#1 – Dream

Aizen Sousuke, her beloved captain, dead, pinned on the East Sacred Wall at 10am in the morning. Hinamori Momo, fuku-taichou of the 5th Division, immediately blamed Ichimaru Gin, taichou of the 3rd Division and started a battle with Kira, fuku-taichou of the 3rd Division, who had intercepted her sword, aiming for Ichimaru. Then he, Hitsugaya Toushirou, taichou of the 10th Division, appeared. Fighting with their zanpakutous while Aizen-taichou was still pinned into the wall, was completely unacceptable. The two were put in detention.

Hitsugaya Toushirou searched Aizen-taichou's room and found a letter addressed to his fuku-taichou. Handing it to Matsumoto, his own fuku-taichou, he told her to deliver this to Hinamori and warned her not to read it. Being dead, no one else should read the letter addressed to Hinamori, who had been most affected by his death.

Giving the letter to her was a big mistake. It turned out that someone, possibly Ichimaru, had changed the contents of the letter and, instead, it told Hinamori that he, Hitsugaya, was responsible for the murder of Aizen Sousuke. Escaping her detention cell with the use of Kidou, Hinamori runs off to find Hitsugaya to settle the score.

Arriving at the 3rd Division building, Hitsugaya stated that he would kill Ichimaru before Hinamori got here. Then, as if out of nowhere, Hinamori appeared and points her own sword towards Hitsugaya, her childhood friend. Driven by the admiration and loyalty to her taichou, she believed that Hitsugaya killed him and will carry out his last wish; to kill off Hitsugaya. Hinamori, then faints as Hitsugaya hit her in mid-air; there was no other way for he could not dodge in mid-air.

Hitsugaya starts the battle with Ichimaru ending with him releasing his shikai and freezing most of the battlefield and the lower half of Ichimaru's left arm. With Ichimaru trapped, it seemed like Hitsugaya had won the battle but Ichimaru had other plans up his sleeve.

Releasing his own shikai, Ichimaru's sword, Shinsou, stretched and pointed straight towards Hitsugaya. Hitsugaya dodges this attack but left Hinamori open for the attack. Luckily, Matsumoto arrived in time to block Ichimaru's sword.

Back at the 10th Division building, Hinamori is resting. Hitsugaya exits the room and seals it with Kyoumon. Relaxed that Hinamori is safe, Hitsugaya and Matsumoto head off to Central-46, to find that all 46 judges and sages have been killed. Kira then appears at the scene and both the taichou and fuku-taichou follow him. Kira tells Hitsugaya that Hinamori is no longer in 10th Division building but has been following the whole time.

Hitsugaya returns to the Central-46's residence, the Purewood Towers, just to find Hinamori had been stabbed by Aizen Sousuke's sword. In anger, Hitsugaya releases his bankai but was quickly defeated. Hitsugaya managed to heal quickly but Hinamori was still in a coma. When she will wake up, no one knows.

In Hitsugaya's bedroom

The child prodigy stirs as the events relive in his dreams. He had seen these dreams over and over again, especially since it involved Hinamori Momo, his childhood friend. As each dream flashed before his eyes again and again, the blood, the violence; they seemed to become more and more brutal as the days went by.

Matsumoto knew about these dreams as she had occasionally entered the child prodigy's room to check on him. After all, he was still a child. Hitsugaya had not been himself ever since the day he recovered and he never will, until Hinamori Momo awakens from her coma. Matsumoto had suggested over and over again that he should consult Unohana-taichou but he had refused. He murmured something about being the child-prodigy and not wanting to be seen as a weakling.

The door of Hitsugaya's room slid open revealing a beam of moonlight and the vice-captain of the 10th Division. She heard Hitsugaya stirring in his sleep again and came to check on him.

"Taichou…" she murmured.

Matsumoto stayed at the doorway for a while, seeing if he would awake, but there was no response so she closed the door and left.