Title: 100 words
Author: Simply Kelp
Game/ Manga: Minish Cap
Pairing: Link/Vaati
Rating: PG13 (just to be safe)
A/N: I wrote the first 7 drabbles in one sitting, but decided to post them as seperate chapters. The first few aren't as good, I needed to get into the drabble mindset, so bear with me, please!
Summary: drabbles about Link and Vaati. Slash. Contains drabbles about the game and manga.
A/N: Kind of cheesy, but O well…



The villain was destroyed, the city saved, the people of Hyrule turned from stone- Zelda turned from stone. Smith had called Link a hero. Zelda, aglow, said he was her best friend. She wanted to be more than friends she said. It was only fitting that the Princess of Hyrule be with a hero.

Link, however, didn't feel like a hero. He didn't think that he did anything spectacular. All he could see was Vaati's face- in his true form- contorted in horror. What happened? His whispered words haunted Link ever since. And suddenly, Vaati was gone. I'm sorry, Vaati.


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