Konoha documentary : Naruto style!

Chapter 3: Tsunade's secret client

DeeDee: Okay, Lee, it's your turn now!

Lee: Yosh! This time, DeeDee doesn't own Naruto, me (but she can own me if she wants to :) ) the manga, the anime, and sadly no item with the Naruto brand on it…

DeeDee (smacked him) You're not supposed to say that!

Lee: Ehm! She doesn't even own Tsunade's client (she said no OC's in the beginning, right?) but I wont say his name 'cause it's a surprise.

DeeDee: Finally! I do own the plot though…

Neji: Come, Lee! We have a training session in 20 minutes!

Lee: Coming! Osu!

DeeDee: Hey Neji…do you want to do the disclaimer next time?

Neji: It is not written in my destiny chart, so sorry. NO.

DeeDee: You don't have a destiny chart.

Neji: I do too!

DeeDee: Really? Then what are you supposed to do 5 years from today?

Neji: Uhm…propose to…

DeeDee: Propose to…?

Neji: Ja ne!

DeeDee: What?! Wait!!!

Naruto sweat-dropped. So this won't be only his story at all. He turned off the camera and put it in its bag.

Just then, a thunder came upon them from above.

"May I ask what you all are doing here?!" a fully dressed terrifying looking Neji asked with his Byakugan activated.

"Neji! This is not what you think!" Tenten said. "You see, they are…they are…"

Suddenly the group was engulfed in a cloud of smoke, revealing very sexy women. Neji instantly had a large nosebleed, shrieked "fangirls" and promptly fainted. Yes, he had anemia.

"Sexy no Jutsu, succes!" Shikamaru said. "Thanks for teaching me, Naruto! I mean, for teaching us all" and they all went to normal.

"Yeah, that was sweet, I never knew Neji was a closet pervert" Naruto said dissapointed.

"You know, maybe we should take him to the hospital" Tenten said.

"Yeah, sure" said Naruto and turned his videocam off for the second time that hour. "Neji getting his first nodebleed with a Harem" he chuckled."Well, let's go!"

The next day, Naruto decided to go to Tsunade to request a new hadr mission that will bring him closer to his dream. Of course, he chose an unusual way and made sure his camera would record everything.

Once getting above her office, he heard more voices, so Tsunade wasn't alone.

"You must be careful with that kid. Uranium is not something to play with"

"Neji Hyuuga has his chakra protect the others from radiations. Besides, ninjas are immune to it. I don't see why this is a problem…unless you do us a favor"

"Sir, I don't believe you understand. We cannot be threatened by your weapons"

"Of course not, Hokage, but perhaps a nuclear missile will change your mind"

"And I suppose you call yourself civilised, Mister President?"

"Don't sweat, woman. I request an S-class mission."

Just then, Naruto decided to fall through the roof on the Hokage's desk.

"I want it! I want it! I'll definitely do it, dattebayo!"

"Naruto, this is for Jounins"

Naruto stood up and looked at the client. Tsunade decided to make the presentations.

"Uzumaki Naruto, President Bush and his bodyguards, the men in black"

"Ano sa! Ano sa! What's a president?"

"It's his country's Hokage, Naruto."

"Anyway, the mission I want you to do is capture Osama bin Laden."


"Better do it, or else…"

With that, George Bush left. Tsunade was shocked by his request. Ninjas had sworn nor to meddle with the political affairs outside of Japan. She would practically send her Jounins into a foreign place far away…to their deaths.

"Tsunade-baa-san…we can capture him, right? I mean, how hard can it be?" Naruto said with his puppy eyes.

"All right then!" Tsunade yelled.

"Shizune, bring me the files! I'll form a team!"

"All the Jounins are out, and some must stay in the village…"

"…so that leaves us…"

Naruto grinned.

DeeDee: Cliffy! Whio will Tsunade send in Iraq? I'm waiting for suggestions!

Sorry for the short chapter, I'll make it up to you the next time. So, what do you think?