Konoha documentary : Naruto style!

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Chapter 1: Happy Birthday, Naru-chan!

The party was on: Naruto's first happy birthday, he was now thirteen and surrounded by his friends (AN: let's include Sasuke too, pretend that he didn't leave to join Orochimaru). Sakura treated him nicely all of a sudden, and Hinata poked her fingers together waiting for her turn to give Naruto a gift.

Hinata had discovered a bit of melancholy in Naruto as one night, after another hard mission in a trio Naruto – Kiba – Hinata; he was outside watching the stars and she joined him (of course), and he told her he wished he would always remember everyone how they are now, young and happy; she had smiled to herself.

So she decided to get Naruto a nice video camera, so he can film everyone. She looked ant the nicely wrapped package, then at Naruto. He was talking with Lee about improving his taijutsu. Everyone talked, laughed, some even danced: Ino with Shikamaru 'how troublesome' could be heard sometimes, and she smacked him; Sakura with Sasuke "So embarrassing" he muttered. "You lost the bet, can't back out of it. Enjoy the dance, it's not that bad!"; Neji with Tenten : "I still don't understand the utility of this, Tenten" "It helps improve your footwork, Neji. Ouch! You stepped on my foot!" "Sorry" "See? You need serious improvement!"

Hinata walked up to him.



"Ano….etou….(AN: can't help it, I have to use Japanese in here!)…Happy Birthday!"

"Thank you, Hinata-chan!"


Naruto torn the paper with a hungry look on his face.

"Ano…what is this…?"

"You said you wanted to have us like this forever. Now, you can film us, Naruto-kun! This is a video camera; I also got you some cassettes."

"Sugoy! Arigato, Hinata-chan!"

He bent down and kissed her on the cheeks, and Hinata became as red as a tomato. She ran into the bathroom to calm herself, while Naruto shrugged and returned to his conversation with Lee. Sasuke in the mean time had ditched Sakura with a replacing technique, and Neji had improved his "footwork", as the genius that he was; Tenten chuckled to herself, happy that sometimes, Neji could be such a naïve shinobi. Shikamaru was growing into a dance addict. He took both Ino and Temari into a tango of three. Neji and Tenten had to retreat because their amateur dance was no match for Shikamaru's new found skill.

Naruto taped the dance – Shikamaru seemed to be in some sort of a trance, almost as if he had drunk…but anyway, it was great material. Naruto liked Konoha. It was his home, his everything. He looked at the camera in his hand and smiled. He new what he had to do. Show everyone how much he loved this village through the means of this object. Of course, he would make a documentary…and there were some unanswered questions that he had to answer…and preserve for the future, like…how does Neji keep his hair so well-groomed, shiny and silky? What are Sasuke's morning habits? How does Tenten look with her hair down? What would happen if Hinata performed "Sexy no Jutsu"? Naruto smirked. Oh, this will be fun!

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