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Chapter one-----Breathtaking…..

Dustfinger pushed his way through the dense crowd gathered in the center of the town, in the last week of every month they had the big market day where people came from the every corner of the kingdom to set up stalls, hunt for bargains, meet with loved ones, show off their new purchases to friends and so forth.
But by far the most attractive aspect of the market day was the entertainment and general euphoria that only the strolling players could bring.

Dustfinger was usually the center of attention at this magnificent event, wowing the crowd with his fire breathing skills, puzzling the audience as he stepped through giant flames with ease, and entrancing young maidens who were awed by his rough good looks, tall figure and of course his charming smile. Today however, Dustfinger was running low on fire honey and had decided to drink in the flavors of the day from a spectators point of view.
He often missed the other players' acts as he was always too busy with his own.

As he worked his way through the hordes of shouting children, guffawing men, and gossiping women he absorbed the familiar variety of mingled smells- hot burgers, sizzling sausages, sweet mangos, bitter oranges, perfumes… the list was endless.

He listened to the squeals of delight and shock as he neared the black prince's act, he couldn't help laughing as he saw the amazed expressions of the people, watching, as the prince wrestled a giant black bear with beautiful sleek fur, he eventually pinned the bear after a very over-exaggerated performance. The crowd cheered and tossed their money into the ''ring''.

As the crowd moved on, Dustfinger approached his childhood friend and embraced him,

"Quite a show my friend, if I didn't know your wonderful bear here was harmless, I may have laughed a little less".

The prince grinned.

''You give the audience what they wanna see, then you enjoy they're very generous gifts''

He said with a mischievous glint in his eye as he gathered up the gold and silver coins.

''Looks like I'm done for the day''

He said as he shook his moneybag with a satisfyingly loud jingle,

''Lets see what my other players have to show for themselves''.

They headed down the street and paused to watch the jugglers as they tossed live chickens, which squawked with fear, through the air and caught them again with ease. The children were rolling around on the floor laughing and clutching they're sides. Dustfinger winked at his friend Melvin who was juggling with particular enthusiasm, he grinned back and proceeded to add another chicken to his routine, the prince laughed and clapped.


Dustfinger looked around at the other strolling players, today seemed to be a good day for everyone, his attention suddenly landed on a large group of people stamping and clapping to loud fast music.

He wandered over to the group and edged through the excitement, forcing his way to the front. He stumbled through the last few people and found himself facing three young women- each looking no older than twenty.
They were dancing to the music of two fiddlers.

Dustfinger gazed in astonishment as they twirled and leaped in the air. The mesmerized audience couldn't seem to hold on to their coins, they tossed them onto the ground near the girls with a loud clatter.

Suddenly the cheers increased, Dustfinger looked up and saw that one of the girls had taken the lead.
He gasped at her beauty, never before had he seen such a perfect creature.
She had long dark brown hair, which tumbled down, past her shoulders and glittered in the sunshine, it was so full of life that as she moved it danced along with her.
She had an elegant small figure and was dressed in vibrant long flowing skirts that flared above her ankles as she twirled.
Dustfinger gazed at her as she moved with elegance and skill. The whole crowd seemed to disappear, all their cheers were muffled, and all that existed in the world was this breathtaking lady and himself.

For a brief moment their eyes met and Dustfinger could feel something strange happening to him, as if electricity was flowing through him, causing his heart to beat vigorously, and then, as suddenly as it came, the moment was gone.

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