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Bella's pov

"Damnit!" I exclaimed as I tumbled onto the hard linoleum floor of the grocery store, my tiny black cell phone, which was still ringing loudly, along with quite a few jars of baby food, skidding down the aisle.

I scrambled awkwardly to my feet and grabbed the blaring phone off the ground a few feet in front of me.


"Hey, Bella..."

It was Jake.

I could hear the twins, Alice and Esme, screaming in the background. No doubt Jake would be calling to ask advice about something do to with them. Strangely enough, I had become the more competent parent.


I balanced the phone under my ear and started picking up the baby food jars.


I sighed and continued collecting the jars. I was used to Jake's inadequate baby-raising knowledge.

"Did you try music?"



"Ye- wait, no! Thanks, Bells,"

I laughed to myself as I placed the last fallen jar into my basket. My husband can be very amusing, especially when he doesn't mean to be.

Jake and I weremarried two years ago, when I was twenty-two and he was twenty. We were very young, but no one minded much.

My mother has very strong views on getting married before thirty, and Charlie and Billy, Jake's father, have been best friends for as long as I could remember.

About six months into our marriage, I got pregnant. With twins. It was as much as a surprise to us as it was to our fathers.

Charlie was furious. He soon got over it, his logic being at least it wasn't Edward's baby.

Not that it would be possible for Edward to have children.

Edward. Just thinking his name was like putting salt on an open wound.

Even though he had left me in Forks six years ago, and I had since been married, had two children, and moved to Astoria, Oregon, the cloudiest and second rainiest city in the United States I hadn'tgotten over him

Not at all.

I knew that I never really would. I loved Jake; I always had and always would. He was my best friend. But that love was nothing compared to the intense and unconditional love and passion I felt for Edward.

He left me. He broke my heart. Worst than that, he ripped it out and stomped on it.

I continued along the aisle, picking up rice, applesauce, milk; all the essentials for raising 2 kids… and suddenly I heard a familiar voice.

A high-pitched, musical twinkle.