Fort Protection

Chapter One: Fort Beta

This is a Battalion Wars story, as you might know. I didn't see any of these stories at all, so I decided to start this section. So without further ado, I present to you, Fort Protection.

Note: This takes place not soon after the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories join forces.

It was a quiet hot day over the fort Beta. Beta was a very old fort built by the Western Frontier when they just formed. The fort was mainly used for developing battle plans and stationing troops there to mine Nerocite. But ever since the Xylvanian attack on the Tundrans and the Frontiers it has been under heavy invasion. If it weren't for the troops stationed next to it, the fort would have been an enemy fort by now.

Fort Beta couldn't really be described as a classy fort, or even an average one. It was very old. The fort wasn't painted so it was just a white marble. The fort had some chipping from made from fierce storms. The fort even had a big hole in the back from an artillery attack. It had two bomb shelters in the shape of arches. They weren't well constructed. All you had to do was walk in and that was it. Some of the bombs could come in, but maybe one or two during a full bombing run. The only thing that showed sign of advanced technology was a radio tower built into the fort. Other than that it was just a normal fort.

The surroundings of Fort Beta looked scarce. It only had couple of sandbags for protection during battle and five machine gun bunkers, who look like they just came out of a very intense firefight, but still worked like it was just invented.

This is Fort Beta.