Seven Days

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Summary: Being stuck in the body of your team mate isn't such a good idea. Especially if said team mate was Hyuuga Neji. Tenten finds out what a wet dream is and Neji gets his first ever period.

Tenji love

"Have you heard about the F.R.U.I.T.S video?" Tenten asked as she dodged one of Neji's attacks.

She, Tenten was the team mate and sparring partner of the Hyuuga Neji and currently they were training in their training grounds, both trying to get a little stronger.

"Hn" came his reply. Tenten took that as a no.

"It says that if you watch it, you turn into the opposite sex" she continued as she threw a kunai at him.

Neji gracefully dodged the flying kunai and paused for a split second to reply to Tenten.

"Tenten, videos don't change you into the opposite sex" he replied firmly wondering why Tenten would bring up such as bizarre topic in the middle of their battle.

Tenten huffed and pouted.

"Well what makes you so sure of that?" she replied.

Neji locked with her eyes.

"It's scientifically impossible" he deadpanned and to make sure she understood the message right, he also added, "no matter what you say videos can not change you into things. It's only a tool"

Tenten pouted as she blocked a hit from Neji. No way was she going to lose the battle in this conversation!

"But what about if it's cursed?" she asked.

Neji felt like rolling his eyes. What was with his partner anyways? She was acting oddly strange.

"There's no such thing as curses" he replied to Tenten's pointless conversation.

Tenten's eyes flashed.

"Well what would you call Naruto's and Uchiha's cursed seals hmm?" she challenged.

Neji jumped from the tree he was standing, preparing another attack.

"That's different. Their cursed seals refer to the fact that it was inflicted on them unwontedly"

Tenten raised an eyebrow. She had to agree with him there.

"Okay. So what about you watch it with me tonight?" she asked.

"What?" came his quick reply as he eyed Tenten suspiciously.

Tenten grinned.

"It's nothing bad Neji. Kiba gave me the F.R.U.I.T.S video that he got from Lightning Country. I want to see if the rumours are actually true" she confessed.

This time Neji raised an eyebrow at her.

"You believe what that dog boy says? I'll tell you again Tenten; videos do not turn you into the opposite sex"

"Well then let's watch it"

"There's no need to watch it. My point is correct"

Tenten rolled her eyes. Neji could be really stubborn sometimes. Truth was, she was really curious to see if the rumours were truth. She never considered that the video might actually be real but she still wanted to test it anyways.

"Come on Neji. Tonight. My House. Let's watch it"

Neji sighed. He had never been able to say no to Tenten.


Tenji love

Both teens arrived at Tenten's house hungry and covered in dirt. Tenten's mother smiled happily at them as they entered the house, clutching her bulging stomach. She was due anytime.

"Would you like something to eat?" she asked hopefully.

Neji declined at Tenten shook her head.

Neji kept standing as he watched Tenten turn on the VCR and take out a small tape out from a rusty wooden box.

"This better be quick" he said in annoyance.

Tenten glanced at him and grinned. Putting the tape inside the VCR, Tenten stood beside Neji and watched the screen.

Both saw the queerest thing they had ever witnessed in their eighteen years of life.

The screen had fuzzed and a slow dripping noise was heard then an image appeared. A young girl standing on a bridge was seen, and then she slipped and fell backwards. The image changed again to a karaoke bar where two guys were seen singing. Then the images started to flash rapidly and quickly. Different images appeared: a small boy walking his dog, a ninja burning a stake, ducks swimming, a desert, a flying cow then the image went blank and the dripping noise became louder. The screen changed and a black hand appeared as if reaching out of the screen, hands dripping in blood. Then all went black.

Both Neji and Tenten stood still. What exactly did they just witness?

Tenten broke the silence.

"Okay" she said slowly and turned to look at Neji. His face was expressionless.

"That was a pointless waste of time" he commented.

Tenten sighed. Yeah the video was queer but nothing happened. Nope, nothing at all. Looks like the rumours were false then.

