Warnings: Some swearing, mostly mild


"Get down!" Malcolm shouted over the roar of weapons fire.

Trip ducked behind a pillar as chunks of plaster sprayed from it. Heart beating madly, he glanced at the doorway through which the captain and Corporal Chang had just escaped. Malcolm was standing in the entrance, weapon drawn. He caught Trip's eye and waved him forward.

As Malcolm stepped into the room and started shooting, Trip took advantage of the covering fire and dashed for the doorway. Projectiles spun past him and hit the ground at his feet as he ran. He threw himself through the opening and crashed headfirst into Captain Archer.

"Up, up, up!" Chang said hurriedly, yanking Trip to his feet beside Archer.

"But Malcolm -" Trip said frantically.

"He'll follow," Chang said. He pushed Trip and the captain in a mad rush down the hallway. They sprinted to the next doorway where Chang thrust out a hand, forcefully stopping Trip's momentum. "Wait," Chang whispered. He peered around the edge of the opening, scouting to see if there were any armed Relakians in the area. Trip could see no one - just a large, leafy courtyard. Chang nodded and waved them forward.

Trip returned the nod and took a step into the courtyard. He felt something tug at his cuff.

The blast spun him, then threw him against the far wall.


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