More like a dream….or nightmare

By: MusicIsMySoul

Summary: after Hayley and Gareth leave New York for a better and safer life where will they go? Is Hayley keeping secrets from Gareth and why does Gareth leave sometimes in the night? And could they be falling in love?

Disclaimer: after years and year of trying and failing, sadly I do NOT own Elektra, Marvel comics or my sisters CD that is under my bed…shhh don't tell her!

Author's note: so guys I'm back! And since no one is reviewing on my 'Alias' Fanfic I decided (with much coaxing from my good friend) to keep the MusicIsMySoul series going!! So read on

Chapter one: And so they go on

It had been months since they both had talked to everyone back in New York and truthfully they both missed their generosity and love, but if they didn't leave they would have put them all in danger, who knows who was after them now. They had gone everywhere from Europe where Gareth was from to Mexico and right now where on their way to Canada to visit 'memory lane' as Hayley called it for herself. The train didn't seem to want to end on its endless track that stretched into the golden line of the setting sun. Hayley yawned loudly; all the traveling they had done had worn her out to the extreme. Gareth had said before that that they couldn't stay in one place for long cause if the people that where after them could find Gareth then something bad could have really happened. Gareth had taken his seat beside Hayley as he stepped into the four confining walls they called a room "they said that the train will reach Toronto in about ten hours" Gareth said "maybe you should get some rest"

Hayley smiled "yeah…" she breathed out

After asking about twenty people how to flip out the bed from the seats they managed to get it out and lay the blankets on it and lay themselves down on the lumpy mattress. Hayley smiled "brings back memories"

He let out a chuckle "finally I get to lay on the lumpy mattress with you"

They shared a pleasant laughter for a few seconds. They had never 'been together' and both denied they had feeling for each other but some moments they had could have convinced one of them to blurt out something to change things, but it never happened. Hayley laid on her side so she could see out the window and see the stars that twinkled in the clear night sky. Gareth laid on the other side watching the door just in case anything had happened. It had been a while since they had been last attacked; the last time was in Germany when they where at some art exhibit that Hayley wanted to go to and Gareth just happened to have been followed to the washroom where the guy lunged at him and tried to kill Gareth with a switch blade but Gareth had made short work of him. He never told Hayley about it she would only worry too much about him and he never wanted anything to happen to her. Their only source of money was when Hayley would perform on the street for small amounts of change which after a while would turn out for A LOT of money. "Hey Gareth" Hayley called out

"Yeah?" he replied

She turned over to face him "do you ever think we could stay somewhere for more than a week?"

Gareth sighed then turned to face her as she did "Not until we find out who is following us and get him to stop…you know you are aloud to go back to New York…I'm not stopping you, I just want you to be safe"

"I don't want to leave" she slightly smiled "I like staying with you, I mean if I wasn't here then who would get money for you?"

"That's true, but you know I do have talents of my own all I need is a wood plank, an eye patch, some supper glue and a glass of water" he laughed "now if you don't get some rest then who's going to direct me around Canada"

"I'm a big girl I can stay up as long as I want" she smiled and rolled back around acting angry

He smiled and rolled back to waiting till he herd Hayley's steady breaths when she was asleep then he rolled back around. He smiled for the umpteenth time in one hour, she looked for pretty to him when she slept and the moon light that shone through the window made it seem like she was glowing. "Night Hayley" he whispered, rolled back over and fell into him own dream filled rest.

10 hours later, Toronto train station

"SNOW!" Gareth yelled as he jumped into the fluffy while snowflakes just outside the train station

Hayley laughed loudly "you've seen snow before"

"Yeah but this is Canadian snow THIS stuff is famous" He said as he started to make snow angels

"Come on lets go check into a hotel, people are staring" she laughed as she watched him each the white ice flakes

He grumbled under his breath, something about being a party pooper and ruining his fun but she just shrugged it off and started towards the nearest hotel she could remember which wasn't that had, it was right across the street. She could feel it she didn't know what it was but it kinda felt like relief missed with anxiousness and happiness all in one fun filled round of anger. She had lived here when she was born then moved to New York in her high school years then moved back for her to start collage…which didn't happen. It was like home to her, and she liked it. Even the cold winter air still smelled the same, which brought back a lot of memories that she didn't particularly like. Yet it was home and she decided that she would get Gareth to stay longer than he wanted to, even if it meant strapping him to a chair and leaving him in a room for months on end. She mentally laughed seeing Gareth beaten by a girl….this would be fun that was for sure.


Hayley: oh yippee!!!

Gareth: SNOW!!!

Lee: yeah it snowed here! I LOVE SNOW

Hayley: yeah snow is cool


Hayley: he's going to be on with for a loooooooooong time

Lee: I'm sorry

Hayley: I'm to tired to think

Lee: (mumbles) maybe you should take a nap with Gareth

Hayley: WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!!!


Hayley: better be