Sigh People just don't read things properly, do they...

In the last chapter I say that Michelle's penname is FairyPrincess323. Click back to the story listings screen and you will see a story titled 'Mr Vimes, Meet Lady Vetinari' by an author of that name. It is a terrible story, but it is terrible on purpose.

I wanted to see if anyone would give something that bad any good reviews, plus it helped to keep Michelle in character. It was a joke. Well done to everyone who figured out the joke. Thank you to the people who offered nice advice on that story.

Erebos, you were not the person I was referring to. I actually enjoyed your review, because it made me do my evil laugh, which is always fun. I was referring to the person who submitted the brutal review for that story. They know who they are.



P.S. If you have any questions, send me a message or something.