Title: 100 words
Author: Simply Kelp
Game/ Manga: Minish Cap
Pairing: Link/Vaati
Rating: PG13 (just to be safe)
Summary: Drabbles about Link, and Vaati. Slash. Contains drabbles for game, and manga.
A/N: And now time for your useless word of the day, brought to you by the Wishing Cap: cocklaphobia- the fear of hats.




Vaati was not fond of hats. Ever since his experience with the Wishing Cap, he had looked at every hat with some level of suspicion. This was unfortunate because Link liked hats. A lot. And the worst part was that Link looked good in a hat.

Sometimes, Vaati wondered how Link didn't know the reasoning behind his aversion to hats. He had taken to sneaking up behind Vaati, and thrusting one of his hideously adorable green hats on Vaati's head.

It's just a hat, Vaati; it's not going to eat you, or anything. It looks good on you!

Vaati glared.


I guess I forgot to thank you all for reading my last few drabbles. Sorry… Thank you so very much for reading, and putting up with my horrible unpunctuality! If anyone has any prompts they would like me to do, I would love to hear them!