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Tenji love

Neji was livid. In fact, he was beyond livid, he was furious. He was feeling exceptionally irrational and angry and this was all due to a little photo in his hand with a picture of him kissing Sasuke. Technically he knew that he should have been angry that his reputation was at risk due to whatever stunt Tenten pulled and he would make sure that she would pay. After all, he was damn sure that if the rest of the Hyuuga family caught hold of this picture, his very existence would be on the line but for some bizarre reason that was not what made Neji angry at all. In fact it was for an entirely different reason altogether. He was furious with the fact that it was Tenten kissing Sasuke not him.

"What's the meaning of this?" he demanded again to Tenten.

Tenten had her hands up in front of her in a surrendering pose.

"Look Neji, I'm sorry it was an accident" she replied hurriedly.

Neji glared at her.

"And how can you kiss someone accidentally?" he asked icily.

Tenten gulped.

"Neji I'm sorry!" she repeated again, "I'm really sorry. It just sort of happened. I went out with the guys last night and things got out of hand and Sasuke kind of fell on me"

There was a long pause of silence.

"Sasuke fell on you" Neji said slowly, his anger inside building up again. That damn bastard had the balls to accidentally fall on Tenten?!

"Yeah fell on me" Tenten croaked as she feared the rage that she suspected was rising inside Neji. If Neji was silent it only meant one thing, he would explode in anger later on and that was something that she didn't want to see.

"Neji I'm really sorry" Tenten repeated again, "I didn't mean to ruin your reputation or anything like that. I didn't mean to hurt you it just sort of happened" she mumbled in defence.

Neji blinked. Ruin his reputation? Was that why Tenten thought he was angry? For some reason, he hadn't thought of that.

"Why would I be worried about my reputation?" He asked Tenten dryly but with a hint of curiosity after all, since when did he give a damn about what others thought of him.

"Well for the kiss accident, you know, you kissing Sasuke" Tenten replied confused. She was starting to become unsure what exactly Neji was angry about if he didn't care for his reputation.

"Technically it was you who kissed Sasuke" Neji growled and glowered.

"Please don't remind me" Tenten sulked, "I'm going to have nightmares for weeks now"

And for some reason that comment made Neji laugh.

Tenten looked up at him unsurely.

"What's so funny?" she demanded.

"You didn't like it?" he asked her, his voice turning serious. He didn't know many girls who could resist the Uchiha charm and he wondered whether Tenten liked kissing him or not.

"Like what?"

"The kiss" Neji snapped, annoyed that Tenten wasn't keeping up with their conversation.

"Well of course not. Why the hell would I like it? If Kiba and Shino hadn't stopped me, I would have beaten the crap out of him" Tenten replied angrily as the memory of the night before rose in her mind. That was something she did not want to think of again.

"So you were angry?" Neji said hesitantly. He waited anxiously for Tenten's answer.

"Of course I was. Who the hell wants to kiss a goddamn Uchiha?"

And suddenly Neji felt immensely relieved. He felt the huge anger inside him crumble as he listened to Tenten's words. So she didn't enjoy it and for some reason that made him feel a whole lot better.

He saw Tenten eying him curiously.

"What exactly where you angry at Neji?" she asked as she looked him straight in the eye and he briefly wondered how Tenten could easily read his actions.

Then it suddenly dawned on Neji like the sun beating the darkness out of the day just how exactly he was feeling and what had made him so angry. He didn't want Tenten kissing any guy regardless in his body or hers. He was too used to having her by his side, too used to the fact that she seemed to know what he was thinking or what he wanted, too accustomed that they did nearly everything together. She was his best friend and the only woman that he cared about. He could not imagine her with another man paying him the same attention and devotion that Tenten had showed to him. He wanted her for himself.

"About my reputation of course. What where you thinking?" he glared at her.

"But you said you didn't care about your reputation!" Tenten argued surprised at Neji's sudden mood change.

"Of course I do. A Hyuuga never kisses an Uchiha which by the way is your entirefault" he taunted her.

Tenten let out a sigh of frustration.

"Sometimes you are just too confusing Hyuuga Neji!" she declared as she pointed an accusing finger to his chest.

"The same way you can be too reckless and kiss other guys" he replied smoothly.

He watched Tenten glare at him. He couldn't help it. He really couldn't.

"So if you don't mind, I have a photo shoot to prepare for" he told her as he brought them both back to reality.

Tenten glared at him.

"Fine, go back to your goddamn shoot. I hope you like it" Tenten gritted through her teeth as she pushed Neji out of the way and marched out of the door.

Neji watched her leave and sighed. His shoulders slouched and he sat on a near by table contemplating what had just happened between them. He knew that he had just royally pissed Tenten off and he felt bad. But he couldn't help it. The conversation was turning a bit too personal for his liking and there was no way on earth would he ever tell her that he had fallen in love with her.

