Tale as Old as Time
By: Hiki-chan


He knew it from the moment he saw how determined Naruto was been to save Sasuke from Itachi's and Orochimaru clutches.

No one could consider the legendary Sannin to be blind. He wasn't legendary for nothing, nor was a pervert for nothing but that's not the point. Now he may be an old perverted hermit, but he still had feelings, damn it!

And the damn feelings told him that he would have quite a handful of excitement and entertainment when the brat and Uchiha grow up.

Ohohoh, fun!

Problem, it hasn't been fun at all.


Jiraiya loves to spy. Anyone who told you otherwise obviously doesn't know him at all. Anyway, yes, Jiraiya loves to spy. Especially on naked women, but today, today was an exception.

He sniggered into his hand, his other holding onto a notebook and pen as he spied on the two young teenagers who were alone in the forest. Yes, that makes him wonder as well.

They weren't training, another plus.

There he stood, holding his breath as he waited for things to become… how should he put this? Heated up.

His hand twitched in anticipation. Once he got all the information he needed, he'll make an Icha Icha Paradise special yaoi edition! Guaranteed to sell out like hotcakes.

The Sannin strained his ear to try to eavesdrop when the Uchiha's mouth opened, he stretched his body, trying to inch closer but almost lost his balance from the tree. But then the Uchiha's mouth snapped shut.

Jiraiya didn't dare to move as he watched Sasuke turn around, stuff his hands into his pocket and mumble something before he started walking off.

What the f-?

Jiraiya dropped the book as a shriek echoed throughout the forest, startling him. "TEME DON'T TELL ME TO COME HERE THEN TELL ME TO NEVERMIND IT! I MIND IT VERY MUCH YOU BASTARD!"

End flashback

Jiraiya stared at the blank notebook in front of him before allowing his head to land on it with a 'thump' sound.

Where is the excitement?!

So far, nothing has happened… What to do, what to do?!

Maybe… just maybe, he could make it up! It was bound to happen right? So it wouldn't hurt to just… give them a boost in their relation or something. Yeah… he should!

Alright, onward story writing! He shall call the book 'The Master and the Kit!', starring, Uchiha Sasuke as the master and Uzumaki Naruto as the kit!


Eh, sorry for the late update! Slowly... xD