Unoriginal title, I know, but I couldn't think of anything better. This is my series of one shots in reply to Indria's fanfic. They wouldn't link to each other, just little ficlets of fun and so fore.

Akkarin and Lorlen as novices challenge.

Lorlen sighed heavily. What was taking Akkarin so long? After their last lesson Akkarin had told Lorlen to meet him here, at the spring, as soon as it got dark. He had been waiting for at least an hour now, so what was taking his friend so long? Watching his light globe he contemplated this question. Maybe this was just one of Akkarin's jokes, getting him back for trying to read his diary. However, that would be too strange, even for Akkarin.

Lorlen sighed again. Maybe he should play their board game, just pass the time. Suddenly he heard the noise of someone crashing through the forest. Standing he looked in the direction of the noise, waiting for Akkarin to appear. He didn't have to wait long; Akkarin soon appeared, slightly out of breath, but grinning widely. In his arms he carried his bag.

"You're late. I was wondering if you were going to turn up," Lorlen said.

"Sorry, it took me longer to get 'it' then I thought. Then I ran into Lorna," Akkarin pulled a slight face, "She won't leave me alone, not since last free day."

"What is 'it' exactly?"

The grin soon reappeared on Akkarin's face again. Rearranging the bags in his arms he began to explain, "I was walking to the food hall, after Lord Jerrik had kept me back, when I accidentally over-heard Lord Rothen and the monster talking-"


Akkarin waved an impatient hand, shrugging off his question. "Well, it appears that a distant relative gave the monster a present, but he obviously doesn't know our 'dear' teacher very well, or at all for that matter. He gave him a bottle of wine. He was just going to leave it in a cupboard, letting it become old and neglected. So I decided to do him a favour," and he reached into the bag and pulled something out. A bottle, with dark, red…

"Are you insane!?" Lorlen exclaimed, "You stole wine from Lord Margen!?"

Akkarin's smile remained in place as he shook his head. "Not just any wine, Anuren Dark. My father says it's one of the best wines he's ever had, and one of the most expensive."

"You stole expensive wine from Lord Margen! What will happen when he finds out?"

"You worry too much, he'll never notice because he'll forget about it."

"But what if he doesn't? What if he decides to give it to Lord Rothen as a gift?"

Again Akkarin shock his head, but this time he reached into his bag again. "Don't worry. I thought of that as well," and he pulled out another bottle, "Vinegar. Once we finish we'll replace the wine with vinegar. If he does ever give it to anybody they'll think that the wine has soured because of his neglect. I'll return the bottle tomorrow morning."

This brought an interesting question to Lorlen's mind, "How did you get the wine?" he narrowed his eyes at his friend.

A secretive smile played across Akkarin's face, "Now Lorlen, I can't tell you all of my little secrets."

"How about any?"

"I'm telling you this one," Akkarin pointed out. When this didn't have the desired affect Akkarin sighed and let his face fall into an expression of mock disappointment, "But if you don't want any I suppose I'll have to drink it all by myself. Pity, really, but I suppose if you can't drink fair share…"

Oh, no he didn't. Akkarin may be always outdoing him in every aspect of novice life, but Lorlen still never backed down from a challenge from his friend. "Ha! You wouldn't be able to get half way through the bottle. You'll be lying here till noon tomorrow," Lorlen said, stepping forward till he met his friend.

"I doubt that. More likely that you'll be the one can't drink his fair share." Akkarin retorted.

Lorlen took the bottle and, extending his will, popped the cork out. "We'll just have to see who's right then…"


Sunlight filtered through the leaves and played across Lorlen's face. He opened his eyes, but immediately shut them tightly. The light made his head hurt, even more then it already did. He grimaced as the smell of alcohol and vomit reached his nose, making the nausea rise inside of him. He felt awful. No, he corrected himself, feeling awful would be good right now. He felt like he was about to die in the most horrible way known to man. Remembering why he felt so ill he cursed himself. Why had he agreed to down the remainder of that second bottle? He wasn't sure where Akkarin had produced the second bottle from, but sure enough, as soon as the first one was finished, Akkarin had pulled a second bottle out of nowhere. He wasn't sure how much was left in the bottle when his best friend had put forward the challenge; everything had seemed so blurry by then, not to mention funny.

Daring to open his eyes he tried to look around. The first thing he saw, were 3 bottles, reminding his stomach that it really, really, hated him at the moment. One of the said bottles was empty and stood upright, while the remaining two lay on their sides, some dark liquid inside, giving off a terrible stench. Groaning Lorlen realised that this was the result of their spectacular failure to pour the vinegar into the empty bottle of Anuren Dark, or what they had assumed was the bottle of Anuren Dark. Looking more closely now, Lorlen wasn't sure that they had got the right bottle. They had given up trying to fill the bottle when Akkarin had completely missed it and had soaked Lorlen's hand instead.

Remembering about his friend he sat up suddenly, regretting it as he did. He clenched his eyes shut, trying to prevent the world from spinning around him. The sound of wrenching reached him, helping him encourage his eyes open. He didn't have to search for long before his eyes fell on Akkarin.

He was crouching by the spring, on his hands and knees, head hanging between his arms. Akkarin's hair hung around his face, screening it from Lorlen's view. Akkarin made a spluttering cough and spat on the ground before dragging his sleeve across his mouth. His dark hair fell away from his face as he looked up. Seeing Lorlen awake he smiled roughly. "You're finally awake, took you long enough."

Lorlen felt smug as he replied. "At least I haven't just been sick."

Akkarin continued to smile back at him, "No, you were sick last night, twice."

Lorlen felt his smugness evaporate and his face warmed. He was about to retort to this when a couple of very unpleasant memories came to mind. Closing his eyes, he tried to breath deeply, hoping against hope that this would make him feel better. "Never again," he muttered, "I'm never touching wine again," he paused as his headache increased in protest, while his stomach continued its war against him. He'd never felt so bad in his life. "I'm never touching it as long as I live."


Not a great fic, but as long as it was fun to read then my task is done.