Tenji love

There were two things that Tenten hated the most in this world. That was Uchiha Sasuke and carrots but suddenly Neji was becoming a third aspect on her list of the 'most hated things in life'. She felt angry and sulky. She felt angry at the fact Neji had pushed her away so easily. She knew that Neji had always been a reserved guy but never had he ever pushed her away and it made her feel awful. It was like a feeling that she wasn't as close to him as she used to be and it hurt.

Originally she had gone to the photo shoot to tell Neji that he didn't have to do that ridiculously stunt that her mother wanted her to do knowing that it would hurt his pride but now she thought that the sucker deserved going through with the shoot after all.

She marched through one of the side streets in Konoha until she passed a neighbouring park. She glared at everyone that went past her and she took in a great delight seeing the scared expressions on their faces. She was too wrapped up on her own greatness at scaring other people that she failed to hear someone warning her to get out of the way.

And suddenly out of the blue and soccer ball whizzed through the air aiming right at her. Tenten saw it happening in slow motion. She saw the ball getting closer and closer to her but it was too close to her to react or move out of the way. She could only stare in shock and horror as she realised that the soccer ball was flying towards her crotch.

And suddenly there was impact. Tenten fell to the ground forming a fetus position.

"Oww my balls!" she cried out in pain as she realised that her crotch was in immense agony. Suddenly she hated being a guy.

She was distantly aware that a small group of kids where hurrying to get the soccer ball back. A few stood beside her and observed her, asking if she was okay and the others simply had the nerve to laugh. Tenten glared at them. She would definitely put them on the top of her hit list.

"Are you okay?" a small boy asked her as he crouched over her body.

Tenten glared at him.

"Do I look bloody alright?!" she accused as the pain was rising through her body. She had heard of guys complaining that getting hit on the crotch was more painful than giving birth and suddenly she felt like agreeing. She had never felt this type of pain before. She wondered if this was God's way of punishing her for letting Neji go ahead with the photo shoot. Goddamn karma!

Tenji love

Neji wasn't sure why but for some reason he felt avenged. Not that he needed avenging for anything but it felt good. He felt a mix of smug happiness about something that he himself wasn't entirely sure of.

He was in the middle of the studio wearing the damn lingerie that Tenten's mother demanded that he wear. He was standing in front of a white background as Noddy tried to make him do some poses. Neji felt embarrassed. He was wearing a bra and underwear for god's sake and it made him feel extremely stupid. He was somewhat glad that he was in Tenten's body so that no one would realise that it was him posing not her. He heard Noddy asking him to smile but Neji couldn't even so much as raise the side of his lip a millimetre. In the end Noddy praised him for taking the initiative for putting on a sultry pout that he deemed magnificent and provocative not knowing the fact that Neji was actually sulking not pouting.

"Okay, take two! Now look at the lens darling. That's it excellent! Excellent!" Noddy gushed as the photographer took countless pictures of him.

Neji glared at the lens. Then he heard someone whistle.

He turned his head round to find a couple of other would be male models at the corner of the studio eyeing him up. Neji felt his eyebrow twitch. They did not just look at him up and down as if he were some peace of meat?!

"That's a wrap!" Noddy yelled and suddenly Neji's attention was once again returned to the eccentric man. He saw Tenten's mother come towards him and handed him a towel which Neji took eagerly and wrapped it around his chest.

"Do you want to look at your photos honey?" Tenten's mother asked.

"No thanks. Not interested" Neji replied and noticed that the boys by the corner were now walking towards him. In fact it seemed as if they intended to speak to him.

"Hi beautiful. I'm Jay and this is Max" Jay a blonde haired boy introduced himself to Neji.

Neji looked absolutely uninterested. On the other hand he heard Tenten's mother squeal with delight.

"I'll leave you guys alone" she gushed and winked at Neji. Neji couldn't help but glare at her.

"So is this your first model shoot?" Jay asked trying to keep the conversation going with a suave voice.

Neji glared at the guy. How dare he try to hit on him! It was humiliating. He was not gay! But suddenly he realised that it was actually Tenten and her body that they were trying to impress.

Neji narrowed his eyes.

"What do you want?" he demanded icily.

"Whoa sweet cheeks" the other boy Max interrupted, "What's with the attitude?"

Sweet cheeks… Sweet cheeks?! Neji couldn't believe that they had the nerve to call him that.

He then noticed that Max was about to lace him arm around his shoulders when suddenly a hand grabbed hold of him and yanked him away. Neji saw that it was Tenten looking pissed.

The two boys looked up and saw a very pissed off looking Hyuuga Neji. The rumours about him exceeded his reputation and suddenly they felt scared.

