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SasuSaku High Chap 1

It was a Warm, sunny morning in may. As a young Beautiful girl named Sakura Haruno was sitting on the front steps of the school she attended, she was waiting for the first bell to ring so she could go ahead onto class. A slight breeze ticked her face and her long pink hair...

Sakura is a senior here at Konohama Uchiha high.

"The best days of my life are almost over..." she thought, with a sigh, sakura only had three friends (Ino, Tenten, and Hinata), and the boy of her dreams was almost a convensable emo.

The sound of a car cut off her rain of thought, a red Ford GT With two white stripes running down the middle of the car, pulled into the senior parking lot.

A raven haired boy climed out of the very fast and expensive car.

The boy began walking towards the steps of the three story school. With a skateboard in one hand a his bookbag in the other, he began climing them to the front doors of the school.

Sakura's green eyes never left the boy as he reached the front door, pulling out a key , the boy opened the front door and procided to walk inside letting the door lock behind him.

Sakura sighed thinking the same though she had EVERY time she saw him, "I dont have a chance, I mean, is the schools friggin emo heartthrob", This boys mom is the owner and principal of the school (that probly explains why its called konohama Uchiha high) His dad is the History teacher here too " How could you fail your oen dads class, its wierd he made a 63 on the last test [forshadowing" Sakura continues to ponder...

Ten minutes passed and by this time the front steps of the school was crowded with other students, The bell rang and sakura got to her locker and instantly went tp her first period, english level 4, her teacher was kakashi, who when wasent teaching he was reading his perverted book.

, only to notice thKakashi then looked up from his bookat the class was packed with students, "Ok class today were learing how to write poems!" Kakashi exclaimed, this was no problem for sakura, because she was always ready to write about the boy she saw earlier.


"Theres the bell class" said kakashi about a hour and a half later "tomarow were going to learn about epic poems!" And with that sakura turned in her poem and, raced to Carpentry level 2, just barely squeezing into the door on time.

She loved carpentry because it was the only class she shared with that boy...

During class Asuma (the teacher) was rambiling on about floor joist again, sakura noticed the boy who was by this time looking out the window with his chin resting on his left wrist and his usual i dont give a damn look on his face.

"Why is he always so depressed" she thought.

"Oh and sasuke" asuma said,

The boy looked up.

"I got more plywood for you yesturday."

"hn" was all the boy answered.

"ok class you can into the shop now, dont for get your safty glasses!"

About 30 minutes later Sasuke finished with his skateboard ramp, that he'd been working on for the past 3 day, and decided to try it out. (sinse his mom is the principal he can bring his board to class anytime he wants [lucky asshole)

Everyone including asuma and sakura, gathered around sasukes ramp, then watched sasuke perform a perfect Tre flip (a sick skatebord trick) on the ramp, everyone cheered exept for sakura who was stunned at his skills, she just stood there.

"Asuma?" a voice echoed over the intercom,

"yes" he answered,

"Please send miss sakura haruno to the prinipals office!".

"yes ma'am'' asuma said. and motioned sakura forward...

"What?!? ive never been sent to the principals office!'' Sakura thoght, but without any effort, she eventually walked out of the classroom and into the hallway to the principals office

She turned the corner and...



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