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Sunlight poured through the apartment window, causing a very beautiful Rory Gilmore to stir in her sleep. She awoke after a moment and frowned, noticing Logan was not at her side. She walked into the kitchen to find a note on the table and the coffee brewed. She smiled and opened the letter.


Had to go out to do a few errands. Be ready to go at 6pm. Dress up.



She drank her coffee and tried to decipher the note. What could he have planned this time? Knowing Logan, it could be anything. Rory went back into her room, showered, and pulled on a pink sundress and sandals. She then threw her mess of wavy brown hair into a curly pony-tail and waited on the couch. It was 6pm exactly when there was a knock at the apartment door. Rory opened it to reveal Colin and Finn standing in the door-way.

"Oh, I'm sorry guys. Logan isn't here." She started.

"Ah, but we're not here for Logan." Colin said.

"We're here for you, love." Stated Finn

"Well, that's sweet of you both, but I'm waiting for Logan-"

"Logan sent us to get you." Colin interjected.

"And we agreed."

"So you did. Well, okay, I guess." She grabbed her purse and her keys and followed them out into the hall.

She locked the door behind her and was about to walk to the elevator when Finn grabbed her arm and pulled out a blind-fold. "Logan also told us to blindfold you."

"Oh no. No way." Rory said putting her hands in the air. "I told him 'No more blindfolds'. Nope. No way. Sorry, you're out of luck."


"So can you at least give me a hint of where we're going?" Rory asked a few minutes later in the limo behind her blindfold.

"Sorry, love. We were given strict instructions by Logan."

For the next 45 minutes Rory annoyed Colin and Finn and Colin and Finn gave Rory no hints. Finally Finn said, "All right, love. We're here.

Rory sighed and turned in the wrong direction. "Okay, let's go." Colin and Finn each grabbed an arm and helped her out of the car. "Where are we? I can hear people. Lots of people."

"We are somewhere we can't name, for Logan will kill us." Finn said promptly, as if he had rehearsed.

"Now, we are supposed to take you to somewhere we're not allowed to say, give you something, and then let you wait for Logan." Colin said.

Rory nodded. "Let's do it." Colin and Finn took Rory for a short walk and stood her in the right spot. Colin handed her a big piece of poster board and told her to stand there and wait.

"Are you really going to leave me here alone?" She asked getting worried.

"Not to worry, Reporter Girl." Finn said patting her shoulder. "Nothing bad will happen to you, this we can assure."


"Have fun, Rory." Colin said waving, even though she couldn't see him.

"Bye guys."

Rory stood there a minute holding her poster board. She could here people giggling near her. And a lot of them were whispering things like "Awww! That's so sweet!" and "Oh my god! She's so lucky!" but this only made her more confused than ever.

Finally she heard Logan's familiar voice. "Hey, Ace." He kissed her softly on the lips.

She smiled. "Hi. Can I take this off now?" she gestured to the blindfold.

Logan laughed and took the poster-board from her. "Sure."

She removed the blindfold and realized that she was in the Stars Hallow Town Square. She looked at Logan. "Why are we here?" she asked, confused.

Logan took her hands. "Rory, you mean everything to me. Before I met you girls where just useless fun and a good thing to use while drunk. But you changed me. You taught me that if you want to have a good relationship it takes commitment and hard work and effort. Like I said before, I thought becoming your boyfriend would be hard, but it wasn't. I thought us living together would hard, but it wasn't. Because when I'm around you everything just seems to be perfect. You've done so much more for me than any other girl ever has. You've challenged me. You've stuck with me in all the black and white patches and everywhere else in between. And even though I never in my life thought I'd be ready to do this, here I stand ready to take on the world." He got down on one knee and Rory gasped. She put her hand over her mouth and tears began to stream down her face. Logan took a deep breath. "I feel as if I can do anything when you're with me. And my heart beats a million beats a second when I see you. I've never felt that way before, so I know this is right. Rory Gilmore, this is going to sound totally and completely cliché, but will you do me the honor of marrying me and making me the happiest man on this Earth?" he pulled out a ring and held it up to her.

Rory smiled at him. He looked so adorable, looking up at her so full of hope that she would say "Yes, Logan. I'll marry you."

Logan slipped the ring on her finger and stood up, giving her the most amazing kiss of her life. She could feel the fireworks going and she wanted the moment to last forever.

"Wow." She said once they had broken apart.

"Yeah, wow." Logan echoed.

"We're getting married." She told him smiling.

"We're getting married."

"I have to tell everyone!" she said all of a sudden.

Logan looked at her sheepishly. "Your mom and step-dad kind of already know."


"Well, like the gentleman I am, I asked their permission before I asked you to marry me."

"And they said yes?"

"They questioned me for about an hour but in the end, yes, they said yes."

"Well, I have to tell Lane! And Sookie! And Patty and Babette and Andrew and Taylor and Gypsy and-"

"Before you get carried away, you might want to know something." He handed her the piece of poster board she held earlier.

Rory looked at it and read it aloud. "My boyfriend is about to propose to me and I am completely clueless." She frowned at Logan. "Mean." She muttered.

"I am not. It's cute. Come on, tell me it isn't cute." He gave her once of his world class smirks.

Rory sighed. "Okay, okay. It's cute."

Logan slipped his arm around her. "Now let's go show your mom that rock. She made sure to tell me repeatedly that after I proposed we had to go straight to the Crap Shack."

Rory snuggled close to him. "To the Crap Shack." As they began walking, Rory looked up at Logan and kissed him. "I love you Logan."

"I love you too, Ace."

"But for the record, that was totally and completely cliché." Logan frowned and Rory continued. "But lucky for you I love cliché."


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