"What the hell are you doing?" they heard him say.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know that she was your girlfriend" Max said and he saw the Hyuuga's eyebrow twitch at the mention of the word girlfriend.

"Get out of here!" Tenten demanded in a pissed off voice and she was glad to see both boys flee from her sight in a hurry. Sometimes being a Hyuuga had its good points.

"So what's with this sunshine and rainbow attitude of yours? I don't believe you were angry because of those boys" Neji remarked dryly as he noticed a dark aura hovering over Tenten's body.

Tenten looked at him.

"I got hit in the balls today" she said flatly.

Neji's eyes bulged.

"You got what?" he asked him disbelief. He felt the corner of his lip tugging into a smile, and then suddenly turning into laughter.

"It's not something to laugh about!" Tenten snapped.

Neji gave her an amused look.

"So why did you come to me?" he asked her. In all honesty, he felt sorry for her being hit in the balls, it was something that can be really painful but what did it have to do with him.

"I figured it was god's way of punishing me or something so I came here to say sorry for making you go through the photo shoot" Tenten replied in a monotone voice, sounding as if she wasn't sorry at all.

"So that was why I was feeling avenged earlier on today" Neji mused.

"So yeah let's call it even" Tenten suggested.

Neji thought about it for a while. In all fairness, he didn't think that being hit on the balls made everything fair after what he had gone through. He suffered the humiliation of the photo shoot, got hit on by some horny boys and he was probably the talk of town due to what Tenten did last night. No this was not even at all.

Suddenly Neji thought of a devious idea. Something that would set everything straight. Something that would make everything even. He smirked at Tenten.

"There's only one way to make this even" he told her.

"And that is?" Tenten asked dreading the answer.


And Neji dropped the towel he was wearing on the floor and darted out of the studio only wearing lingerie in Tenten's body in less than a millisecond.

Oh my god! Tenten thought as she witnessed Neji run out of the studio in her body wearing nothing but a bra and underwear. He was going to humiliate her in public she just knew it! She picked up the towel on the floor and screamed after him,


Tenji love

Neji scampered out of the main building and ran outside and was instantly greeted with stares and a few yelps. Originally he would of never have allowed himself to let anyone else look at Tenten's body but himself but after suffering humiliation at her hands, his pride and ego needing nursing at the expense of Tenten's reputation.

He saw a group of males gaping at him as he darted down the road and he saw a mother covering her child's eyes with her hands. There were a lot of whistles and stares. Neji just knew that Tenten would kill him for this.

Behind him he saw Tenten running furiously after him with a towel in her hand.

He smirked at her.

"NEJI GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!" he heard her demand and he almost laughed when he saw the passer-by's confused faces obviously wondering why Tenten who was still in his body was referring to him as Neji when he was still in her body.

Neji kept running and smirking as he passed another crowd of unsuspecting victims who gaped when they saw him. He also noticed Shino in the crowd and for the first time in his life, he saw Shino take his sunglasses off and taint redness glowed on his face.

He then crashed into Naruto and both fell down.

"Oww!" Naruto wailed as he scratched his head not noticing the heavy weight on top of him. He saw a mass of dark hair and fell something smooth rub against his chest. He then realised that it was a person who fell on top of him but not just any person, it was Tenten!

Naruto gasped and gaped as he watched Tenten lower herself up from him. His face became flushed as he became acutely aware that her legs were draping over his own legs and on top of that she was naked!

"AAAAAHHHHH!" Naruto screamed.

He saw Tenten look at him but his devious eyes slowly lowered to look at her chests and her boobs in that bra and and…

"AAAAAHHHH!" Naruto was having a mental breakdown.

He turned his head round and saw a furious Neji running towards him.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Naruto exclaimed as he jumped for his life and roughly pushed Tenten away from him as he noticed the gleam in Neji's eyes which had the attention to kill.

"I didn't do it. I swear. She ran into me! No don't kill me!" he begged as the sight of Neji came closer and closer.

And suddenly Neji was beside him and Naruto feared for his life. He saw his life go by his very eyes. Tenten was a no limits girl. Everyone knew that she was Neji's and Neji had just caught them together with Tenten on top of him.

Naruto started gasping for air. He was about to die. He just knew it. He saw Neji reach out of him and Naruto fainted.

Tenji love

Ino was trying to comfort Sakura at a coffee lounge with a hot frappuccino but Sakura pushed the frappuccino away.

"I messed up" Sakura hiccupped, her eyes swollen and her hair a mess.

"No you didn't" Ino tried to reassure her.

"But I did!" Sakura insisted, "Sasuke will never want to speak to me now!"

Then she wailed and cried.

Beyond the distance they both heard a shouting voice.