Kneeling down, she stopped her VCR and retrieved the tape. Glancing at the wooden box which was it's container she saw something scratched onto it. Glancing at it she tried to read it.

This looks like chicken scratch she thought. The writing was hard to read.

"Neji look at this. There's some sort of message here" Tenten told him.

Neji flickered his gaze down at the box, clearly uninterested.

"I think I can read it" Tenten continued as she examined the text, "it says "Seven Days. All who watch this video will turn into the opposite sex"

Tenten looked at it and tried to stifle a laugh. Whether or not the message was meant to be threatening or scary, she instead found it mildly amusing.

Tenten looked up at Neji who had folded his arms over his chest.

"What do you think of it?" she asked.

"It's absolute rubbish"

Tenten nodded her head in agreement.

"Yeah" she replied, "I was expecting something scarier to happen"

To Neji, Tenten looked almost disappointed. Trust her to be obsessed with the paranormal he thought.

Since there wasn't anything else to do, Neji decided to leave.

"I'm leaving. I'll meet you at the training grounds at nine" it wasn't a question, it was a command.

Tenten sighed and got up.

"Sure Neji" she replied as she showed him the door.

Once he left, Tenten made her way to her room. What a bummer she thought. I was expecting something cool to happen.

Tenji love

Tenten squirmed in her bed. She couldn't sleep. Images of the video kept flashing in her mind and she couldn't seem to get rid of them. She subconsciously realised that she was having a nightmare and she was trying to wake herself up. Memories of the night with Neji merged with her dream and she tried to cry out when she saw herself and Neji being sucked into the video.

Then Tenten woke up panting heavily.

She gasped for air and collapsed back onto her bed, then suddenly sniffed.

These blankets don't smell like mine. These smell of lemons and mint, she thought half sleepily.

She stifled an eye open and looked at her blankets.

These blankets don't look like mine!

Fully awake and alert, she instantly recognised that she wasn't in her room. The bed covers were a dark green and the walls of the room were pale.

Oh my gosh I've been kidnapped! Was Tenten's first thought.

Then she blinked.

The room looked awfully familiar.


In fact it looked exactly like Neji's room.


Daring herself to turn round, she looked at Neji's mirror.


Tenji love

Neji was having the same problem. He found that he couldn't sleep. Deciding that there was no point trying to force himself to sleep, he opened his eyes slowly. Turning on his side to get more comfortable, he found an odd sort of discomfort.

Irritated, Neji tried to figure out in his brain what it could be. Something was hurting on his chest. Something felt like it was being squashed.

Neji couldn't remember putting anything on his bed so he tried to grab the source of what was causing his pain only to stop suddenly.

It felt as if he was….touching himself?

Frowning and this time, having his eyes wide open, he couldn't help gasp in shock and surprise.

He had boobs?

What the hell? This must be some stick kind of dream! Neji thought angrily as he surveyed himself, yeah it had to be a dream.

Pinching himself to wake out of the dream, Neji realised that nothing was happening. He looked down at his body again and suddenly realised that he had a slimmer figure.


He noticed that he had slender legs.

It can't be.

And if that wasn't enough, he quickly grabbed the expected two mounds on his chest to confirm what he was thinking.

And there it was under his rough touch, were a two sets of breasts.

Neji almost fainted.

Tenji love

Neji jumped out of his bed after the sudden realisation.

He was a woman.

Fuck. When did this happen? He thought angrily as he tried to examine himself to make sure that he WAS a woman.

Then memories flashed of the night before. Tenten had told him about some video that could change your gender. He had watched it. No, it couldn't be?

It couldn't be related to that!

Neji was angry and beyond pissed. He was a woman for Christ's sake! A woman! Images of possible consequences flooded his mind. He saw himself being disowned by the Hyuuga's, humiliated by his friends and called a freak. He was not going to allow that to happen.

