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Warning: Shonen-ai hints.

A Tale as Old as Time
By: Hiki-chan


He was probably the first to notice it coming...

It was very long ago. Back when Sasuke and Naruto were around 7 years old.


Iruka was walking out of the school, at the gate, he noticed one person at the side, near a willow tree.

Underneath was none other than Naruto, aka, Kyuubi vessel. He wasn't alone. In his lap, there was a baby kitten.

Naruto was stroking its fur softly while the kitten purred under his hand.

Iruka snuck closer. Once close enough to hear Naruto talk to the kitten.

"You're alone too... aren't you?"

Iruka wanted to go to Naruto and comfort him. His heart went out to the young boy.


Naruto turned his head to look at the side, there he spotted a big mother cat and three kittens. The blond turned back to the kitten in his lap before he smiled, understanding that this kitten belonged to them. "Go on, you have a family to go to."

The kitten walked out of his lap before Naruto stood up. It purred and rubbed against his leg before it left.

"You're lucky, don't let them go."

Iruka almost went up to Naruto but then someone beat him to it. Seems like he wasn't the only one around.


Iruka was surprised. Uchiha Sasuke wasn't the most talkative person.

"Teme! Don't call me that." The teacher noticed there was no malice in his voice as Naruto ran over to Sasuke.

Iruka smiled lightly as the argument began and followed both boys. It was only until they reached Naruto's house that Iruka noticed that Sasuke had probably intentionally walked Naruto home since Sasuke's house went another way.

Naruto went into the house. "Thanks teme." Seems like he knew what Sasuke did.

"Hn." Sasuke stuffed his hands into his pocket and walked away, but Iruka could see a soft smile linger on his lips.

And the first gate opened.

End flashback.

It would take them awhile to notice...

But it will definitely happen.

Iruka blinked once, come to think of it.

How did Naruto know the meaning of the word 'teme' so young?


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