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Jasmine ran. She ran as fast and far as her bare feet could carry her on the frozen forest ground. Lately what had scared her most of all had been the shadow that would stand at her window every night. But right now what she feared most was the giant were-wolf that was chasing her. The second her foot hit the log she knew it was all over. Later she would swear that she had seen her life pass before her eyes in the moment that she was falling. And as soon as she hit the ground she could almost feel the beast's hot breath on her neck. The rumbling footfalls came closer and closer to her and just as she felt the ground shaking, they stopped. Everything was still and quiet for a moment. And then someone began to speak, ordering the wolf to return home. It listened! She was about to stand and thank the stranger when she realized that only one man could have had that sort of control over the wolf. With that thought she jumped to her feet and started running again.

She was no longer running from a giant wolf, but instead she was running from a giant bat. Why are all these creatures after me? She thought to herself as she panted wildly. Her legs were beginning to give way and she knew she couldn't run much longer. For the second time that night she fell, her beautiful black hair surrounding her. She somehow twisted in the fall and landed face up. Immediately she shut her eyes. Her literally luminescent green eyes would serve as beacons to the beast that now hunted her. But it was too late. The giant bat had landed and turned back into the most feared man in Transylvania. Count Dracula. Jasmine did her best to hold back tears because she did not want to seem weak when she died. She wanted to go with strength on her face and no fear in her heart. However Dracula could see right through her facet, and she knew it.

He inched closer to her and she waited for that look of malice to show in the moonlight. Instead what greeted her was a look of concern. She suddenly became too confused, and mixed in with how tired she was, she passed out.