He quickly realised that he had never seen this room before either. The walls were a washed out blue and the decorations inside the room clearly indicated that it was a girl's bedroom.

Neji quickly dashed to the first door he saw and was relieved to find that it was an en suite bathroom. Dashing towards the mirror on top of the sink, his jaw almost dropped.

He felt his eyebrow twitch.

Tenten was staring back at him.

It didn't take Neji to quickly jump to the right conclusion. He was now sure that the video had something to do with it.

But curses aren't real he argued with himself.

He assumed that Tenten was in his body too and from what he could gather, he was guessing he was in her bedroom. After all, where else would she be sleeping?

Gathering his thoughts together, Neji tired to breathe evenly.

Gather your thoughts. Yes gather your thoughts and find a way out of this.

There was no point sulking. Neji would have easily blamed Tenten for this catastrophe since it was her idea in the first place but he knew that blaming didn't do any good.

All you have to do is figure a way to change back he thought. Then he had an idea.

He was going to call Tenten.

Tenji love

Tenten was losing it.

What she saw in the mirror was Neji.

This can't be happening.

Neji was staring at her with shocked eyes. That just creeped Tenten even more.

Count to ten Tenten. Count to ten she tried to will herself. This had to be a bad dream!

Realising that this wasn't a dream but in fact reality, Tenten tried to suss out the situation. Okay, so she was in Neji's body. So that could only mean….


Kiba was right. The video was a curse.


And here she was stuck in the body of one of Konoha's richest bachelors.


Tenten tried to calm herself. She started to shake violently. Why did she have to watch that video she cursed to herself? Why?!

I'm in the body of Hyuuga Neji. Tenten thought as the realisation hit her, I'm in the body of Hyuuga freaking Neji!

So she did the only thing that was natural to any girl. She screamed.

After the screaming died down, Tenten collapsed exhaustedly on her bed. She was sure that she had woken up the entire Hyuuga household but she heard no movements or stirring.

She grinned with the ironic thought that Neji would never scream but here he was, screaming his heart out. The best part was that no one would have known it was Tenten.

Tenten thought the best thing to do was to get hold of Neji. Whatever had happened to her was happening to him as well. Tenten let out a dry laugh. At least I'm not in this alone sucker.

Then as if on cue Neji's phone rang.

Tenten quickly answered it.

"Tenten?" she heard a voice say. She was sure it was hers!

"Neji?" she asked slowly.


"So it is true" Tenten was slightly hoping that she was still dreaming.

"Neji how do we fix this?" she demanded almost desperately.

"I don't know"

Tenten felt her heart sink.

"Meet me at your house. We'll find out what's going on"

Then he hung up.

Tenten sighed. At least they had some sort of plan. Yes, everything will be solved once they met up.

However, Tenten felt slightly irked at the thought of meeting Neji instead of him meeting her. After all, she was a girl. She needed emotional support. Then she discarded it. It was much easier to meet up at her place then have Neji trying to enter the Hyuuga compound as Tenten. After all, this place was like a prison. There was no way he could have gotten in. Damn Hyuugas!

Deciding that time was of the essence, Tenten quickly got out of bed only to stop in front of the mirror with her eyes wide open and her mouth hanging out like a goldfish. She could feel her blush intensifying and she felt her face burn.

Until now, Tenten had never noticed before –until she stood in front of the mirror- that Neji slept bare naked.

Yes, bare naked.

Neji was staring back at her in all his glory. Even though it was Tenten inside his body, the Neji in the mirror seemed to be smirking at her.

Cocky bastard.

Neji! Tenten shouted mentally, how dare you dress inappropriately in front of a woman! She cursed even though she knew full well that he couldn't hear her and that this argument was pointless. After all, she was arguing with herself.

And yes, Tenten did notice Neji's learn muscular body, his well developed chest and broad shoulders. She noticed his handsome face and his strong arms. Her eyes wandered lower to his abdomen…no she wouldn't look down there!

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