Love's bindings

Byakuya woke up around 8:30, and he was still smiling. Rukia was curled up closer to him, and he figured out pretty quick that she must have woken up and fallen back asleep.

Rukia woke up again ten minutes later, but this time finds that her brother is awake.

"Sleep better, little sister?" Byakuya asks gently.

"Yes, thanks to you big brother."

"What are older brothers for…?"

"You mean besides scaring their younger siblings?" joked Rukia.

"Very funny. I think its past time for us to get up, don't you?"

"I had a very different dream last night, and Renji was in it…"

"That's not surprising."

"How come?"

"He stopped by a little bit after you fell asleep."

"That would explain why he sounded so nervous…" said Rukia with a smile.

The two siblings got out of bed, and went to get breakfast together. Renji popped in while Rukia was drinking her tea, and he said something that nearly made her choke.

"So, Rukia, what was the nightmare you had about?"

Byakuya gently pounded on Rukia's back until she quit choking. Both of them glared at Renji for disrupting their meal.


"What's creepy? Other than your tattooed eyebrows…" said Rukia coldly.

Byakuya was taking a sip of his own tea and choked slightly at her comment. Rukia and Renji looked at him in mild surprise.

"Care to explain your comment, Abarai?" he said finally.

"The way you both glared…it was as if you were two peas out of the same pod!" laughed Renji.

"Why did you come by Renji?" demanded Byakuya.

"I heard that you hadn't come in yet and came to see what was taking you," he replied.

Byakuya was annoyed at his response; but after he saw the look Rukia shot Renji, he decides on NOT letting this one slide.

"Renji, do you know when the next 'Paperwork Day' is scheduled?"

"I think its next week. Why?" Renji asked as he slowly started to realize what his captain was planning to do…

"Guess who just got assigned to Paperwork Day duty…" said Byakuya. Rukia grinned evilly as she figured out what her brother was going to do to Renji.


"Congratulations Renji!" said Rukia with an evil laugh.

Renji bolted before his captain could do something EVEN WORSE.

The two laughed as they finished their breakfast in peace. Byakuya and Rukia went their separate ways as they went about their day.

I hope you enjoyed this one-shot with Rukia and her older brother! I've had this one on my mind a while, so I'm glad that I could finally put it on the site!