As he strolled through the bar, Sion was surprised to see that it wasn't a dive like he had expected. It was actually fairly clean. There wasn't trash, broken glass or anything like that all over the floor. He guessed that the owner must insist on making it look as nice as possible. There were only a few lights, making everything fairly dim.

There were even two floors to the bar. The first floor was the actual bar. It had wooden floors and the bar area where the bartender served the desperate drunks their alcohol. There were also round tables with chairs away from the bar area where people could just talk if they so desired. The second floor was basically a place to play pool. It was connected by a small set of stairs. There were four pool tables and had a jukebox that was playing mellow music. Parts of the ceiling were made of glass, enabling people to stare up at the sky and adore the nice view.

Of course, most people came there just to get drunk. There were about twenty barstools for them to sit at, and still some people were left standing. Every so often, a disgruntled drunk would slam his glass down and mumble to the bartender to pour him another drink. Sion watched as one man vomited and then collapsed to the floor. He laid on the floor face down, drowning in his own vomit. None of the others seemed to notice or care. The drunks that had been left standing were even fighting to take over the vacated barstool.

Sion walked over to the man and rolled him over. He looked at him disgustedly, yet with pity. He had never quite understood why people would want to do this to themselves. Then he was startled by a cold hand touching his shoulder. He turned around to see a man, barely able to keep his eyes open, looking him straight in the face. "Hey, have a drink with us," he mumbled.

"I don't drink," Sion simply replied.

"What? Are you too good to drink with us or somethin'? Come on, let's go!" the man angrily said.

He broke his glass on the side of the table and pointed it at Sion as a weapon. He looked at him with an irritated glance. The drunk lunged at him with the broken bottle, but the martial arts specialist effortlessly stepped aside and grabbed the man's arm. Then with a simple motion he broke his arm.

The drunk stumbled around and then fell to the floor, clutching his arm. He groaned in pain. "Hey, what do you think you're doing?" another man said drunkenly.

Sion turned around and punched him in the nose, easily breaking it. (Well, if I can get them all to go against me at once, they might actually stand a chance of takin' me on.)

He roundhouse-kicked the man behind him and knocked him over. He woozily stood up to his feet and grabbed his stool. He threw it at Sion, but he ducked and it sailed over him, smashing once it hit the floor. The bold young man then punched him in the stomach, and then shoved his knee into his face as he was bent over.

"Hey, tough guy, you wanna go at it?" Another man yelled from a table. Sion walked over to the table and flipped it over, breaking the glasses of alcohol that rested upon them and spilling the liquid all over the floor. Then he grabbed the young man by the shirt and started punching him in the face repeatedly until he couldn't stand up any longer.

"Ah-aaaaahhhhh!" the customer who was sitting next to him yelled when Sion turned to face him.

"Hey, hey, you're scaring my customers. Why don't you take it someplace else?" the bartender said somewhat calmly. It was obvious that he was the owner. He was a bald, middle-aged man who was dressed in a fairly nice suit.

"I think that's my job, Boss," a low voice rumbled from behind the young fighter.

Sion turned around and examined the very large man with awe. He was easily over six feet tall with spiked blonde hair. His face was riddled with piercings. Both of his eyebrows had 3 studs in them. He had a few more studs on his nose and few rings on his bottom lip. However, the most unusual feature was the silver horns that protruded from his forehead. He wore a black leather jacket and blue jeans as well.

"Those piercings make you look like a demon straight outta hell. You think you got what it takes to get me there?" Sion said with a confident grin.

"Heh, you got a death wish, huh? I'd be more than happy to grant it," the gigantic man said as he cracked his knuckles.

Sion charged at the enormous man and punched him in his stomach. He was surprised to see that he wasn't even fazed. "Is that the best you can do?" he mocked.

Sion growled and leapt high into the air. He then firmly kicked the bouncer in the face with both feet. The blonde-haired man staggered back a few steps. He was shocked to see such agility in a small kid. At first, he decided he was going to go easy on him, but if he wanted a fight, he would give it to him. He pulled his arm back and threw a punch with full force. Sion was able to see it coming in time to jump aside. He took advantage of the situation with a swift kick to the bouncer's knees. The man with the horns then bent over in pain. Sion delivered a quick punch to his nose, and then tried another punch, but his foe was ready this time. The bouncer grabbed the fist with his hand and clenched his tightly over Sion's.

He grinned amusingly as he lifted the smaller man up and watched him struggle to get loose. Then he flung Sion across the room with incredible strength. He flew through the air until he crashed through a table. The occurrence caused the people who were sitting at the table to spill their drinks on themselves. They quickly got up and hurried out of the bar.

Sion slowly got back up to his feet. Before he could even raise his head to look at his assailant, he was greeted with a rough fist to his face. He fell back down on the broken shards of wood again. The punch busted open Sion's nose. It flowed freely down his face and over his lips. The blonde-haired man raised one of his black boots and shoved it into the martial artist's stomach. Sion groaned in pain before he started gasping for breath.

Then the man menacingly reached down and grabbed him by his light brown hair. He lifted him up until they were face to face. "Had enough yet?" he asked with a smirk.

"It won't be enough until I'm dead!" Sion shouted back.

Then he kicked the gargantuan man's upper leg with full force. The bouncer grimaced slightly in pain. Then Sion repeatedly kicked him in the same spot until his grip loosened, and he got free. Then he grabbed a chair and proceeded to break it over the massive man's back. The attack finally dropped the bouncer down to one knee. Then Sion lifted his knee and it came in contact with the tall man's already injured nose. The man's head snapped back and the blood started pouring profusely out of his nose.

Then he brought his head back down furiously. His ferocious eyes met with Sion's determined eyes. The blood had now dried on the young man's face. He stood back up and towered over Sion once more. He charged at the bouncer and started to jump in the air. But before he could attempt anything, the blonde-haired man powerfully kicked him in the stomach. He was sent backwards until he landed roughly on the wooden floor. The bouncer picked him up and threw him against the wall. Then he began to throw relentless punches all over his body. Sion was rocked with pain, but was unable to do anything to prevent it.

When the man with the silver horns had finished, Sion fell limply to the floor. His eyes were closed and his body didn't move. The bouncer wiped the blood off of his face. "You put up quite a fight for a little kid," he credited.

As he turned around to walk away, he heard the sound of his defeated opponent coughing. He was shocked to see Sion already back on one knee, spitting up blood. "I'm...not dead...yet..." he said, breathing heavily.

"Not bad...for a little kid..." the bouncer said.

Then the boss of the bar walked over to Sion. "What do you think about working for me, boy?" he asked.

"What...?" he asked confusedly.

"He works for me as a bouncer. It's your choice. No one's going to stop you from leaving if you want to..." the boss said.

"All right, I'll do it..." Sion accepted. "But only until I can beat him...!"