AUTHORS NOTE: This not be anything new to you guys, but if it makes you'll happy I'll write it: I did no invent any of the Zoey 101 characters, and BLAHH BLAHH BLAHH. FIRST TIME AT WRITING A ZOEY 101 FANFIC, BE NICE

Chapter 1: Love or just friendship?

"Tell her." Michael said. It was 8:30 at PCA, and Michael and Chase were exhausted from their long exhausting classes. The two boys were both lying on their beds, and were continuing the same conversation that they had started the night before. Although Chase was getting quite sick of the saying the same thing over and over again.

"No." said Chase. He picked up a football and started to toss it up in the air. "Tell her!" Michael said again still as persistent as before. "No." Chase said turning over on his side. "TELL HER!" Michael said louder. "Nope." Chase said. "Ugh! JUST TELL HER!" Michael cried. The boys were so into their argument, that they didn't hear the door open and then slam closed behind them. "DUDE JUST TELL HER!" Michael cried. Chase was about to answer when he heard Zoey's voice behind him.

"Tell who what?" Zoey asked. Michael got up eagerly and started saying "Tell you that-" but he never got to finish because Chase jumped up, pushed Michael down and said "Tell you that you should knock before you come in." "ugh!" Michael sighed, and walked to the bathroom. "What's up with him?" Zoey asked as she took off her shoes and sat on Chases bed.

"Must be that time of month again." Chase said and grinned at Zoey. "Very funny." Zoey said. Chase sat down next to her. "Aww look at the two of you!" Michael said as he came back from the bathroom. "I hope you washed your hands." Zoey said. "Oh dear!" Michael pretended to squeal, and run to the bathroom in horror. "Funny guy." Zoey rolled her eyes and laughed.

Michael sat on his bed and pretended to be reading something. "So why did you come over?" Chase asked Zoey. "What? A girl can't come and visit her favorite friend?!" Zoey asked laughing. "No. So what do you want? Spill!" Chase said playfully nudging Zoey. "OKAAY FINE!" Zoey said. Chase smiled and nodded. "We're having to do some weird partner study session in science tomorrow, and I wanted to know if you would be my partner, since you're so good at science." Zoey said all in one breathe.

Chase couldn't help but smile. "Sure I'd love to be your partner" He said. "Thanks!" Zoey said happily. "Sure." Chase said. "Awww." Michael said in a fake loving voice. "Shut up!" Chase said throwing a pillow at Michael's head. "Well I should get going, thanks again Chase, bye Michael!" Zoey said hugging Chase, and walking out the door.

"DUDE! She was totally flirting with you!" Michael cried as soon as the door closed behind Zoey. "Really you think so?" Chase asked. "YEAH DEFFINATLY!" Michael cried. As Chase climbed under the covers, Chase couldn't help but smile. "So you should tell her." Michael said yet again. "NO!" said Chase and turned over on his side.

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