Novices 5(e)

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Novices 5(e)

Lorlen sighed; he was bored. He was sitting by the spring, staring blankly into the distance. A week had passed since he had last talked to Akkarin, in Lord Margen's classroom, and since he had made a point of avoiding Akkarin over the last few days. He had moved across the classroom, away from Akkarin, and left before Akkarin even got a chance to pack his books away. After Akkarin had tried to talk to him at dinner, he had then started eating at stranger times, preferring to avoid his ex-friend. Though Akkarin now rarely tried to talk to him, now he seemed to prefer just watching Lorlen, a slight frown marring his features. It was starting to get uncomfortable.

Lorlen shifted his position. Despite all pretences, he couldn't deny to himself that he missed Akkarin. A large part of him just wanted to forget everything and simply go back to being best friends. However, whenever he was tempted to do this the smaller, and unfortunately louder, part of his divided thoughts would jump in and stop him. He wouldn't he couldn't, wouldn't, just let Akkarin get away with this simply with a week of the cold shoulder, he had to know that he had crossed a forbidden line.

However after a week of cooling down this little voice was getting quieter and quieter, and his loneliness had made him realise just what he would lose if he never made amends with Akkarin. He was now ready to accept an apology from Akkarin; he just refused to be the one to give it.

Suddenly a red object appeared under his nose. He stared at it blankly. Recognising the object as a book, he went about trying to work out where it had come from and why it looked strangely familiar...

He jerked his head up. Beside him, holding the book stood Akkarin, with the strangest expression on his face.

"What's this?" Lorlen said before he realised it.

"My Diary," said Akkarin, looking as if swallowed a cup of Raka in one mouthful.

"I see. Why?"

Akkarin took a deep breath and spoke, sounding as if he'd rehearsed this many times before. "I was wrong. I was a poor excuse for a best friend. I betrayed your trust and I was self-centred. I really am sorry. If I had known, if I had bothered to remember," he corrected himself, "that you liked Lenora, but this," he waved the book so it caught Lorlen's attention again, "is the only way I can think of to make it up to you. This is the only thing that comes close to showing you how sorry I am, and making it up to you."

Lorlen looked back at the diary and Akkarin's hand tightened on it. Suddenly he understood, or thought he did, but that would be impossible. He considered making Akkarin say it, but looking at the expression on his face, Lorlen doubted the novice would actually be able to say it.

"You want me to read your diary?" Lorlen knew it was a stupid question; he must have misunderstood Akkarin's intention.

Akkarin struggled with himself for a minute before slowly nodding, not trusting himself to speak. Lorlen just stared at him, wondering if his friend had gone insane. Maybe Akkarin had misunderstood him, yes, that was it.

"You want me to read your diary?"

Akkarin nodded, quicker this time. Lorlen's brain seemed unable to digest this information, or was simply enjoying this too much.

"I'm sorry, but you want me to-"

"Just take it," Akkarin snapped, shoving his diary into Lorlen's hands.

Lorlen could only stare at the object in his hands, not really sure what to do with it. This was no small gesture for Akkarin to actually hand his journal to him, let alone tell him to read it. Lorlen quickly flipped though the pages, not taking in the words. It was strange to have this object in his hands, after so many attempts to steal it. After all that effort he expended on trying to steal it, he now hesitated to read it. Lorlen barely noted that Akkarin had sat down nearby, his gaze locked on Lorlen. A week ago just looking at Akkarin had made him angry, he would have taken the diary without even thinking of forgiving the other novice. Now, however, he was just tired, he was truly sick of all of this. He had begun to realise how much more he valued his friend then some girl.

He tossed the book back over to Akkarin, who looked surprised.

"It takes the fun away if you give it to me," he simply stated, pushing himself to his feet. Akkarin followed suit, watching his friend uncertainly. A rare sight indeed.

"So... does that mean we're friends again?"

Lorlen remained silent for a moment, realising that it came down to one simple thing: was some girl, even if that girl was Lenora, worth losing Akkarin, a friend who had stayed by his side since they first meet.

Lorlen smiled to himself, well when it was put like that there was only one answer. Lorlen pushed Akakrin so that he fell backwards into the small stream. Dripping wet, Akkarin glared up at his still grinning friend. Lorlen reached down, offering his hand, "We are now."

End of novices

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