Both girls turned their head round and to the horror saw Tenten run in only her underwear. Both girls gasped. Suddenly Neji appeared out of nowhere and tackled Tenten to the ground with Tenten struggling out of his grasp.

Ino and Sakura could only stare in shock as they saw a not so reformed Neji grabbing Tenten and pulling her but what made it all the more disturbing was the fact that Tenten was in her underwear and Neji was aggressively attacking her.

"Get off!" Tenten demanded as she tried to kick Neji off her with her legs.

Neji grabbed hold of her legs.

"No. You're coming with ME!" Neji replied as he tried to grab hold of her chest.

Ino and Sakura stared as they witnessed the struggle. Did Neji just demand Tenten to go with him? What on earth did that mean? And why did they feel that there was some sort of undertone going on here?

Then suddenly a woman beside them suddenly shrieked out,

"Oh kami, he's trying to RAPE her!"

That got both Neji and Tenten's attention at the same time.

"What?!" they both said in unison.

And suddenly everyone seemed to be up in arms and a large protest began.

"Get off her!"

"What do you think you're doing? Have you no shame!"

"I would never have thought of a Hyuuga doing this!"

A dark horse seemed to swim through the shouting crowd and moved towards the pair lying on the floor.

Suddenly Neji was punched by no other than Sasuke.

Tenji love

Neji saw Sasuke punch Tenten and saw Tenten fall. Neji was furious.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" he demanded to the Uchiha but he wasn't listening to him. He picked Tenten up again and suddenly punched her again. Tenten staggered.

Neji aimed a punch at Sasuke for hurting Tenten but he felt someone grab hold of his hand. He noticed it was Shikamaru using his shadow technique.

"What are you doing let me go!" he demanded angrily.

Shikamaru shook his head.

"Sorry Tenten I can't. I can't believe that Neji did this but he deserved what he's getting"

Neji glared at him and tried to struggle out of the dark trap.

He saw Tenten and Sasuke engaging in a full battle, both knuckles in the air, both sprawling and kicking and Neji couldn't help but feel helpless. For once he was pissed off for being in Tenten's body. She didn't have the strength to break through Shikamaru's barrier and it infuriated him. Had he been in his body he would have beaten the living daylights out of the bastard Uchiha by now.

A siren started ringing and it was the Konoha Police Force. Someone had called the police. Ninjas who had opted to become policemen stormed their way through the crowd and broke the fight between the Uchiha and Tenten.

"What happened here?" One of them demanded.

"That boy Hyuuga was attacking that girl. He took her clothes off!" a women in the crowd said.

Both Neji and Tenten stared in disbelief.


Oh how the truth was spiralling into a twisted web of lies.

Two police officers grabbed hold of Tenten by both arms.

"Sorry but we have to take you into custody"

"Look this isn't what you think!" Tenten reasoned and looked at Neji; "I am not attacking Tenten" she said and gave Neji a hopeful look that he would help out.

"He's correct. He isn't attacking me. This is all a big mistake" Neji added.

The police officers looked at each other deliberating what to do.

"Sorry but I must take you into custody. You have caused a public disturbance and it appears sexual harassment"

Tenji love

Tenten was gob smacked. She was going to be charge for sexual harassment because she was harassing herself? What?? When did everything seem to go so wrong?

She glared at Neji believing that this was his entire fault. He too seemed surprised at the sudden turn of events.

"I'll get you for this" she warned Neji and pointed an accusing finger at him.

"And taking you into custody for threatening someone" the policeman added.

Tenten blinked.

"What no, no I didn't mean it like that!" she tried to explain.

One of the officers put handcuffs on her wrist and she glared at the man. Everything was starting to spiral out of control. If she didn't think of anything fast, both she and Neji would be in a lot of trouble.

"Fine I'll come with you now" she mumbled, guessing that she had no other choice but to follow their lead.

She looked at Neji and glared at him but suddenly Sasuke blocked her view.

Sasuke had his back to her but she saw him pick up Neji bridal style in her body.

"Are you okay?" he asked her in concern.

Everyone around the scene gaped and Sakura wailed even more. Sasuke was being affectionate?

"Get off me Uchiha" Neji replied but the lone Uchiha ignored him, "I'll be taking her home. She must be traumatised" he told the police.

Tenten stared in disbelief. Why on earth was Sasuke taking Neji home? Why the hell was he holding him in the first place! Neji seemed just as surprised as he struggled out of his hold.

"Well Hyuuga Neji, come this way please" the officer instructed him.

She gave one last dirty look towards Neji before heading off into custody but for some reason, she couldn't help but feel the irony of this situation.

She was being arrested for attacking herself and Neji was being rescued none other by Uchiha Sasuke. Oh how god must hate her.

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