#54 – Formal

"Hmm…I don't think this one suits you, Hinamori-chan.." said Rukia and she flung the orange dress across the room where it landed on a pile of "unsuitable" dresses.

"Mou…Rukia-chan…" Who knew that choosing a dress would take so long…?

"What about this one?"

Rukia held up a white dress which faded to a soft pink at the bottom. Hinamori tried it on while Rukia was busy choosing jewellery.

"That looks perfect on you, Hinamori-chan!" exclaimed Rukia when Hinamori came out of the changing room. Hinamori turned around so that Rukia could put a stunningly, purple necklace on her. After that, Rukia grabbed the hair curler and walked towards Hinamori.

"C-c-c-chotto matte, Rukia-chan…What is that?" she asked, not having seen a hair curler before.

"This is a hair curler. It makes your hair curler, hence the name!" said Rukia, impressed by her knowledge of the real world.

Hinamori sat there, while Rukia curled Hinamori's hair, so it was curly at the bottom.

"Omg…Hinamori…HURRY UP!"

Hinamori jumped. She forgot that she had made Hitsugaya wait outside.

"Gomen na, Hitsugaya-kun," she said and flung open the door. Hitsugaya gaped. Hinamori looked so…different…he wouldn't have recognized her if she was just walking down the streets like that. Hinamori noticed that Hitsugaya was staring at her and slammed the door in his face.

"Oi, Hinamori!"

She opened a tiny gap in the door.

"Quit…staring…at…me…like…that…" she said, emphasizing each word while blushing at the same time.

Hitsugaya led Hinamori down to the ballroom, which Rukia had set up. The ceiling was extremely high with a very expensive looking chandelier and the room was very spacious.

"Nice tuxedo…Hitsugaya-kun…" said Hinamori, out of the blue.

"NANI?! I didn't choose it so it would suit my hair colour, you know?!"

Hinamori laughed, then dragged Hitsugaya out to the dance floor.

"Hinamori! I don't know how to dance…"

"Just…act normal…go with the flow…"

Hitsugaya's face was like WTF?!

"Ano…Hinamori…I've been meaning to ask you for some time…"

Hinamori had never seen Hitsugaya blush before.