

Bowing down her head, Mikan placed a small chip at the back of her neck. "Hai," she answered.

His amethyst orbs showed content. "Very good, Hotaru, you will be rewarded for this. And… oh yes, Ruka… I trust you did well on the little task I gave you?"

"Yes, everything went smoothly," his head was also bowed, the black hair covering his red eyes.

"Very well, dismissed."

Both of them stood up, and made their way towards the door. A few seconds later, another man entered.

"Reo-sama… You're almost up,"

Nodding his head once, Reo stood up and went outside his dressing room. The man who addressed him earlier moved to give him room and said, "Everything's ready… we'll just have to wait until you finish…"

"Good. Tell Kent that he should drive ahead of us. This'll be quick."

"And now for the National Anthem, please welcome Reo Mouri…"

"That's my queue," he smirked.

- - - - - -

Kimi gayo wa

Chiyo ni yachiyo ni

Sazare ishi no

Iwao to nari te

Koke no musu made

His voice echoed throughout the stadium, and as the song finished, all the students yelled his name.

He walked out of the stage via stage left.

"That was an excellent performance, Mouri-san," said the principal, Kasuke Herada. He bowed down as a sign of gratitude.

"Arigato, principal," Reo said, smiling kindly. "Demo… I need to go."

Mr. Kasuke didn't seem surprised. "Honto ni? Now that's a shame… I thought you were going to stay and observe your future co-stars?"

Reo sent him another kind smile. "Gomen… I still have an appointment in New York, I'm afraid. Sumimasen."

Turning his back, Reo was about to leave, but the principal called out to him. "Matte, kudasai…"

Reo stopped dead in his tracks after hearing the threatening tone in his voice.

"Onegai," Mr. Kasuke seemed to struggle for the right words.

Instead, he said: "Have a safe trip."

Reo nodded once, the kind smile on his face once more as he replied, "Hai… Arigato Gozaimasu…"

Kasuke Herada merely listened to the resounding footsteps of Reo Mouri as he walked away…

- - - - - -

Prima, act 4

His laughter could be heard by all of his followers gathered around him.

"Excellent work… good," there was the undeniable greed in Reo's voice.

"Sir, the van's already far," said one.

"Yes, we should leave."

Reo entered the limousine, the smirk still evident on his face, and as the gates of Alice Academy opened for him, allowing him to get away…

… The G.O.T.H.S. lay unconscious in the back of a van, already kilometers away from Alice Academy.

Operation Prima is a success.

- - - - - -


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