Chapter 7: Trouble Over I M

Chase couldn't believe what he just got talked into. High school parties were not his thing, and he didn't understand how anyone, especially Lola could convince him to go.

Of course Logan going with Zoey had nothing to do with it.

Chase walked into Social Studies and sat next to Michael like he always did.

"Hey dude." Chase said as he took out his binder.

Michael didn't answer, he didn't even look up, it was as if Chase hadn't even walked into the room.

"Uh… hey man…" Chase said a little louder, but Michael still didn't even look at him.

What the heck? Chase thought, and lightly nudged Michael's arm to see if he would react.

"Don't touch me!" Michael snapped pushing Chase away roughly.

"What the hell? Michael what's your problem man?" Chase asked a little shocked.

"Look just don't talk to me, I don't want you anywhere near me." Michael said as he got up, took his stuff and went to sit in the back of the room.

"What are you talking about? You don't even have a reason to be mad at me!" Chase cried, but Michael still didn't answer.

Class started and Chase was forced to sit alone.

The whole class period Chase tried texting Michael, but he never got a reply. At the end of class, Chase finally gave up and walked sullenly to the computer lab.

Most kids in the computer lab just played video games during the class period, because the teacher was oblivious, so Chase decided to get on Instant Messenger.

He noticed that the only person that was on was BeachxGirlx101, and the was the exact person he needed to talk to.

Chaserrr323: Hey Zoey, its Chase

BeachxGirlx101: lol yeah chase i no

Chaserrr323: oh yeah haha.

BeachxGirlx101: lol so whats up?

Chaserrr323: I was just wondering if I could talk to you about something.

BeachxGirlx101: yeah, sure.

Chaserrr323: Uh r u really going to Logan's party with logan?

BeachxGirlx101: Hahaa yup.

Chaserrr323: are you serious?! Why??

BeachxGirlx101: well idk cause he asked me…

Chaserrr323: What kind of a stupid reason is that??!

Chaserrr323: ITS LOGAN.

BeachxGirlx101: yeah… so?

Chaserrr323: He's an IDIOT.

BeachxGirlx101: wow chase… relax.

BeachxGirlx101: we're going to one party together… it's not like we're getting married.

Chaserrr323: well you might as well be

BeachxGirlx101: omg, whats gotten into you??

BeachxGirlx101: are you just mad cause you aren't going with anyone.

Chaserrr323: I'll have you know I AM going with someone.

BeachxGirlx101: Haha o rly? Who?

Chaserrr323: LOLA.

BeachxGirlx101: hahaha!

Chaserrr323: Don't believe me??!

Chaserrr323: go ask her!

Chaserrr323 has signed off.

After Chase signed off Zoey just sat there looking at the screen.

Chase and Lola, Zoey laughed at the thought. There is no way they were going together, and even if they were what would she care? Me and chase are friends… I should be happy for him, why am I making a big deal out of it?

Maybe because you like him? A voice said in the back of her head. Zoey never considered that maybe she liked Chase, and she never wanted to. She quickly shook the thought out of her head, and logged out of the computer.