Ten Things I Love About You, Daniel's POV

Much later, Daniel would blame what happened on having had one beer too many and on Sam's current obsession with Heath Ledger which led a completely drunk SG1 team (well, three members were drunk and the last one rose an eyebrow and followed the others) to rent Ten Things I Hate About You.

The watching of that movie then led them to deciding they should write a list with that title about one of their colleagues. Thus Sam started writing on Janet, while Jack and Daniel decided on each other.

On the morning following that memorable (though he'd rather forget it as quickly as possible) night, Daniel started reading the list he had made:

Ten Things I Hate About Jack:

1) His overprotectiveness (I hate the fact that he makes me feel like a kid that has to be protected).

2) His snarkiness and deplorable sense of humour (and who ever had the idea of calling that a sense of humour, anyway?)

3) His "dumb" act. (I mean, seriously, who is really going to believe he would have managed to make it to Colonel in the USAF if he were really that stupid?)

4) His fixation with the Simpsons (okay, maybe he isn't that clever either)

5) His behaving like a kid (Why, oh why, does he have to behave like that? He doesn't take anything seriously, unless he is going to shoot someone.)

6) On the subject of shooting, I hate this habit of shooting first and asking questions (maybe) later (much later). It wouldn't kill to trust a bit more people we have just met, would it? (Crap, with our history of running into enemies on every planet we set foot on, it probably would.)

7) His complaining about absolutely everything: paper cuts, forests, trees, the weather, the Goa'ulds (okay, that one is understandable), Sam's work, my work, trees…. Honestly, I swear, whatever planet we are on, he has to complain: too many trees, not enough trees, too many Goa'ulds, too many Tok'ras, not enough Tok'ras…

8) His trying to protect each and every one of us, if rather touching, is still completely unnecessary. Who would think Teal'c is not able to defend himself? Who would dare say to Sam she needs to be protected (unless one has a death wish)? As far as I'm concerned, I can defend myself and I'm perfectly fine.

9) His irritating way of not taking "no" for an answer and keeping on asking us to go fishing. If Teal'c is impressive enough for Jack to leave it at "I don't want to come fishing with you O'Neill", I know Sam and I are soon going to run out of excuses.

10) His passion for beer and barbecues (which unfortunately lead to headaches, burned steaks and my speaking when I shouldn't: just like when I asked him when I would meet his wife).

11) His whining "Pleeeease Daniel, it will be fun!" so that I would write this damn list that makes me think of him when I'd rather not so I don't have to question too closely my feelings.

Daniel was definitely suffering from a splitting headache.

He was definitely in desperate need of a good coffee.

He was definitely and desperately in love with a man who considered him as his best friend.

He was also definitely and desperately trying to convince himself that he would never be anything else but Jack's best friend when the doorbell to his apartment rang.

He went to open it to find Jack on the threshold, looking nearly edible in his jeans and leather jacket.

"Hello, may I come in?" he said with the truly charming O'Neill smile that made Daniel's knees feel weak. Crap